DK – Ch 123

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The Dark King – Chapter 123


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Dudian checked the rows of weapons.

All of them were piled into rows according to classification. For example, gun-like weapons were put on a metal frame near the walls while the majority of rifles and submachine guns were placed afterwards. However, landmines were put onto the floor. The were double layered wood pads for isolation to prevent the moisture to affect the mines but after three hundred years of time lapse the wood had long been rotten.

Dudian wandered around the room and found that despite the indoor storage the corrosion was terrible because of the time. Survivors died but these arms had persevered. However, they were nothing put a pile of rotten iron as all of it had rusted and were not longer usable. The mines were covered in heavy dust. The elastic spring used in mines to detonate them had decayed and were damaged. The explosives that were inside them couldn’t be detonated.

Because of the precipitation the explosive inside were likely mineralized into hard mass.

Dudian didn’t regret anything as everything was within his expectations. He found some grenades, mines and two shells for rocket launchers. As he was about to dismantle them he smelled that Linda had met some kind of a monster. He knew that the other odor belonged to beast.

This odor had long been in his range. It had been moving slowly and accidentally had met with Linda.

“I don’t know the strength of this monster.” Dudian thought that if this beast could eat Linda, it would have save him from taking risk by confronting her.

He quickly dismantled the mines. The buckle metal holding it up was rotten so he was forced to break it apart. Moisture had intruded into this mine too.

“Yellow explosives?” Dudian noticed the color of explosives in the mines. He had collected information about yellow explosives while collecting information about the gun powder. It was kind of a gun powder which had gone through ‘evolution’. It was referred to as ‘TNT’. It had great power.

“Awesome!” Dudian was excited. Even if Linda was an intermediate hunter, but with this tnts she could be directly killed!

Dudian took out all the yellow explosives and scattered them on the ground. Later on he found few scraps of paper rolls.

Paper had been mixed with too much soil and dust so it was burning very slow. But it still burned till the end.

Dudian was passionately watch the scene.


The explosion sounded without warning, and it made a very loud noise.

Dudian’s eyes lit up. Although some of the explosives were wet but still were able to detonate. The power of explosion was much stronger than he had imagined.

He immediately returned to the place and continued to dismantle the mines. He poured yellow explosives out and gathered into a pile.

Moreover, he felt the smell of Linda and the monster while there was strong blood smell floating from them. One of them should be injured.

“Is it monster or her?” Dudian eyes flashed and his hands began to dismantle faster. All the yellow explosives accumulated to thirty pounds. However he went after all the mines but came to the metal frame. He grasped few bullets and began to twist their caps to open them. Inside there was semi-hardened gunpowder. He knocked the bullet onto the ground and took out some gunpowder.

He used the arrow to set aside the gunpowder.

More bullets were emptied as time passed.

The odor of monster and Linda had separated. The monster’s odor was fixed to the same position while it was mixed with strong bloody smell. It meant it was not moving and should be killed.

Dudian couldn’t help but regret that the beast was not successful. However, the monster in area no 7 were all under the level 20. According to his estimates, as long as Linda wasn’t facing them head on she could guarantee her own safety.

Suddenly, the bloody smell coming off form Linda began to gradually to fade away.

He immediately thought of the magic mark ability of Linda, control of blood!

“Was she hurt?” Dudian pondered a bit. Although she could promptly control the wound to stop bleeding but the smell of blood would leak out form the wounds which couldn’t be covered. Unless, the wound was not dangerous one and it was quickly recovered or at least a layer covered onto it.

“She can control the blood so her speed of healing should be very fast. However, it will take a day or two to fully recover. This is a great opportunity!” Dudian’s eyes shone as he rapidly collected the explosives.

At the same time as he collected the TNTs he locked onto Linda’s smell. Once she left his range, he would rapidly try to catch up with her.

Linda’s movement speed was not fast, as she stopped from time to time to rest.

He thought that he was neglecting something important: “She knows that I can track her by smell. So, she is likely using this to trap me. If she was injured, she would not make so many stops. She would just find a place and stop directly. She wouldn’t move until the healing her wound.”

Thinking of the possibility he calmed down to ponder about the issue at hand: “If I was her, I would do my best to lure myself out. As long as, I’m exposed she will be able to catch and behead me! ”

“Well,” he said, as coldness flashed in his eyes, “Let’s play then!”

He opened his backpack and loaded all the yellow explosives and gunpowder that he had piled. It wouldn’t affect his movement.

He looked at arsenal for the last time. Alone on his own it would be very difficult to move the entire arsenal. However, soon or later the area no 7 will be cleaned of monsters and the scavengers will move it. Everything will be taken into the giant wall.

“Within the giant wall they use gunpowder only to dye stuff, including the tnt. They are treated as yellow dyes by the ‘Temple of Elements’. IS it because the explosives look like soil and no one would think of using fire to burn it? ” An idea emerged in his mind which seemed possible.

“However, it is possible they have already mastered the use of explosives. Its just like in old days, they are labeled as dangerous goods and strictly controlled.” Dudian thought about another possibility. After all, this was not the era of information and blocking the knowledge was very simple. Even in the old days, when computer, television and other tools were present but most were ignorant of science and technology.

In this era, the only way to pass information widely was use of newspapers.

However, because of aristocracy firm grasp of power, it was very difficult for newspapers to have room to play. So the things that they could report on were very limited.

“In any case, if there are explosives inside the giant wall then there have to records of them within the circle of alchemists. But in Rosyard’s notes he didn’t mention of such matter. No matter, I have to inquire when I go back.” Dudian didn’t think much about it anymore as he turned away to leave the fortress and begin his own hunt!

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  1. Hmm perhaps next he’ll find a workable super jet with nuke firing weaponry. Or maybe he’ll met God himself and be granted a wish. Jeez, I know luck matters with MC’s but can authors chill with it. It’s annoying more than anything.

    1. If he couldn’t find old gunpowder than that would be more fake… I’m also surprised hes just now trying to find gunpowder when its worked so well so far. There is little luck involved with this situation. I don’t understand why you have been hating in the last couple chapters about his apparently amazing luck.

      1. It’s been 300 years of survival. Your telling, nobody, decided to go to the fortress looking building and look inside, only undead so for a hunter it would be easy work. From the way chapters have been describing that place isn’t even that far from the wall.

        1. Well neither of us know the whole story yet but some shits going on as the wall seems impossible to be made by man. I also believe they should have made it much farther away from the wall by now but maybe only in the last 10 years or 20 years have they started to explore outside the wall which is why this is still an unexplored area.

    2. Wtf Luck he only found rusted weapons and shit, in other novel he would have found working hand weapons/ assault rifles and a mini gun on top…..

  2. This might be an attack on titan themed wall tho, if they used the blue ball thing to make it then I wouldn’t be surprised, besides i dought that zombies were enough to get through the firepower and tanks they have, so they must have had thousands of the balls.

  3. I was wondering if monsters have such acute senses of heat and smell, wont they all be attracted towards the walled city? Or at least loiter around their walls?

  4. Graaaah! I leave my brain outside when reading stories like this, but damn that TNT bugs me. You can make a bonfire out of that stuff and it will just burn happily away without any danger.

    All guns rusting away I can accept as moisture will eat away all steel parts in few hundred years unless they’re all greased up in crates.

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