DK – Ch 118

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The Dark King – Chapter 118

New plan

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“They left. They didn’t chase after me.” Dudian could tale from Linda and the other girl’s smell that they went away. Linda had seen his appearance so she shouldn’t stop at this point. So why?. Suddenly he thought of a possibility,: “The only archer in their ranks is dead. So if they continue to go after me blindly, then they will fall into my traps and die. Are they going to sit back and wait?”

He pondered a little and immediately understood Linda’s idea.

“She knows that I’m desperate to kill her. That’s why she is not in a hurry.” Dudian’s face sank, “If I allow them to get back to the wall, I’ll end up in a dangerous situation. She will rely on her identity of a silver level hunter, and I’ll end up deployed into their team. Once we come out of the giant wall, I won’t have the slightest chance to escape!”

“They should have set up few traps and are waiting for me. What can I do?”

Dudian frowned. The only chance is to wait until the other side believes that he has left and relaxed. Then he could ambush and attack them! However, the other side is a silver level hunter and not so easy to ambush the second time. Moreover, if the other two join them too, it will be a team of four. Even if he can kill one of them, the other three would immediately seize him. He had to disperse them.

Moreover, his range was only 100 meters, and the accuracy was not 100%. There was a possibility to make mistakes and errors while shooting.

Rumble ~!

Thunder roared illuminating the gray sky.

Dudian looked at the pouring rain and gradually restored his calm. Thunder echoed in his mind. “If I could use lighting. How good that would be!”, Dudian thought.

However to use lightning he had lacked the proper instruments. He wouldn’t be able to manufacture them too.

“Using lightning?

An idea flashed past Dudian’s mind. He was startled at first, but his eyes lightened up in excitement: “Of course! Why have I been so stupid until now? If I can’t kill them directly, why don’t I use external forces? I’ve been relying on my power to fight them. I’m so stupid! What’s the difference between ordinary brainless soldier and me? Ah, I’ve been stupid. Stupid!” He patted his head, but he was extremely excited.

In the rainy season, it rains quickly.

As the rain began to stop, the air was full of a damp smell.

The rain was scrubbing down the smell of rotten things and corpses all over the ruins.

In the blind of an eye, the sun had already set in the west and night came.

The doors and windows of the small flat had shrunk and dilapidated. The original window glass was smashed. The dark skinned girl had found enough wood and stone to block the gaps and tightly wrapped vines around them. There was a small fire in the middle of the room.

In addition to the two women, Linda also had used smoke signals to call back Nick and Reid who were near the Red Lake.

There were few reasons for convening them back, naturally facing Dudian alone by herself was not one of them. First, she took into account that both of them couldn’t face the clawed dino-lizard alone. It would be tough for them to kill it and most probably would end up as a snack for it. The second reason is that she was worried that Dudian wouldn’t attack Linda but instead turn around to attack Nick and Reid. He would catch them unprepared and kill them both. So she had called everyone to solve out Dudian once and for all. Afterward, they could go and complete the task.

She was not worried.

If Dudian were any other child, she would probably think that the other side would quit as they saw the attack fail. But because of the previous experience, she didn’t intend to treat this newcomer as an average child. In the bottom of her heart, she didn’t dare to have the slightest contempt.

“The little devil killed Gale..?” Nick asked as he looked at the mound in the corner of the room.

Reid couldn’t believe it either as he asked the dark skinned girl: “Is it true? He is just a child. Not even 14 years old. How could he.?”

Linda glanced at him and spoke in a cold tone: “Don’t look down upon him or you will be the next.”

Reid looked at the gauze bandaged on her cheek. Linda’s lips were trembling. The fact was placed in front of him, so he didn’t say anything.

“Are we going to wait?” Nick couldn’t help but ask.

Linda spoke coldly: “What? Do you lack patience?

“No, it’s just we are wasting a lot of time” Nick replied.

Linda looked at him and said: “If you don’t want to waste time then go out, find him and kill him.”

Her words stifled Nick. She no longer spoke. His magic mark ability was auxiliary, so he wasn’t good with tracing and tracking.

“Don’t worry this kid doesn’t have ‘light physique.'” The longer he is on the outside of the giant wall, the more uncomfortable he will get. Especially, after some time his body will be so discomforted that even the magic marks wouldn’t be able to help him cope and resist the erosion of radiation!” The dark skinned girl spoke in a confident tone:” I have arranged quite a few traps around the place. The longer he delays, the solid our situation will be. Maybe we won’t even have to kill him personally, as one of my traps would handle him!”

Nick and Reid sighed at the same time. They couldn’t believe that a newcomer would force a team which had a silver ranked hunter into a retreat.

Linda got the idea after seeing both of their expressions but didn’t say anything. However, if they could trap Dudian, she would crush his body and suck out his blood!

In the blink of an eye, two days passed.

The last two days were calm. Dudian seemed to disappear.

Dark skinned girl, Nick, and Reid were convinced that Dudian had left, but Linda insisted that Dudian was hidden in the vicinity waiting for the right opportunity.

After all, the other three as hunters knew the hunting process. Patience was crucial. The one who took the lead would be exposed and will become the prey while the other party would hunt.

They couldn’t do anything but wait.

Linda finished the dry food and touched the wound on her face. It has been three days, but the wound on her face has been healed. There were no scars and no pain left. Her magic marks played the main role in this regeneration. Her ability was to control the blood flow. She could speed up the healing process within her body. It was an incredibly important ability for hunters which spend time outside the giant wall. At least one-third of the hunters died outside because of receiving constant injuries and couldn’t healing them on time.

Moreover, by being able to heal her injuries rapidly also meant that Linda was, even more, bolder while containing the beasts. Even if she got injured, she could restore and heal the wound.

“Three days . .” Linda squinted her eyes. From her point of view, Dudian was qualified to be a hunter at least by his patience alone. He was able to endure not showing up in three days.

The dark skinned girl was eating dry food while leaning against the wall.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Suddenly the ground quivered.


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  1. He can also bring other beast to them. He could aggro a lot of monsters towards their base, he probably is doing so.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. I still think their mind is lacking. But eh, they gonna die at the end of the day(chapters) so it doesn’t matter. Hehe

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