DK – Ch 122

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The Dark King – Chapter 122

Independent city-states

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian went closer to the tank. He looked up and down. The surface paint has been scratched off and the machine gun on top of it was covered with moss and thick dust. It seemed like a stone sculpture.

“Have the parts inside of it decayed?” Dudian was curious as he climbed the tank. He cleaned the dust covering the entrance shaft and jumped in.


As he was falling, a hoarse roar echoed from behind.

However, Dudian had already sensed the smell and his dagger was in his hands ready for the situation. It reflexively pierced across the throat of the young undead wearing a torn green army uniform. The undead’s hair was brown while his eyes were green. From the appearance alone it could be seen that he was a foreigner.

“Gurgle …” Sound of ragged breathing echoed as the undead died.

Dudian noticed the faded national emblem on top of the uniform. It belonged the United States of America. Some doubts emerged in his mind, but soon he thought of something … independent city-states.

At the time of the disaster, the first to be destructed were capitalist Western empires. Moreover, a significant number of Western refugees were transported to Asia. To be correct to northern territories of Russia. At least tens of millions of westerners were sent to Russia because of mutual assistance and the law that made it possible to accept the refugees. Russia had the largest territory in Asia. Moreover, its population was very low in comparison to its territory size. That’s why it was able to accommodate so many refugees.

The second reason was that Russia had a large number of air defense tunnels built formerly by the Soviet Union, which was also an excellent choice for shelter.

“Did my father bring the frozen storage to a city after I was frozen?” Dudian thought more and more about potential possibilities that led to the creation of the giant wall. “Was it the independent city states that created the giant wall? How could they build something like that with limited resources? These places were barren land. ”

“Even if they could make the giant wall, it should be made in areas with abundant materials. The refugees were located in areas with poor raw materials and transportation would be time-consuming.”

Dudian thought about the height of the giant wall. It was pretty much impossible to see its top. Another idea emerged out in his mind. “This giant wall . . was it built by humans?”

The more he thought about it, the more he felt that he knew very little to nothing at all. A growl echoed from his belly. He immediately kicked the undead’s body away and looked at the insides of the tank.

Dudian was disappointed to find that the tank had long been abandoned. At a single glance, he could see what kind of damage it had suffered in the last three hundred years.

Dudian continued to sneak into the fortress as he left the tank.

Using his sense of smell he tried to avoid the undead who were sleeping, in case he couldn’t bypass them, he directly beheaded them.

“I did not expect that these undead would sleep.” Dudian was perplexed.

Soon he came into the fortress. Inside was dimly lit, but it didn’t effect his line of sight.


An undead flipped out of the corner.

He used the dagger to pierce its face and nail it to the wall accurately.

After the absorption of hundreds of cold crystals, he felt that his physique has been in no way inferior to other primary hunters. He found himself able to firmly keep up with the speed of the dark skinned girl and the other two hunters.

However, if it was face-to-face combat, then Dudian was not sure as he lacked the actual life-and-death experience that the rest of the hunters had.

However, after going through few battles, he knew that fighting was not simply a competition between speed, strength or other hard data of the sides. After all, no one will be stupid enough to face you barehanded while you wielded a knife.

Terrain, weather, mood and so many other factors affected the battle. Moreover, it could even cause the reversal of roles during the fight!

Dudian continued to go along the corridor and look for the storage facility where the arms were kept.

He opened a new room. Three undead were sleeping inside. They slightly raised their heads and gradually woke up.

Dudian didn’t give them the opportunity to respond as he quickly approached and used the dagger to stab onto the first undead’s skull. The second one was about to open its mouth to roar when Dudian’s dagger cut it’s head off.

However, the third was already completely awake as it roared and used its claws to attack.

Dudian quickly bent over to escape its claws while at the same time quickly stabbed the dagger.

Puff! The undead’s body trembled and fell.

Dudian took a slow breath. He felt cold sweat in his palm while there was excitement in his heart.
After killing the undead, Dudian looked around the room. He found that it was the command operations room. The undead that he had killed had golden stars on their shoulders. They should be major general level army officers.

His eyes were attracted by the map on the desktop. Although it had dust on it and mice had crawled and chewed it. Still, Dudian could get the rough outline and location. It was an old era map of the Asia.

“So, we are in territories of Russia. To be exact somewhere in Asia.” Dudian suddenly thought that the areas that had been scavenged before should have had such fortresses too. Most probably scavengers have brought maps back with them. So there should be those who knew the real face of this world and how vast it was.

“The ‘Temple of Elements’ is responsible for pricing the things brought in by the scavengers. The Holy Church and Temple of Elements are linked inextricably. The Holy Church seems to be the ruler of the giant wall. Then what kind of relationship the military of the giant wall has.” Dudian pondered a bit,” ‘Temple of Elements’ should have a lot of things. They should have mastered a lot of things by now. But most of the news aren’t released. What is the reason? Is it because these things desecrate the faith?”

He frowned as he couldn’t understand what was going on. In the old times, religion and state co-existed together so there shouldn’t be a problem with faith.

He shook his head as he didn’t want to ponder on the issue but instead turn away to continue to look for other places in the fortress.

Half an hour later, he finally found the room where the arsenal was kept.

“So much . .” Dudian looked at neatly stacked weapons, mines, grenades and other arms. This fortress was simply a great treasure!

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  1. Dudian, I wouldn’t get too excited. Most old weapons require extensive maintenance in order for them to not fall apart. However, those are around a hundred years old at most, and many still don’t work. I doubt a bunch of 300 year old neglected guns will work. If anything they might explode if fired. At least the ammunition might actually still work.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. I’m surprised he didn’t find a 300x master combat robot with dual machine guns. I mean with his luck he could find a an oasis on the sun.

  3. I find it strange that after 300 years the people who turned into undead at the fortress are still at the fortress… You would think that in 300 years of roaming around they would definitely not be at the same place as where they died.. There would be enough sounds and other things to lure them outside of the fortress. Beasts, weather, natural disasters… no way that they would be in the same place.

    Since Dudian can enter so easily the undead should be able to leave easily as well. If there is a door or wall in the way they would simply brute force it. Especially since everything is deteriorated after so many years.

    Just seems like a small oversight from the author.

    1. @shizukami well actually we not even sure if the “great disaster” wiped out every thing and everyone 300 years back. (as proof of the people in the city where the MC lives) These zombies could be even as “young” as a hundred to two hundred years maybe.

      while it is true that zombies(infected humans) are attracted to sounds and the like, there might be variants also (eg. sensitive to close proximity stuff only, hibernating kinds).

      Another thing is most readers might jump to conclusions is about the city being small (but yes the author could have illustrated the size of the areas or the total wall perimeter length), and hence thinking exploring the surrounding is easy. But what if the city is actually the size of a small state or set of cities(separated by the nobles, merchants, poor, etc). In such a case it wouldn’t be unusual to clean one area outside the wall for a couple of years (even 10 maybe) and then move on to another side.

  4. Capitalist western nations fell first. Yeah because when the nukes start flying it will be america that gets hit the worts….. Even though we have more nukes then the entirety of the rest of the world combined……. the Chinese simply can’t write a story without giving a jab to western Capitalist society can they? It’s little dick syndrome I tell yah. If you need to constantly tell other people how shit capitalism is and how awsome communism is maybe it simply isnt all that great. Also if we lost a nuclear war who exactly did we lose it to if not China or russia? And what , after defeating america they took American refugees? Oh and they took refugees but let them keep thier guns. This author……

    1. More assumptions I haven’t read ahead but I’m sure what happened was more complex than that lol. Remember what you just read is a GUESS by someone who woke up hundreds of years after the fact.

  5. So he was sent to cryosleep immediately after the nuclear fallout, yet he knows about the world descending into nation-states? And not just this one but he already knows and concludes that there are more???

    And based on the clues it’s safe to assume that part of the US army, with refugees (americans?), were sent to Russia. The logistical undertaking of that idea alone is infeasible, given the state of the world after the global fallout the author himself created.
    PLUS, huge landsize with low population? Uhm hello? Peaceful, safe, merry Canada? I guess the dumbass author forgot about you for no reason. Lets just assume you got nuked too for some pointless reason, but not motherfucking Russia with their long-standing conflict with the US and NATO, all with thousands of nuclear warheads as of late.

    Dont even get me started with their entire hunter and scavenger force bypassing such a hotspot and treasure trove of ‘artifacts’. MC reached that location in a few days; doesn’t take a genius to conclude its proximity to their walled city, and to know the peculiarity of it just from the difference of the fort’s outer structure (and size wise is huge which makes it literally stand out), and the similarly huge ass tanks and machine guns that should’ve shocked and intrigued anyone who would’ve seen them for the first time, and the unique uniforms of the undead (which werent even trapped inside since mc was already attacked by a zombie soldier before he even entered, which again is illogical as to why those zombies didnt relocate given multiple variables that could’ve attracted their attention 24/7, just like every other freakin zombie, yet all this time they just… slept?).
    And they have a fucking map of the areas which is why they (including the enemy party) could easily traverse the city ruins without fear of getting lost. Yes, they have a map. A MAP!!!
    Conclusion? The chances of a hunter/scavenger not finding the place is nil, since the consortiums n church have existed for years and decades easily (given their power and influence), ergo that much amount of time to explore those areas and given that multiple undead were already dead throughout that district, there is simply no way that that base remained untouched and unexplored. And if it was explored which is highly likely, given the church and consortiums’ secrets, those massive amount of ‘artifacts’ there wouldn’t be left alone for some other person to accidentally discover.

    Sorry long post. I like the story, its passable and entertaining, but honestly amateur at best. A common fault of web serial authors who write for the character count rather than for atory quality and planning. But hey, free food is free food.

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