DK – Ch 125

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The Dark King – Chapter 125

Honoring the promise

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


An explosion sounded like a thunderbolt as various rocks splashed around.

The small building was razed to the ground, only leaving a few scattered rocks. The two buildings on its right and left side had also been exposed by its shock-wave and had collapsed half the way.

Smoke and dust were diffused into the air.


A slate was pushed open from the small building close-by. Dudian climbed out and looked at the flattened building. He was shocked as he didn’t think the destructive power of the yellow explosives would be so this astounding. Fortunately, he had ignited the explosives and left the building. Or else, this would be his grave.

He sniffed a bit and soon found the source of location from where Linda’s bloody smell was emitted. It was coming from the bottom of the pile.

He shook off the dust and decided to go and check out if she was dead or alive. However, he suddenly stopped as he thought of the previous situation where her brother almost killed him. She couldn’t be waiting inside so that when he moves away the rubble to be attacked at the last second.

He went away but returned after a while. He had brought some fabric and withered dry wood. He threw everything on the rubble and lit the torch. The dry timber and clothing began to burn up, and a steady fire was made.

In about 10 minutes the fire was extinguished.

Dudian looked at the rocks that were burned by the flames. He thought that if she were determined to forbear the pain, she would be able to stay alive. He left to the opposite side of the small building where he had put the bag with yellow explosives.

He brought two yellow explosives and put them onto the rubble. He rolled a paper and stuck it to explosives.

After he finished making everything he lit the paper and began to run away to wait for the combustion. The paper was slowly burning when he saw the explosives roll down as the clay and crust were moving.

Suddenly, the rocks were pushed away as a bloody figure jumped from inside out. She quickly grabbed the explosives and threw it towards Dudian.

Dudian immediately raised his hands and caught the explosives. Moreover, he pinched the paper to avoid the explosion. He knew that shell was not going to detonate.

However, he still threw them away. He looked at the dark and bloody figure. Linda was still alive.

Linda was in a disastrous state. Her left arm was completely fried while debris was embedded onto her body as the armor was not meant to protect her from an explosion. She was taking in big breaths while tightly staring at Dudian. There were fresh burn marks on her face. Apparently, it had happened when Dudian had burned the dry wood. Most probably some of them had fallen onto her face through the gap in rocks.

However, she had held back and didn’t say anything.

Dudian saw her devil-like appearance. His heart was cold and patient. This was beyond his imagination. But it also let him realize how strong silver level hunters are.


He rapidly pulled the string and shot his arrows.

At the moment, the distance between both of them were less than ten meters.

Linda saw Dudian throw away the stone shell. She was startled. Although she didn’t know what this thing was it was familiar to the ‘hissing’ sound she had heard before. Why was the sound eliminated in his hands?

She tried to escape the arrows that were aimed at her but her legs were too seriously injured. One of the arrows hit her abdomen forcing her body to fly back and hit the ground.

As for her sword, she had lost it in the explosion and wasn’t aware of its location.

Dudian quickly put the second arrow and pulled the string.


The second shot hit her shoulder.

Dudian was relentless as he took the third arrow and aimed at her forehead!

Linda made a last ditch and quickly rolled sideways to avoid getting hit in the face.

Dudian frowned and used his hand to take another arrow from the quiver but it was empty.

Linda turned around and noticed the scene. There was a gloomy smile on his face: “Little devil if you want to kill me then you will die with me!” She grabbed onto the arrow that was stabbed in her abdomen and pulled it out in a single breath. She staggered as she stood up and took a deep breath as she rushed towards Dudian.

Dudian didn’t escape. Linda’s speed was so fast that he wouldn’t be able to run away. No matter how fast he runs he will be caught, so he stood still and waited for her while he stared directly at her eyes. When she was about three meters away from him, his hand suddenly lifted.


A shadow left his palm.

Puff! Blood spattered off.

Linda who was running at full speed fell backward to the ground. A dagger had pierced her throat.

In such a short distance, the speed of a dagger was in no way inferior to the speed of an arrow. Linda couldn’t react in time because of her serious injuries. Unless, she was brought back to the giant wall, even if Dudian didn’t shot her she would die later on.

“Gurgle . .” blood bubbled out of Linda’s mouth. Her trachea was block so blood wasn’t able to circulate properly.

Dudian grabbed few stones and threw them at her.

Linda’s body trembled. Her body struggled as she moved her head to stare at him. Her mouth slightly opened but couldn’t utter anything.

Dudian’s brows wrinkled as he got closer to her and said: “You and your brother are quite alike. He was also unwilling to die. Oh, did I forget to tell you? In fact, it was me who had killed your brother!”

Linda’s eyes widened because of agitation. However, it affected the muscles of her throat. She coughed up a mouthful of blood. She was staring at her legs as she issued a ‘hum’ sound. Her body was too injured and was unable to stand up. Her arm stayed stiff in the air before falling.

Dudian looked carefully. It was not a lie. He picked a large stone and hit her head severely. She still didn’t respond. He was relieved to see she was dead. He bent down and pulled out the dagger from her throat. However, for her not to turn into undead, he completely cut it off.

Afterward, he was assured of her death. His tightened body loosened up and he felt cold sweat soaking down his spine. He sat on the ground as he began to take big breaths.

After a while, his body was recovered. He incinerated Linda’s body and destroyed her head.

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    1. For killing someone who was hell-bent on killing him for finishing off a beast that had killed her brother? I mean, that’s what happened based on what Linda knew.

      I personally like how he handled it, though it’s a bit hard to believe for a child who basically grew up in the modern world.

      1. Kids adapt to their environments quickly. He has a very high IQ and expected barbarism. Reminds me of ender.

  1. There she is finally dead.

    And she’s not only merely dead, She’s really, most sincerely dead.

    Ding Dong! The Witch is dead.
    Which old Witch? The Wicked Witch!
    Ding Dong! The Wicked Witch is dead.

  2. Yes this is the type of novel i like , where the mc don’t do a phony fight for more than 100 chapter long.
    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. Àaaaaa
    It was amazing.Dean is the best.
    Cut her than burn her than one more time cut her.hopefuly he is not a stupid typical MS

  4. Giggle? more like gurgle.

    Two down. Will it always be like this?
    Offend someone>run>get stronger while safe>kill> rinse and repeat

  5. Just because of one person so many people had to die. Finally she and her teammates are dead. Now how will the consortium deal with this. Will they carry thorough investigation or just send few people for formality.
    Thanks for the chapters

    1. They will probably do a full course investigation.
      Even with her brother they investigated as much as possible. I doubt it will be less than the death of 3-6 hunters and a silver hunter included

  6. While a bit anticlimactic, it was a good end. Not to mention, it shows Dudian’s growth in character as he learned from his past mistake with her brother.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  7. I bet the consortium will blame it on Alchemists or a magical beast tide lol. Even if they think that Dean did it, they wouldn’t want to lose a hunter who can wipe a whole other hunter group on his own, when he’s still in the training period. Not to mention the fact that one of the highest ranking Hunters in the whole consortium owes him a few favors now lmao.

  8. I find it hard to believe how she could survive that explosion. Especially the part where she got through with just a burnt arm.

    The fire from an explosion won’t do much, but the force (shockwave) will obliterate your organs. And if it’s enough to demolish a 3 story building, no matter how deteriorated it is, then it’s probably enough to rip a body to shreds as well… sure, silver rank and all that, but I doubt a silver rank hunter is on the level of a modern tank.

    But whatever, it’s fine, it’s not a novel that tries to be too realistic anyway.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. Explosion happened in ground floor while she was at 3rd floor. The shockwave was probably dissipated enough while passing 3 floors for her to not die immediatelly. Don’t forget it was a small building so probably 3rd floor is the top floor. It’s not a miracle for people at the top floor of a small building to survive an earthquake while the floors under would pancake. There wasn’t too much rubble to fall on her atleast. She has an ability to controll blood so probably she was able to hold on and stabilize her damaged organs for a little while using her ability but her injury would probably cost her life if she couldn’t return to wall to get extensive medical treatment.

  9. Two things are a little weird about this story. The villains somehow forget to use the MC’s family and friends against him. Second, the former modern and peaceful MC acquired his cold blood way too easily.

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