DK – Ch 126

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The Dark King – Chapter 126


The boss made the order so we minions shall follow…


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


After dealing with Linda’s body, he found her sword at the bottom of the stone pile. He went around to a nearby lake where a faintly visible shadow of a massive beast was swimming. He raised the sword and threw it as far as he could.

The corpse was destroyed, and the sword is lost to the depth of the lake.

Dudian patted his hands as he thought that even if the consortium sent a team to investigate and trace the clues nothing should get back to him. As the death of several others were done by Brainpeckers while he had only shot Gale. However, a few days ago he had smelled that the young girl incinerated Gale’s body.

“Back to the wall . .” Dudian turned to leave. This time he had been for far too long outside the giant wall. He was soaked in a pool of rain water while he had ambushed Gale and Rona. He didn’t know if there was anything infectious inside the water and he wasn’t aware of the radiation content of the water pool.

However, mutations could occur if the body had accumulated more than 10% radiation content. In that case radiations, spots would appear on the human body as he had seen on people in bazaar and slums. Or maybe some parts of skin would change color, wrinkle, or age faster.

It would be severe, but sterilization was possible too.

Before leaving Dudian once again returned to the fortress that he had previously found. He selected usable mines, grenades, and firearms which had retained their condition and put them into his storage bag as he returned to area no 9.

Along the way, he relied on his sense of smell to avoid dangerous beasts. He didn’t encounter any danger at all. Area no 7 was cleaned out of monsters. There were few bloodthirsty monsters which would come here from other areas that would be hunted by the hunter teams.

As he returned to area no 9, Dudian went to the place where he had previously hidden the bow and arrows of Brian. He found that none of them were noticed and taken. Moreover, there was additional two hundred cold crystal in here.

The cold crystals that were hidden in here for more than two months were still intact without any sign of melting.

Dudian was going to take the bow given to him by the consortium back to the giant wall. However, he was going to hide landmines and other things over here including about 100 cold crystal. With his present power killing undead was not difficult, so he wasn’t worried about his stash being low.

After covering the storage location, Dudian went back to the giant wall passage which he had used while scavenging. It was close to area no 9.

Halfway through the rain began to pour.

Dudian immediately went into a dilapidated building to protect himself from rain. After rain had stopped he found some large leaves of plants and compiled them into a raincoat and put it on. It was enough to prevent the rain penetrating his clothes until he reached the giant wall.

Dudian soon finds the entrance to the underground passage of the giant wall. But the channel had a lock, and the layer of iron was very thick so it would be tough to break with brute force. He felt that even if Glenn were present, she wouldn’t be able to open the gate.

Dudian sat next to the gate and waited till the next time the gate would be opened.

If any scavenger or hunter would return then, it meant that the gate would open and he would be able to enter too.

Dudian hoped that soon scavengers would either return or would be sent out so that he could get inside.

He wasn’t idle while waiting for the gate to open. Dudian thought of spiral arrows which he could shoot. But he knew that to learn shooting spiral arrows was tough. It would improve the destructive and penetrative power, but its shooting trajectory was different from ordinary arrow shooting.

“Anyway, practicing spiral arrows would be much better than aligned shooting.” Dudian decided.

The difference of destructive power between ordinary shots and spiral arrows was like the gap between an armor-piercing projectile and a bullet. There were two to three times of difference in force. Of course, if he could master spiral arrows and then superimpose them by using aligned shooting then it would be much more lethal.

However, mastering something like that wouldn’t happen after three or five years of practice. Dudian didn’t know how much time would be consumed to learn something like that.

Dudian decided to practice spiral arrow shooting. He felt that through hunting experience his accuracy would get better too.

He knew that he was a bit lucky when he had shot Gale.

However, even if he couldn’t kill the dark skinned girl but was able to wound her whose was later destroyed by Brainpeckers.

So the point was that if there was no accuracy then even if he could shoot eight arrows at the same time, it was just meaningless.

Dudian took out his dagger and draws a circle on the wall. Although it was crooked, he wasn’t planning to create an art form. Instead of sitting idle he was going to practice.

“First, I have to improve my range. The thing is I have to learn step by step. If my range were three or even five hundred meters then to kill Linda, I would need to go through that much effort. Moreover, I could attract few Brainpeckers, and they would do the job in my stead.”

Dudian lifted the bow and began to take arrows swiftly and shoot them.

“There is too too much deviation from the target,” Dudian whispered. Although it is hard to expect the spiral arrows to shot on target from the first try he didn’t expect such big deviation to occur. “Is the airflow impact too much?”

He began to analyze every shot and slowly practice.

Because of continuous archer, he didn’t feel how the time passed.

Six days had gone by in the blink of an eye.

Dudian was practicing when the iron gate slowly pushed open.

Dudian was excited as his food supply had already finished. Last few days he was in a hungry state. If the door wouldn’t open, then he was planning to find roots of grasses to fill his belly.

Peter was surprised and startled as he opened the iron gate.



“How come you are here? ”

Several familiar voices resounded from behind Peter. They were Mason, Zach, and Sham.

Dudian knew that Peter had brought them out for scavenging. Calculating his training time it was indeed the time they had to come out to perform tasks.

“I had come out to perform a task but unfortunately was separated from my team. So I came here.” Dudian laughed: “Fortunately, you guys had come, or I was going to starve to death!”

“Come on! You wouldn’t die that easy. ” Mason smiled.

Sham looked up and down at Dudian. : “What kind of monster were you guys hunting? You aren’t hurt, are you?”

Dudian nodded: “I’m alright.”

Peter asked. : “You were in training. How come they had sent you out to perform a task?”

Dudian looked at him.: “It was an urgent task, and the consortium was short of manpower, so they sent me.”

“But you are a rookie. How the consortium would do something so. .” Peter’s face had complex expression. He knew the even the primary hunters would die while hunting let alone a rookie. But he could understand the reason behind their decision as he sighed and thought in his heart. : “He doesn’t have ‘light physique’ so the consortium doesn’t put much of importance on him..”

Dudian roughly guessed his thoughts from his face. He was touched as he smiled and said: “Anyway, the task has been completed and there should be a lot of rewards. By the way, you three should be very careful while scavenging. I’ll be waiting for you guys for a treat!”

“We are going to choose the most luxurious place then!” Mason maliciously smiled.

Zach’s eyes also shone: “A hotel owned by aristocracy. ”

“We can’t waste Dean’s money!” Sham was a little angry: “We’re going to eat in Avi’s pub.”

“What!” Mason and Zach were surprised, “Are you his accountant?!”

“Alright, alright but you have to pay attention to your safety while scavenging.” Dudian made the promise.

Peter laughed: “This time they are going to scavenge at area no 13. There is no danger. At best they would meet few rats or small monsters. So as long as they are careful and don’t act alone, they won’t face any danger!”

“Well, no resources,” Mason whispered.

Peter laughed and shook his head.

The team who was going out with Mason, Zach and Sham had the students from the same training camp as they had graduation from. All of them looked at Dudian’s fine style armor and black bow which he held. They didn’t expect the person who had trained with them in short amount of time to become a ‘big man’ while they scavenged little resources.

Dudian bid farewell to three and followed Peter into the underground passage.

“You should wait here first; I’ll go and inform the people from Holy Church to come and pick you up,” Peter laughed.

Dudian nodded. Hunters, as well as scavengers, had to undergo rigorous testing after they come from the outside.



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