DK – Ch 120

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The Dark King – Chapter 120


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Brainpecker beasts seemed to search for other beings to vent their anger on as killing Nick wasn’t enough.

Linda and Reid were secretly observing them through the gap in the wall of the building where they were hiding. Their hearts were nervous while they kept breathing slowly to decrease their heartbeats in fear that they could catch the attention of these bloodthirsty monsters.

“All right, all right……” Reid clutching the hilt of his dagger kept praying: “They won’t find us, the Brainpeckers don’t prey on undead. O, God of light, the Father, please bless your people. ”

Roar! Roar!

The herd lost their target, so they kept wandering around the street in anger. The Brainpeckers’ snake-like smooth tails were twisting on the ground while they kept looking right and left for a lead.

Linda and Reid were relieved as they saw the Brainpeckers didn’t come into the building they were hiding in. However, they couldn’t relax yet as the Brainpeckers were still roaming around. They were secretly praying in their hearts for the herd to leave as soon as possible.

In this tense moment when they were almost suffocating of fear, a sharp whistling sound echoed out as the arrow pierced into a small building.

Linda and Reid almost jumped out of fear as they had ignored the newbie who was hiding in the dark.

“Damn!” Linda clenched her fingers into a fist as she heard the arrow hit the building. Nevertheless, she still retained a trace of reason and rapidly came up with a plan. If he wanted to lead the Brainpeckers into the building using arrows, then she was going to lead them back using a rock. She picked a stone, raised her hand and looked at the direction the arrow had come from.


It didn’t take more than a moment for her to stand up and squat down but it was enough for her to throw the stone.

Bang! Crash! She saw that the stone she had thrown out had accurately hit the remains of a glass window. The sound is especially crisp!

The herd which had detected the sounds looked around and rushed over.

However, Linda was stunned because without exception all of the Brainpeckers were running towards the building where they were in!


There was no time to think about details because of impact by the Brainbecker herd’s attack this three-story building fell.

In response, they quickly jumped out of the window next to them and landed on the other side of the street. They rolled up to minimize the impact from the jump and stood up to run away.

Reid was late to jump so along with the collapse of the building some stones hit him. One of the stones hit his nose and the next moment he touched his nose, there was a bit of blood on his hand.

Brainpeckers locked onto him the moment blood oozed out of his nose and rushed over.

“No -” Reid panicked. He used his dagger to protect himself, but the next moment the Brainpeckers was already on him biting his upper body. While the next moment another Bainpecker was eating up his viscera. Blood was spewing out at a fast rate.

The other Brainpeckers that saw Linda roared and rushed after her instead of focusing on Reid.

Linda’s face was pale as she clearly knew that even if the Brainpeckers surrounded fifteen silver level hunters, none would survive!

She discarded everything as she ran, including the backpack which had the precious monster materials from the previous hunt.

Roar! Roar!

The Brainpecker herd roared as they tried to catch up with her.

After they had left, a small figure appeared from the small building. It was Dudian. He looked at the collapsed small building. There was nothing left of Reid but traces of blood on the ground. He was feeling nauseous as it was the first time he witnessed monsters eating a human.

He retracted his eyes and looked at the arrow which he had shot before. The small bag of blood which he had tied on it had blown up because of the pressure.

He looked at the discarded backpack. All kind of smells belonging to different monsters exuded from it. It should contain all the valuable materials collected by the Linda.

Dudian picked up her backpack and found few pieces of remaining dry food. He began to chew them immediately as for the last three days he hadn’t had any food as he was searching for the monsters.

While he was eating Dudian suddenly smelled the bleeding odor from Linda. He didn’t think that she would be injured so soon. It seems he had done a good job by finding these beasts.

“Direct kill,” Dudian whispered.

However, he suddenly smelled that Linda’s smell was mixed with other smells. The scents that were almost covering her smell were rancid and our. He couldn’t help but a think of the place where she had gone to.

The sewage network!

Dudian’s eyes narrowed as he smelled that monsters stayed outside on the street and didn’t go as their bodies were too large and were difficult for them to enter.

He didn’t expect that so many beasts that he had lead to here would fail to kill Linda. An intermediate hunter’s survival ability was amazing.

He didn’t rush to catch up because from the smell he understood that Linda slowed down her speed in the sewer. It seems she was aware the monsters didn’t chase her, so Linda had taken the opportunity to restore her strength.

“She is ready now, so using arrows to ambush her would be tough and inefficient! The previous diversion plan won’t work too. It has been used once so she should not fall into it the second time” Dudian frowned as he knew the variables had changed again.

He had singled her out but taking the approach to attack would not work. ìIs this the end?î, Dudian murmured.

“If my archery skills were better then I could have killed her in an ambush. Right now my range is 100 meters which means that if I fail or she blocks the shot I’m going to be beheaded the next few seconds.” Dudian clenched his fist,”  Even if I want to improve my skills it’s not something that could be done in an instant. Spiraling arrows are useless too as they are not fast enough.”

“If there were firearms..”

“However, it’s been three hundred years so the guns in the police station would not be in good condition. I would deep-fry myself.”


Dudian was startled, “Guns can not be used but I can use the bullets. Ah! I can use the gunpowder from them and create a bomb!”

He was excited as he thought of the possibility. The police had a special storage room for firearms. Most probably guns and bullets are maintained in that room. If it’s indoors then even after three hundred years, he should be able to find useful ones!

Dudian immediately took action as he went along the streets looking for a police station.

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  1. > The police had a special storage room for firearms. Most probably guns and bullets are maintained in that room. If it’s indoors then even after three hundred years, he should be able to find useful ones!

    I refuse to believe that stuff wasn’t already scavenged. Plain unbelievable.

      1. I also find that hard to believe. Judging by the lack of long distance transportation, this abandoned city can’t be too far from the city they currently live in. Otherwise it will take more than days to travel by foot each leg of the trip. Then think about how long ago this place was abandoned and how long survivors have been behind the wall. Makes no sense that they didn’t try to recycle the metal at least when they’ve been camped there for 300 years.

        And no one has figured out gunpowder? Even if they don’t know how to make it, they should know what gunpowder is from interacting with it for so many years. And how does man forget about guns in 300 years when there are freaking artifacts a couple miles away? How did the first wave of human survivors defend against the undead anyways? Guns!

        I love the story, but little details really kill the immersion.

        1. In your assumption, their ancestors were actually there to guide them… But what if they were descended from a group of people who didn’t have any knowledge of technology? The higher ups might be different, but I have a feeling that this group of humans were created after the apocalypse lol. Also, you’d be surprised how quickly people forget history and inventions. Not to mention all the religious brainwashing that occurred…

        2. Lol you’re making a lot of assumptions. Remember NUKES wiped out most people. Most everything was radioactive for at least 100 years. MOST people can not tell you how to get gun powder and use it. After 50 years if all the older people are dead whose going to train people on guns? Also remember life expectancy is really low now. Most of the hunters are teenagers and they are training them to become super humans.

          There are so many reasons why they wouldn’t know about guns lol.

  2. Okay so bullets are most definitely scavenged… jeez. And how can he still smell we, the sewage smells like sewage, and now she smells like sewage… soo? Dean must have that 1000+ luck bonus.

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