DK – Ch 117

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The Dark King – Chapter 117


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Linda rapidly rushed over as she saw the red smoke signal in the sky.

She felt bad as the red smoke was meant to be only be used in an emergency situation. She saw that the dark skinned girl squatted down and staring at a broken tall building while rapidly preparing traps while Gale’s body was lying in front of her.

Linda’s heart sank when she saw the arrows stuck in Gale’s face, throat, and chest. The dark skinned girl heard movements and turned around to see Linda coming towards her. She was relieved. However, she spoke in a hurry: “The enemy is in the small building. I don’t know if he had run away through the back of the small building. Gale, Gale.”

Linda bent over to see Gale’s eyes wide open without any movement. She was silent for a moment before speaking in a low tone: “Weren’t you both together? How did he do it?”

The dark skinned girl told about the previous incident minute by minute.

A strong killing intent flashed across Linda’s eyes as she listened to the dark skinned girl talk about the details. Because of the anger, she clenched her fists while her cheek muscles tightened. The anger in her heart had overcome the pain coming from her cheek. However, she relaxed the muscles on her face to avoid the delay in the healing of the wound.

“Captain, do you know him?” The dark skinned girl couldn’t help but ask as she saw Linda’s actions.

“He is the new kid,” Linda answered.

“Him?” The dark skinned girl was shocked. Although she had heard of Dudian’s name before. She has never seen him before. It is hard to believe that this cunning and insidious boy was the lucky scavenger who got his hands on magic marks by chance.

“How come he is outside the giant wall? Moreover, Gale apparently sensed his smell floating out from under the rock. Is someone else helping him out?” The dark skinned girl couldn’t help but ask.

Linda coldly looked at her: “You don’t understand. He pretended that he used the pre-captured ‘bone rats’ to escape. His actual purpose was to lure you into an ambush. Fortunately, you weren’t stupid and didn’t separate to pursue him. Otherwise, he would have long caught you guys one by one.”

The dark skinned girl was shocked by Linda’s words and said: “But, Gale’s sense of smell couldn’t be wrong!”

“He used Gale!” Coldness flashed across Linda’s eyes: “The enemy most probably devised Gale’s reason to trace him here in advance. He had injured most of the ‘bone rats’ in advance. Most of them wouldn’t be able to run fast or too far. Gale had locked on to the fastest running ‘bone rat’. It was all a trap!”

“Moreover, the smell that Gale had felt floating from inside the hole should belong to the real ‘bone rats’ He didn’t cover his smell, but covered the smell of the ‘bone rats’ and waited until he got here. Later on, he should have wounded it and let it go inside the hole between the rocks. He lurked in the pond to cover his smell and that way had attacked you from behind!”

Although Linda hasn’t personally seen anything. The dark skinned girl was able to justify her analysis. Even so, the little devil’s mind was working extremely well!

She remembered the way Dudian jumped out of the pond, pulled the string of the bow and made the shots. Although they were calling him a ‘kid’ and referring him as an immature, however, that moment gave her different feelings.

“Captain, what do we do now? Continue to go after him?” The dark skinned girl said in hesitation.

Linda stared at the high-rise and whispered: “No, he will come back. We just need to sit back and wait.” Then she looked at Gale’s body and said: “We have to burn his body. The arrows were infected. At most in a half hour later he would turn into an undead.”

The dark skinned girl bit her lips as she whispered: “I know.”

Linda made a gesture and turned away to leave.

The dark skinned girl began to drag Gale’s body and followed after her.

They found a small building and settled inside. The reason for electing such a small building was that they were worried a high-rise that could collapse after excessive rainfall. But also they were beware that Dudian may use high-rise terrain to attack them.

Dark clouds had gathered in the sky for a long time. Firstly thunders echoed while the brewing rain falls afterward.

Linda and dark skinned girl swept out an open space, found some combustible materials and incinerated Gale’s body.

The rain was pouring heavily outside. The weather was cold. The dark skinned girl looked at Gale’s burnt dark eyes and felt a bit of chill. There was a trace of sadness in her eyes.

After dispersing Gale’s ashes, the dark skinned girl looked back at Linda. She was surprised to see her standing front of the window gazing at the rain. She didn’t know what to think.

“Captain..” the dark skinned girl whispered: “Will he come back?”

“He will,” Linda answered without looking back.

“Previously, we took the initiative to go after him, so he used the traps and ambushes. But now we are not going after him, so he shouldn’t look for us, right?” The dark skinned girl quietly spoke out what was going in her mind.

“He has to come.” Linda turned around and looked at her.: “He is smarter than we thought. Although I am not aware how he came out, the point is he didn’t escape after he met us. Instead, he went for a kill. It shows, he had expected that we would be trying to kill him and we were only waiting for his training period to end. This is his only opportunity to kill us. If he can’t kill us, he knows that it will be his death!”

The dark skinned girl was startled. : “But he is just a rookie. Although he was a scavenger, he had never been on a hunt. How come he such a big courage? Even without you, we are a team and number with outdone him. How he dares to go for a kill?”

“He proved that he is capable of doing so.” Linda looked at her: “Although he is a few years younger than you, his heart is decisive. He may have never been on a monster hunt, but. Perhaps this is where his talents lay.”

Her words caused dark skinned girl’s heart to shudder: “Fortunately, we are not going to give him the opportunity to grow up or else he would be a significant threat to us in the future.”

Linda looked out the window and observed the torrential rains: “He should be very anxious right now. The plan that he had laid out weren’t satisfied until the end. Now, the initiative is in our hands. He should be afraid of us going back alive. If he misses this opportunity, then we will kill him after the training. So if you were him, what would you do now to kill us?”

The dark skinned girl was confused as she couldn’t come up with answers.

It was raining so hard as if a screen shrouded the sky


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  1. Haha. Those people are gonna die because they are to stubborn, go back and snitch. Simple. But noook you wanna stay around in the off chance that you do manage to kill him, but look at the cost so far. Main bitch(who I kinda feel bad for, family dead and what not) Linda injured, gale dead, and dark skin girl scared shitless. It’s a losing battle chica, back off hehe

  2. I just realized in heir world it is illegal for hunters of the same consortium to kill each other. If linda and her group were to go back and report Dean.Dean could in be trouble.Fortunately they dont do so.=

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