DK – Ch 116

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The Dark King – Chapter 116


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I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“How can a mere rookie ambush us? Is he deliberately exposing his smell to you?”

Gale’s face was gloomy as he avoided the question asked by the dark skinned girl.

“Chasing separately is too dangerous.” The dark skinned girl saw that he didn’t answer so she continued in hesitation: “The other party had injured the captain. So even if we catch up, we may not be able to cope with him. Maybe he wants to break us up!?! ”

Gale thought for a bit, then said: “Perhaps there is a way to identify him. Even if he mixed his smell with the rats so that we can’t track him. However, the movement trajectory of rats is totally different from humans. Of course! The rats would be too lazy to run away. The one which is leaving should be him.”

He took a breath so that he could perceive the smells floating around to his greatest extent. Everything was clear to him now. The smell of rain, moss, stinking undead, a faint smell of decay and everything else was formed into a sensory map in his mind.

It took less than five seconds for him to open his eyes: “Follow me!” He rushed rapidly towards one direction.

The dark skinned girl was surprised: “Did you find him?”

“I’m not sure.”

Both of them soon came to an open square. There was a lot of water in front of it. There were scattered monster bones, decaying undead limbs, moss and tree branches.

Gale raised his hand pointing to a direction of a collapsed pile of rocks. But if you looked carefully, you would find that the place he was pointing to contained less moss and lacked rocks.

“He is hiding over there!” The dark skinned girl’s eyes lit up. It was something man-made. It was likely that he had prepared it in advance to set aside a place to escape to! However, she didn’t dare to jump in. If that person was really hiding there, then there had to be a trap or two.

She carefully got closer while surveying the surrounding terrain, as well as stone furnishings, to prevent an unexpected attack.

Gale followed behind her. He couldn’t do much at this point as his hands were tied. He could only count on the dark skinned girl to find the trap!

“There should be a cave! A smell is coming out from deep inside it! ” Gale whispered in a low tone. He was frowning and he was tense.

The dark skinned girl had a serious look as she heard Gale’s words. She carefully observed the surroundings. Since the injury on Linda’s face, they had identified the enemy as an archer. In that case, she was confident in close combat. Scouts were definitely better than archers and only worse than warriors and knights in close combat. Of course, she was thinking about an open and honest fight.

So, as long as she was careful not to give the enemy a chance to attack from the stone heap nothing would happen to them.

Both of them, one after another went over to the pile of rocks.

Dark clouds were rotating over their heads, it seemed rain was approaching!

“It’s about forty meters inside.” Gale used very low voice to whisper.

“There are no traps.” The dark skinned girl frowned as she was nervous. The more she couldn’t find a trace of a trap the more she felt terrible.

When both of them were about ten meters close to the pile of rocks.

The sound of splashing water echoed out. However, it didn’t come from ahead but from behind!

Both of their body muscles tightened. They turned around at almost the same time.


A silver arrow flew past and hit Gale’s throat!

It instantly piercing through!

Gale’s eyes went wide open as he clutched his throat. He issued a painful ‘argh’ sound and fell down.

The dark skinned girl’s pupils tightened. She saw that at the square there was a dirty pool which they had dismissed. It was full of all kinds of rot, including undead limbs, rat bodies and so on. A figure had jumped out from inside. It was Dudian.

Hiding in the pool?

The dark skinned girl’s heartbeat rapidly increased as her body trembled. She saw Dudian jump to the edge of the pool. He didn’t escape, but took out arrows and went towards the girl.

She knew that the opposite party was an archer. Because of the distance, there were more than a hundred ways for him to kill her!

Her only chance was close combat!

She believed that the other party should not be an intermediate hunter. Otherwise, he wouldn’t use plans to ambush them but would go for a direct frontal battle as he could easily kill her and Gale. So as the opposite party was a primary hunter like her then she was not without the hope for victory!


The second arrow shot onto Gale’s face and his life ended that moment.

Dudian saw the girl was trying to approach him. His face slightly changed as he quickly turned around and run. Moreover, while running he rapidly shot a few arrows so that the girl couldn’t catch up to him.

His heart was beating fast. Fortunately, for the last two months, he had practiced the basics of archery to the limit. His accuracy was good enough to kill the enemy from the first shot.


Doudian ran to the rear of a tall building.

The dark skinned girl saw that the other party had dismissed everything and ran. She was about to release Gale’s body to chase when she saw that the enemy was shooting arrows. She got scared and raised Gale’s body to resist in a hurry. One of the arrows shot into Gale’s chest.
She raised her head to see Dudian head back into a high-rise, but she hesitated to follow after him.

Whether the previous time Linda was injured or Gale’s tragic death, had made her not to be able to see the enemy. She was not sure that there won’t be another ambush waiting for her at the back of the high-rise. Detecting traps took time so she couldn’t get close to the building when there was an archer hiding inside.

What should I do?

She hesitated and was confused. Eventually, she dragged Gale’s body and turned away from the square. She came to the edge and squatted. Later on, she took out a smoke signal from her backpack and found a red light flare. She lighted it to notify the others.

Dudian’s heart was relieved. He saw that the other side didn’t chase after him into the high-rise. However, he had regretted it, because he had set up traps inside in advance. Nevertheless, the traps that he made wouldn’t be able to kill a normal primary hunter. After all, he had not systematically studied making traps but devised them purely on his own imagination.

“Fortunately, I’m alright.” He leaned against the wall and began to breathe out. He saw the red smoke released from the square and knew that it was a signal. He was aware that he had killed the team member who had the ability to track people. Now they were blind and he could rely on his smell to track them and hide in the dark to attack at the first opportunity.

“She saw my appearance. Although she was angry, however, her character seems like a selfish and cautious person. They shouldn’t be able to track me anymore as there is no way for them to trace me. Unfortunately, Linda’s magic marks are somehow related to blood. Most probably she can control her body’s blood. In that case, the undead blood smeared on the arrows shouldn’t infect her. ” Dudian’s eyes flashed as he made fast calculations.


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  1. I’m actually more concerned if that smoke signal is to call for reinforcements from the consortium.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. How come I feel like
    I’m the only
    One not even rooting for the MC, I mean these are experianced Hunter who go through battles to the death and what not, dude came
    Out of a freezer the other day(compared to the years these hunters have put in work) they are patheticly weak man, he could kill all hunter tbh. Lay simple trap, then arrow, boom dead.

    1. Dark skinned girl (I’m not going to tell her name but in next few chapters you will get to know), admits that his methods are unconventional. For example, she is an experienced scout but she has never seen anyone ambushing her using the pond. Most of the time they would hunt the beasts, moreover their tactics and strategies are ‘book’ based. She even admits that if there isn’t a silver level hunter then she could see through the traps. How come? is there no-one else smarter than her? Or the same thing is taught to everyone in hunter school? Moreover, the oldest in the team is in her early twenties… Dark skinned girl is around 16-17 and the Gale was 18, if i remember it correctly.

      1. They aren’t as great as they seem you know. Don’t read so straightforwardly, geez. Remember they are bronze ranked hunters that even were terribly afraid of that lvl 9 beast that he killed as a mere scavenger. The red b*tch also is a brand new silver hunter, just a bit stronger than the rest. “Experienced hunter” would classify as an advanced (gold?) ranked hunter. Duduian is already stronger than everyone in the team by a notch because of the cold crystals as a bronze hunter, just a bit under silver ranked (typical MC leapfrog) plus he’s using unconventional tactics (which brown chick will mention as MadSnail pointed out). How many hunters have they fought against (since it’s ILLEGAL)? That’s different from fighting a monster or beast that have fixed characteristics. Dudian has even mentioned that human cunning and intelligence outweighs a beast’s. Ofc them being being experienced with many monsters and come out alive is normal unless its prowess overwhelms the whole team. Not to mention they all subconsciously disdain and look down on him as a brand new hunter that barely made the cut since it was by accident.

    2. He just came out of the freezer… Like 4 years ago lmao. He went through hellish training and he’s supposed to be a genius or something, so it’s not too strange. You’re thinking way too highly of these newbie hunters. They’ve probably never even had to deal with another hunter before now. At the very least, they’ve never dealt with another hunter who used tricks and traps.

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