DK – Ch 121

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The Dark King – Chapter 121


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The last time the sewers were repaired was at least three hundred years ago. It was dark and the air was rancid. From time to time iron cans would touch concrete echoed out low sounds.

Linda suppressed her breathing, inhaling and exhaling slowly. She tried to reduce motions too. Her eyes looked around in alert as the years of hunting experience had taught her that not only ‘bone rats’ but other monsters preferred to hide in the sewers.

Because of the darkness, her vision was limited. She could see the outline of things only within five meters of distance. If Dudian were here he would be surprised to find that all hunters did not share the vision in the darkness. It was one of the unique abilities that had come with his magic marks.

Linda’s ears were erect to detect the slightest and subtle movement around because of potential danger lurking in her surroundings.


A ‘bone rat’ screaming echoed out from twenty meters away. It was an incredibly painful sound but soon was stopped. At the same time, water burst and sprayed into a wave.

Linda was not sure if it was a fight between rats for food or something else had attacked the rat. However, she didn’t leave as she knew that rats wouldn’t be a threat to her and if it was something else, then the monster wasn’t something dangerous as it fed on rats. As long as she was careful, nothing would go wrong.

She leaned against the side of the wall and gently walked in at a slow pace. She was vigilant and alert at all times as to avoid any beast that could leap out and drag her into the stream.

She had explored around a hundred meters or so when she found an opening in the corner. The light dimly shone and the rancid smell was dispersed.

Linda crawled out from the sewers along the rocky hole. She took a deep breath as the fresh air was blowing to her face. She looked around and saw that the Brainpeckers hadn’t chased her. She was relieved as she quickly went to the nearby building.

As she closed to the building, Linda saw few undead roar and rush towards her. With a sudden twist, her body turned like a whirlwind, and the heads of undead were cut off from their bodies as if autumn leaves falling from a tree.

She found a stable place to sit. Her stomach gurgled and she thought of her luggage which she had discarded previously. Her face was gloomy as she thought about Dudian. Her heart burned with anger: “The kid should have sensed my smell and knows that I’m not dead. He will come after me. That’s when he will face death!”

She thought of dead Nick, Rona and Reid. She couldn’t help but clench her palm into a fist: “I will help you to avenge your death! Afterward, I’ll get your ashes buried in the Hunter Cemetery.”

She gradually restrained her hatred to think calmly. “This little devil is bound to appear again. However, he will be back with new insidious ways. If he uses the monsters, then I’ll hide in the sewer or I can move to the adjacent area no 9.” But he won’t be able to use The Brainpackers as they don’t eat undead and he has smeared undead powder. Moreover, he was successful in leading them the first time, but it doesn’t mean that he will be able to do so the second time.”

“If he doesn’t use monsters but traps alone. He isn’t capable of making traps that could kill me. Previously, he killed Gale because of surprise attack and it was pure luck.”

“Additionally, I can see that his effective range is a mere 100 meters!”

She had noticed that Dudian’s range of attack with the bow was limited. Even if he wanted to improve his range, it couldn’t be done in three or five days of training. Especially, Linda thought that his arrows should be limited so even if he trained the efficiency would be low.

“Hundred meters. If it’s within hundred meters and he tried to attack me again, I’ll need three to five second to catch up with him and behead for good! He should know that I was seriously injured because of the Brainpecker herd, so he will attack for sure!

There was a trace of remorse in her mind, but she changed her mind, ” He can’t do anything unless he is foolish enough to believe that he can kill me with a single arrow. So I will wait for him to attack and when he comes out the initiative will be in my hands. He had used Gale’s sense of smell and blurred Gale’s judgment. But tactics such as that won’t work on me.”

While thinking of everything, a plan surfaced in her mind.


Dudian rapidly ran through the street looking for a police station. Occasionally he would sense the smell of monsters and make a detour to avoid the beasts.

“I’ve been to a dozen or more streets. Isn’t there any police station in this area?” Dudian frowned. However, he soon found a place that had a high barrier of three or four meters high covering it. It was hundreds of meters long and the middle part had collapsed. He didn’t know whether it was work of corrosion from rain and radiation or was the baptism of war.

“A fortress?” Dudian was surprised.

Even though the wall was covered in vines, he still was impressed by the structure.

Three hundred years ago, after the outbreak of the disaster global refuge cities were built as a defensive fortress to protect people. These fortifications were located in various parts of the city and were used as a second line of defense from the undead.

Dudian was silent for a moment but thought of a matter and quickly ran towards the fortress.

Near the fortress, there were traces of detonated bombs and a dense pile of bones. There was a skeleton which had a machine gun while his green military clothing had long lost its color.

The machine gun has become rusty and eroded because of rain. Although the machine gun itself is made from rust-proof steel, the nuclear radiation had affected the rain too. The other components of steel had long been damaged or deformed.

Dudian was surprised when he saw the machine gun. This defensive fortress should have lots of firearms!

He picked up the machine gun and gently broke it off. He was after the bullets. He quickly unscrewed the cap of the bullet. There was dark gunpowder inside, but it didn’t come out as moisture had increased and hardened it.

There was regret in his heart as he dropped this string of bullets and moved forward and went inside the fortress.

Along the way, he saw an accumulation of bones all around. There were small monsters which seemed had mutated from snakes that moved through the bones. Once in a while, their tails from be exposed from the rib part of bones.

“A tank?” Dudian was impressed to see a tank. It was covered in moss and vines. However, its long barrel was still visible. It was rolled over, so it wasn’t difficult to imagine the intense fight that had broken by it.

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  1. i expected there will be “Boom bitch, get out the way” soon? get it? as in booom
    thanks for the chapter!!

  2. Okay, this is kind of immersion breaking moment. All these remnants of technology right outside the wall for 300 years. Even if the government quickly did their best to suppress their people, it would have not worked on everyone.

    Also, there should be people living outside the gate.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  3. Come on, he was like 8 years old before going to hibernate… How does he know so much about guns, tanks, gunpowder, police station, ect. The premise of the story is really flawed, The author should have told us something like, while the kid was hibernating, the machine was also feeding him knowledge or something. I still remember the first chapters, this stupid author told us how this kid was genius and had an IQ test with high score, and he even went to Harvard university at an age of 8 (um really? wtf is he smoking?). I like the story, but if this author wants to make the story premise realistic, saying that a guy traveled to the future would have been more realistic than this… 14 years old just stepped into a different world, he practiced archery for a couple of days, and now hes a genius at that too… and he even outwits 5 experienced Hunters, killing 4 of them.

    1. Have you been paying attention? While some parts are not too believable, he had not been practicing archery just for a couple of days. He literally was at the training camp for hunters shooting thousands of arrows everyday for months. Each day he was there, he pushed himself further and further. He had gained a superhuman level of senses and strength with his magic marks making it easier for him to learn these skills. Not to mention he was originally a genius.

      1. That’s the thing, the term “Genius” is dumb, there is no such a thing. Let’s supposedly say he did learn archery to an extent, figured out all the things, ranging from the quality of bow, wind speed, distance, arrow weight and moving opponent and was able to be proficient to an extent with a bow. How the hell, was he able to kill 4 proficient EXPERIENCED HUNTERS? That had been to multiple life-risky situations. He’s freaking 14 years old, he has limited knowledge on the outside… He created traps?? Based on what?? His 8 years old memories from the past before hibernating???? How did he figure out how to lure those beasts?? So what he has magic mark?? The other hunters had those longer then he did, and they probably have way more of that yellow buff stuff that the church give (even if he swallowed some, it shouldn’t amount much compared to them). He was originally a genius, is a stupid answer. Based on what?? He was freaking EIGHT!!!!!! him building legos and playing with dolls before hibernating??,,, How much can he learn in freaking 8 years???? the author told us that he learned how to make gunpowder and electricity from that super computer. BUT HOW DOES HE KNOW OF GUNPOWDER to begin with, how did he know that its used for guns, or that he could use it to make bombs? Later on the age in the story changed by the author from 8 to 12 years by the author. When the author mentioned how that kid went to “Harvard University” at age of 12 (REALLY? went to Harvard? eight, twelve whats the difference??). Explaining everything with the term “genius” doesn’t make a story valid.

        1. Don’t know about you, but I know about these kind of things when I was kid. Read lots of books and watched lots of tv shows etc… As well as playing many games from the time when I was four. And he has 168 IQ, his parents are scholars, so he probably just heard about these things in documentaries and whatnot, gunpowder is not a secret, you watch any pirate movie and you’ll know about it, if you’re a genius, you can make the connection. As for the formula, he has that computer. Just think of him as a Sherlock Holmes sort of character…. nobody seems to complain about Holmes for some reason.

        2. Stop complaining about gunpowder, he didn’t know about gunpowder before, he learnt it along with many other things from the computer thing from his freezing pod when he came back to it…

    2. If i’m not mistaken, there was a comment by the translator saying that the one who entered harvard was his sister with an iq of 140+ and aged 12 (this has already happened in reality, so is not super crazy, just a bit)

      And he was 8 years old and had an iq of 160+, not the one who went to harvard, but was “smart” and his parents where cientists, so maybe he read/learned some stuff related.

      This does not explain everything, but maybe can help for now.

  4. A lot of immersion breaking which kinda sucks. when he started hunting them I first hoped he’d fail and they wouldn’t know attacked them, but he’d get injured or som, and learn. Instead he become a pro archery dude in a few days, hunted down pro experianced hunters who someone never experianced traps before or never heard of them for that matter… it’s just kinda flawed, felt like the author was just rushing to resolve issues

    1. Really? Sounds like is “not going to how I want it” than “it breaks my immersion” to me. Your reasons are more like complaints of the story not going your way.

      And he is practicing archery for months now. Thousand of arrows a day. And when Dean was able to hit his targets, he was like a few meters away (in the fountain, nearby buildings). He was never far away and the targets are not actively dodging. The other arrows he shot missed or not targeted. And these hunters hunts monsters, not other hunters. They have little to no experience hunting other hunters.

      1. @Ralmon
        You cant tell m*rons anything nowadays. They’re too stupid to understand anything but their own flawed views of the world. And, kids adapt hundreds of time faster than adults. Especially when he was already many times smarter than other kids. As well as him getting stronger and smarter from the magic marks and soul stone things. And the thing about gunpowder and traps, that someone said before, there are tens of movies about them as well as children’s shows. Sometimes, people expect the author to say every single thing about everything and then complain about all the filler. They do not think on their own because they are too stupid. Just ignore comments like that. Actually, they should be deleted. It interrupts everyone’s mood with stupidity. Sorry for the long rant. Thanks for the chapter.

  5. For people complaining about gunpowder, he didn’t know about gunpowder before, he learnt it along with many other things from the computer thing from his freezing pod when he came back to it…

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