DK – Ch 119

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The Dark King – Chapter 119

Beast wave

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“What? What is happening?”

The four were looking at each other in surprise.

Linda, as if thinking of something, threw herself to the ground and put her ear onto it to listen. Her face became pale as she said: “Not good, it’s a beast wave.”

“What?!” the other three were shocked. The most terrible disaster outside the giant wall was when the monsters attacked in mass numbers simultaneously turning into a beast wave!

Even a small beast wave could easily swallow three to five hunting teams.

“Run!” Linda stood up and got out of the building.: ” We have to avoid the route where the monsters will come from!”

All of them ran out of the small flat. Because of rich hunting experience just by feeling the quiver under their foot, they could speculate where the source of the beast wave was. They followed Linda towards a different street.

Rumble ~ ~!

The tremors got more intense as if the wave of monsters was getting closer.


Because of the vibration of the ground, a building nearby cracked and collapsed causing dust to fill the air and causing a great sound echoing afterward.

Linda didn’t refuse to turn around to check but kept running hard.


An arrow was shot from a small building which was next to them.

This arrow was unexpected as they were in a panic and in a rush to escape. Moreover, they wouldn’t think that the enemy would ambush them from such a close distance. Although Linda reacted, her body was too slow to keep up with the arrow. Additionally, the target of the arrow not her but the dark skinned girl who was running behind Linda.

The dark skinned girl raised her dagger to block the oncoming arrow but as her arm was stretched half way out the arrow penetrated into her shoulder. Because she was caught in a sudden attack, her body couldn’t respond on time, and as if a sledgehammer hit her, she fell to the ground.

Nick and Reid took out their weapons and stood in front of her to protect while watching the direction from where the arrow was shot.

The girl gritted her teeth in pain but didn’t utter a sound.

“Are you all right?” asked Linda.

Dark skinned girl hold her shoulder and reluctantly nodded her head.: “I’m fine.”

“Don’t stop! The beast wave is getting closer. Run!” Linda’s heart was relieved when she saw that the injury was not fatal.

Nick helped the girl to stand up, but at the same moment, another arrow was shot. However, he was on alert and prepared for a sudden attack. He blocks the arrow using the dagger.

“He’s hiding there!” Reid pointed to the location where the arrows were coming from.

Linda clenched her sword tightly as she stared at the small building about a hundred meters away from them. However, the trembling sound coming from the back was getting more intense with each passing second. Even if she went to the building and fight with Dudian, even if she killed him the beast wave would catch up to her.

The other one had taken this into account. : “That’s why he is so daring now.”, Linda thought about the situation.

Her body was slightly trembling because of the anger but she eventually held back herself. Linda had seen many hunters die because of emotional actions. “Don’t be worried about him. We should get out of here!”

Nick and Reid knew how critical the situation was. Moreover, they were afraid of the cunning and devious traps that Dudian had used before, so they were hesitant to go after the newbie. Who knows what kind of traps he had set up?

Dudian was observing them from the small building. As expected they didn’t chase him but continued to escape. His mouth curled into a smile. He had seen and smelled the dark skinned girl lurking around putting traps all over the place. However, she hadn’t set foot in this small building.

Therefore, he dared to come into the small building. He had a bag of sealed blood in his hand. Dudian quietly disappeared into the small building.

Run! Run!

Four of them quickly ran, jumping off the rubble of broken stones and acting the fastest they could.

However, after few minutes of rapid running the sound of quivering land was getting closer instead of loosening. Linda jumped over a pile of rock and hastily looked back. Her pupils slightly contracted at sight.

She saw four meters tall monsters crawling at fast speed catching up to them. They were monsters which had the shape of a lion but skin of a human. They didn’t have any hair on them. Moreover, each had seven or eight human-like arms.

“Damn, it’s a herd of Brainpeckers!” Linda’s face turned ugly.

Dark skinned girl and the other two looked back to check the monsters. All of the Brainpeckers were adult. Moreover, a primary hunter would not be able to cope with them. It was tough to run away from their hands as Brainpeckers were very fast.

“They’ve found us! We won’t be able to lose them!” Nick’s body trembled because of fear.

Linda bit her lips as she said: “Rona, they are tracking by sensing the smell of your blood. That kid intentionally hurt you so that the Brainpeckers could lead to us.”

Rona’s lips were white as she saw the Brainpeckers. She had thought of this possibility, but she still had a glimmer of hope in Linda. As a silver level hunter and team-member of old days, she thought that Linda would try to save her.

Rona looked at her, “I know.”

“Thank you …” There was a complicated look on Linda’s face as she continued: “I will take care of your loved ones.”

“Thank you …” Rona had a grateful look on her face as her figure stopped and turned around. Her face was bitter as she saw the beasts coming over at her. There were so many desires that she hadn’t accomplished yet. Too many things which she hadn’t enjoyed yet. She could leave only with regret.

She raised her short dagger and sadly looked at oncoming beasts.


The first beast to reach her growled and raised three giant arms and swept out. Rona’s could not do much to delay them as she had turned into the first beast’s food in a matter of seconds.

Nick, Reid, and Linda had long run past the place.

However, they weren’t able to outrun the Brainpeckers. Nick turned to look back in surprise as he saw the herd of Brainpeckers didn’t stop after killing Rona but continued to chase.: “We can’t get away!”

“Run, we gotta cover our smell!” Linda didn’t look back as she more or less could imagine the scene.

By the time she rushed to the corner of the street, she had already pulled out the undead powder. She spilled it onto her body and drilled to a dilapidated building through a hole.

Reid followed her close by and covered up his smell the same way. He went after her through the hole.

The Nick was the final to come up to the corner. But his leg stumbled and the undead powder on his hand crumbled. Although it was spilled onto his body, it was not enough to conceal him on time. Moreover, the Brainpeckers were already very close to him.

“Captain, save -” Nick cried in horror as his face had a desperate look.

His body had turned to pieces by the massive arms of the Brainpeckers. Blocking them with a weapon wasn’t useful at all.

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  1. I have to say, This is quite a good novel. I like how the MC fumbling around trying to figured out the world.

    The pacing is good. Not too fast, yet it’s quite exciting.

  2. “Linda had seen many hunters die because of emotional actions. β€œDon’t be worried about him. We should get out of here!””

    LMAO, it is ironic because this is all happening cause of her emotions. Just because someone was able to kill wounded beast which killed his brother, he tried to kill that someone.. If she knew beast wasn’t the murderer of his brother but it was Dudian, try to imagine how stupid actions she would take because of emotions LOL

  3. I like the fact that we’really not getting hundreds of chapters of exposition about the mc’s enemies. This isn’t being drug out and held over our heads forever.

  4. Thanks for the chapter. I really like how his enemies are not dumb idiots that will keep to underestimate him until he kills them all. They are smart but he is just smarter and more devious. This novel is something different from those classic chinese stories i really love it.

  5. Respect to
    The bad guys. And damn with them all dead, their families are fucked(maybe?)
    ironic as well, your emotions were the reason MC is hunting you down…

  6. Bleeding them slowly . Hey antagonists don’t know the weapons they are holding have a traces too they were blocking with damn weapons.

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