DK – Ch 124

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The Dark King – Chapter 124


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


In a small building on the street.

Linda was sitting in the shadows. She opened up a first aid kid and began to replace the gauze on her right arm and thigh. However, she was alert at all times as to prevent any sudden attack.

“I’ve done an excellent camouflage by getting hurt. I don’t believe that you won’t be fooled!” Linda thought in her heart. She had specifically stood close to the place where the beast with similar combat abilities to her was living. The purpose was to hurt herself using the beast and made it look as realistic as possible.

The seabird beast that she had chosen was a level seventeen monster. It was an amphibious beast. However, it could survive on land too. If it fought with monsters in the sea, the seabird could kill much higher level monsters as it was seabird home-ground. However, on land its combat effectiveness and advantages were limited. As long as Linda was careful enough, she could avoid being killed by the seabird.

She had gone all out against the beast to make it even more compelling to Dudian who was tracking her smell. Even if it was very hard for her to kill the beast, she had to face it head-on to convince Dudian. Afterward, she thought that Dudian would get enough courage to attack her.

Her right arm and thigh were still numb as she replaced the gauze. The claws of seabird beast had paralytic toxins. She was lucky that she had control over her blood and could discard the toxins to a large extent. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to use her right arm and leg for the rest of her life.

“After I catch you, I will impose all these pains a thousand times over on you!” There was a strong killing intent bubbling in her heart. It would burst out after she catches Dudian.

She controlled the amount of blood that flowed in her face so that she looked extremely pale. Especially, her lips looked like they had no color or life at all. She looked fragile as she slowly breathed and leaned against the wall. (TL: She could act on Broadway ) One of her hands was always on her sword’s hilt, gripping it. However, with her weak appearance, she gave an aura as if her alertness would be futile.


A rapid arrow shot through the window.

Its angle was diagonal, directed at her throat!

The original ‘dying’ Linda disappeared as her body suddenly rolled and stood up. She swung her sword in time to block the arrow. She locked onto her target ñ which was in a small building!

“You are going to die!”

She didn’t hide her killing intent as she jumped out of a window as if she was a cheetah.

However, as she got close to the small building, her eyelids twitched. A feeling gripped her heart. It was her hunting instinct or intuition which had developed inside her after years of life and death experience. She felt a trace of terror as she stopped.

She raised her head and looked at the window from where the arrow was shot. She couldn’t see Dudian; it seemed that he had fled.

She wasn’t in a hurry to chase him, so she carefully gazed around as she spoke: “Don’t hide. I know you are inside. You have prepared a trap for an ambush, didn’t you?”

There was no movement.

“You have done an excellent job by forbearing for so long. However, once you’re exposed, there is no option for you but death! I’ll kill you!” Linda spoke in a cold tone.: ” Although I hate the reality that I’m facing right now, you should be prepared to attack me as I’m wounded. However, if another day passes.”

Her heart was calming down as she talked. Her rationale was affected by her subjective assumption, but now she could clearly see more.

There was no movement at all.

Linda frowned, is it was just a meaningless worry? Did he run away?

“I know you are inside.” Linda didn’t give up on hope to agitate Dudian.: ” You are hiding inside trying to lure me in. It’s so simple to understand that there is a trap inside. But you shouldn’t forget that if I don’t kill you this time, I’ll have many other opportunities to kill you in future. After you finish the training period, you will be a dead man!”

Anger gushed out as she saw there was no response, but she tried to restrain herself. She sneered: “Let’s check who of us is more patient!” She then went back to her small building and sat down: “I don’t believe that he is not in a hurry. He wanted to kill me. This is how I will take the advantage and initiative into my hands. As long as he acts, he will be exposed!”

She was resting while she stared at the small building on the opposite side. Her heart was upset. Since when would a dignified silver level hunter like her need to be careful of a rookie?

After all, it was mind consuming and psychologically affecting for her to be aware and wait for the moment you will be sneak attacked.

She still held back the anxiety as she thought of other plans.

As the time passed, there was no movement from inside the opposite small building.

She thought: “We will see who will be killed in the end!”

In the blink of an eye, the day was replaced by night-time. She had become increasingly vigilant as night was the most suitable time for sneak attacks. Moreover, her vision was limited.

In the latter half of the night, she felt a trace of sleepiness. Even though she was a mid-level hunter, her mental fatigue had passed the limit. Moreover, the other side was relaxed all day long while she was alert all the time. If it continued like this for a few days more, she would be exhausted!

Suddenly, she understood Dudian’s intention!

If she were told that a newcomer tried to agitate and mentally consume a mid-level hunter, she wouldn’t believe it at all, but she was living the experience right now!

“No, I can’t be dispirited!” Linda came to the corridor on the first floor and found a gap in the corner and sat down. She leaned against the wall to relax as there was no angle from where an arrow could hit her.

Although she fell asleep but often would wake up if there was a sign of a slight movement as she was worried to be attacked by Dudian.

The night passed.

Linda woke up in the dawn. She didn’t expect that Dudian wouldn’t attack at some point during the night. Her mind was angry as she thought that even if there were traps made up by him but how lethal they could be?

She knew Dudian’s performance to an alarming degree, so she tried to treat everything with caution. However, thinking about it, the other side was a child. He had never been hunting. Perhaps he had seen her during the night but couldn’t get the courage to shoot?

She couldn’t stop her emotions anymore.

“Damned little devil, let’s see what kind of traps you have arranged!” She looked over to the small building and then decided to go after him.

As she entered the small building, a rotten smell blew into her. The surroundings were dimly lit. However, sunlight was shining through the cracks in the walls and windows. Her line of sight was not affected much. But she was still watching around carefully for traps.

Although she was not a scout after all as an experience silver level hunter, she had seen a lot of traps. She had seen scouts arranging a lot of traps, so she was knowledgeable about trap-making.

At the moment, on the roof of three-story building Dudian was standing against a wall.

Yesterday, after failed his surprise attack he didn’t leave the small building. Nevertheless, all the explosives were inside the building. Once he left this building, he will be in more danger than in here. When Linda was calling out to him from downstairs, he thought a lot but at the end decided to control his emotions and stay silent.

Therefore, despite how many times Linda called out to him, he didn’t answer. The purpose was to cause her to get angry and affect her judgment.

However, to his disappointment, Linda did not come.

From his perspective, the ambush had failed, and he was thinking about other new plans. But he would never expect that Linda would come here on her own!

“She still wants to confirm whether I’m here or have left. It seems it doesn’t matter how good a hunter is. She may suppress her anger but can’t resolve it. “A trace of excitement flash in his eyes as Dudian went over to prepare.

Linda passed the half-collapsed stairs and went to the second floor. She looked around but still didn’t see any traps which didn’t improve her mood. She felt as if she was played around.

Suddenly, she heard subtle ‘hissing’ sound as if dozens of snakes were near her.

“Is he using monsters?” Linda was startled, but her eyes lit up the next moment. “He’s still in here!”

She clenched the sword with her one hand as she was ready to go to the third floor. She took into account that there was a possible ambush. With her magic ability, she could restrain the toxic attacks of monsters. She wasn’t worried about not being able to escape.

She was halfway to the third floor.


Suddenly an explosion occurred which drowned the small building.

From the first to the third floor, everything was blown up!

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  1. ah linda, you reap what you sow. The whole reason just because he took your brother monster magic marks(cuz she doesn’t even know he killed her brother yet, right?) after he killed her team she should’ve just returned. Maybe he should tied some explosives on the bow and shot it at her ?

  2. If you are still reading this then i will say that start skipping to the end cause you will know the whole ch by just that . This arc is pretty bullshit. The author should have just powered MC instead of convinence. This was forced af

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