DK – Ch 115

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The Dark King – Chapter 115

Its him!

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Enemies from behind!

As she faced the pain, Linda’s instincts took over. She quickly thought of a number of responses as she held back her meaningless screaming. Linda quickly used one of her hands to raise her swords and tried to block the upcoming arrows while she released her other hand from the wall. Her body fell down.

Because of her body strength and skills, falling from a three-story building was not going to injure her.

After landing, Linda looked at the direction where the previous arrow was shot from. On the other side of the street, there was a building. But it was not as high as the building that she was climbing. Because of the height of the high-rise they had come to the initial decision that the enemy would have chosen the tallest building. Never would they imagine that it was part of an ambush.

Although she was in a hurry and took a glance for a moment. She noticed that the arrows originated from the roof of the building.

The enemy was on the roof!

She looked up to see a small figure on the roof near a rundown wall. He was holding a bow and arrow. Once again, he aimed and shot at her!

“How come. It’s him!”

Linda saw the face of the enemy. Her heart was horrified even forgetting the pain coming off from her face.

She would not think the rookie they were planning to get rid of would appear in front of her at this moment. Moreover, even in her wildest dreams, she wouldn’t think that the same rookie would come out to track, ambush and even almost kill her.


The sound of an arrow awakened her as Linda used her sword to block it.

At this moment, her intermediate hunter’s physique and superb swordsmanship were manifested. Although Linda’s reaction was only half a beat late. It is still more than enough to hit and cut off the arrow. The broken arrow hit by the sword fell to the ground.

At this time, Dudian’s hand went backward to take out the third arrow and shot it as if not aiming at a target at all.

However, the speed of continuous shots caused her heart to shudder and her face turned ugly. Standing there was doing nothing but being a target for him to shoot at. She quickly turned around and hid inside a building.

Unexpectedly, as Linda entered the building her feet got caught by something.

Ta! She reacted as if she was a goddess of lightning as her heel moved away from the area. However, when the soles of her feet were about to retract a rope was ejected from the collapsed area. It covered and trapped her feet. Moreover, it was a slip knot so as she pulled hard the tighter it got.

At the same time, a sudden force was ejected from the other end of the rope.

The next moment, Linda felt weightlessness as her body was pulled up. Her legs were pulled straight up, while her head was looking down to the ground.

She quickly used her sword to cut the rope and release her feet without panicking.

Only, when she cut off the rope the floor above also collapsed down.

She rolled away in a hurry to escape the upcoming concrete. Bang! She heard the stones hit her previous position. Dust was raised. She couldn’t help but turn pale. However, after a moment Linda’s anger was pushed to the limits. As a dignified intermediate silver level hunter, she almost died at the hands of a newcomer. If she hadn’t cut off the rope in time, the stone rubble in front of her would have seriously injured her.

Additionally, there was an arrow stuck in her face. If a stone had hit the arrow, the pain coming from the wound would have reached the sky.

Dudian frowned when he saw the trap fail. There was a trace of fear and helplessness as he observed the physical powers and combat experience of an intermediate level hunter.

Linda had covered her face. Her chest slightly went up and down because of adrenaline. She stared at the high-rise where Dudian was located. However, she didn’t dare to go out. Neither did she plan to go inside the current building as she was seriously injured at the moment and was scared of unexpected attacks. Shadows of fear had covered her heart so she decided to stand on the spot for the moment.

She believed that Gale and the dark skinned girl should have been aware of the situation. The other side was only one person while she had Gale and the other hunter with her so they would capture Dudian at the end!

However, Linda clearly saw that Dudian put away the bow, turned. and ran.


Do you want to run, just like that?

Your traps are useless and have run out of tricks. Now you want to run?

Her body trembled because of anger. Face muscles twitched and affected the arrow wound. The pain that made her crazy was hitting her mind. But she resisted the impulse to catch up with Dudian. The first reason was that there was a trace of a worry at the bottom of her heart that it is another trap.

The second reason was that her injuries were too heavy at the moment. If she didn’t pull out the arrow, then she had to use one of her hands to keep the arrow straight. Or else when running or moving the arrow would keep shaking and the pain that would result would be unbearable.

Moreover, she knew that the arrow was smeared and dyed with the poisoned blood. The familiar rancid smell belonged to an undead’s blood.

She clenched her teeth as she pulled out the arrow bit by bit. The barb on the tip of the arrow took out flesh from her mouth as she pulled it out. Tears flowed down immediately. Although during her hunting career it was not a fatal injury that she had received, but definitely the most painful injury!

After the final pull, she took out the arrow and quickly grabbed the first aid kit from her backpack. She bandaged her face to avoid hidden dangers and other infections.

Gale and the dark skinned girl were surprised as they saw the serious face injury of Linda.

“Chase him! Quick! We must not let him run!” Linda said vaguely using the other side of her mouth.

Gale and the dark skinned girl took a quick glance as they rapidly went over to the building where Dudian was in.

“Damn it! He had applied the blood of rat to cover his smell!” Gale said as they were going into the building. But he stopped her from entering the high-rise and went around.

ëBone rats’ were very common small monsters and could be seen everywhere. But he would never think that the other side would use its blood to hide!

They had tracked the false target from the beginning! Most probably the purpose of the other side from the beginning was to make them feel traced!

Gale’s heart got colder as he thought of details.

As they were around the corner, Gale’s quickly said: “He’s fast. He ran away!”

The dark skinned girl wasn’t thinking about the meaning of his speech because she was vigilantly looking around so that they wouldn’t be ambushed by another trap.

“Damn it!”

Gale couldn’t help but curse after the chase. He said to the dark skinned girl: “He must have confined three ‘bone rats’ in advance somewhere around here. Now he has released all of them. His smell is mixed together with that of the rats while they are scattered and running in different directions. We have to chase separately!”

The dark skinned girl was startled.


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  1. Isn’t attacking or killing other hunters illegal or som… return and snitch and get him punished lol. These hunterss are patheticly stupid and how the hell did she survive for so long when a simple trap and a projectile almost killed her???

      1. Umm proof? If every group could just say that a hunter attacked us and condemn their enemies how would hunters who don’t have friends survive? If it was ok to condemn a hunter just by the words of others then every hunter who have a group of enemies wouldn’t be able to survive… An arrow can’t be evidence either since arrows must be standard issue equipment. Besides it is known that Linda has a grudge against mc who is a rookie. How would it look if a group of advanced hunters came and accused a rookie who has only a month of training of attacking them and injuring them critically. Looks like a hilarious framing attempt right?

        1. Not just that, Linda obviously already had the plans to kill him once the hunter training was over and he went outside the wall. Even though she is injured they outnumber him and in the back of their minds he is still an inexperienced rookie. There is no way they would not take the chance to kill him themselves when he is delivering himself to their doorsteps earlier than expected.

          Even if they feel he might not be as much of a rookie as they thought, its better to get rid of him right away and see his body themselves rather than give him more time to grow and trust in this so called “law” . We all know how the law turns out in a world like this so its better to not put your hopes on it.

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