DK – Ch 114

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The Dark King – Chapter 114

Bloody hunter

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


“Only a single person?” The other one was puzzled.

Gale slightly nodded: “He should be smearing the undead powder to cover up his smell. For the past two days, I’ve been smelling an undead chasing behind us. I thought that it was a wandering aimlessly. Whoever it is he is walking straight behind us. Moreover, when the rain started he suddenly stopped. If it was really an undead, it would not take the rain into account. It means that the person chasing us was worried that the undead powder would be washed away by the rain so he was forced to stop.”.

Linda said: “Listening to you talking, I think this person is taking a very tender approach while tracking. It’s naive to think that powder alone can hide his trace. If he is chasing us in a straight line, then the tracking method he uses is judged by the smell. He knows how to cover up his smell by using the powder, but he doesn’t know that when tracking others he will be easily exposed. He also doesn’t know that we have Gale with us.”

The dark skinned girl said: “If he doesn’t have information about our team and still dares to follow us then isn’t he from another consortium? ”

Linda’s face was cold as she spoke: “Maybe it’s a rookie who strayed into our region. He isn’t aware that he is found. However, there is no reason to kill him. ”

“Instead of killing, it is better that we catch him and give him to the consortium. It will be considered as a meritorious service.” Gale said.

Linda got up and said: “Go and check. If he is pleasing to the eye, then leave him alone or else kill!”

“That clawed Dino-lizard..”

“Nick and Reid, you two stay here. If the beast comes up. Inform us using the smoke signals.”

Linda gave instructions to the two and left with Gale and the dark skinned girl. They followed in the direction that Gale pointed to.



A desolate street.

After heavy rains, the broken streets were covered with mud and potholes. Moss and vines were soaked in rainwater.

Dudian was in looking at the sky. Heavy dark clouds were coming towards his location, indicating that soon a heavy rain would pour.

He took out the arrows from his quiver and began to wipe them one by one.

Afterward, he took out some dry food and began to eat it slowly so that he could restore his body heat. The early rain season was not suitable for hunting. As the temperature was very cold, many large monsters still perched on their nests and slept. Only the most bloodthirsty ones would be lurking around looking for prey.

After eating, he picked up his bowl and filled it with rancid blood. He had found quite a few bowls in a house. Time and radiation had destroyed most of the things constructed by humans. However, there were still some think that were intact. All the bowls in front of him were filled with blood. From time to time small red blood, maggots would flutter around bowls to eat the blood.

Dudian stained the tips of his arrows with blood and let them dry.

Soon, all of his blood painted arrows were ready and put into his quiver.

“They are coming..” Dudian looked at the clouds in the sky. A faint thunder sound that he had seemed to resonate with his heart beat. His eyes squinted, looking at a distance on the street.

Three figures quickly approached and none of them leaked any odor. They felt like three silent stones.

Dudian put an arrow on his bow and pulled the string while he prostrated himself onto the ground. He was tightly staring at the head of the beautiful woman’s figure. He had locked onto her head, waiting for her to enter into his range.

“Three hundred meters away..” Gale whispered quickly: “Nine o’clock. In front. He should be on alert after our odors disappeared. Now he is motionless. I think there might be an ambush.”

“Quickly kill him!” Linda said coldly.

“It’s a trap.” Gale said: “He probably is a scout or an archer. We have entered into his range. If he is an archer then the best chance for him to shoot us will be when we enter the high-rise, so be careful. If he is a scout, the trap is likely buried inside the high-rise.”

The dark skinned girl glanced around: “There should be no traps on the ground level. If there are then the traps are inside the high-rise.” She was a scout and had learned scouting skills such as pathfinding and making traps. Especially, making traps. She had absolute confidence as she spoke. Unless the other side was a mid-level scout and had learned more than she has. But that was impossible since the other side had been exposed.

“I will go in while you two go from left and right sides of the wall. ” Linda quickly made a choice. She knew that they were giving the other side more time to prepare as they dragged acting. She was going to catch the other side in surprise as he wouldn’t expect their arrival!

“Yes!” The two immediately said and went in separately.

Linda pulled her sword with one hand and deeply looked at the building. With a sudden forceful push, she rushed inside at full speed. She had her sword in front of her chest as she was confident that she would be able to stop any arrows that would come from the front.

A direct confrontation!

This was her fighting style. Although she was a woman, but her temper was fiercer than that of a male.

She knew that she was exposed to the enemy’s line of sight. She quickly calculated the distance in her heart.

Two hundred and fifty meters, two hundred meters, one hundred and eighty meters…

When she was about one hundred and twenty meters from the high-rise, she still didn’t see any kind of movement on top of the building. She couldn’t help but wonder: “Is he resting on the roof? Didn’t he realize that we are counterattacking?”

In addition to her doubts, there was a bit of inexplicable uneasiness in her heart. She was at a 100 meters distance from the high-rise, so the arrow had to be shot by now. The distance was closed to sixty meters.

Is the other side not an archer?

She felt perplexed as there was the faint feeling of anxiety in her heart. But she had reached the bottom of the building. She briefly hesitated, but still, her fingers clung to the wall and she began to climb up. The wall was corroded so couldn’t carry her weight. That’s why she relied on her speed to crawl up rapidly.

As she was about to climb onto the third floor, she felt a chill from the backside.

Her heart was aghast as she turned around.


An arrow was shot as she turned. Puff! The sharp arrow pierced through her cheek into her mouth. A sudden pain hit her brain making her scream out loud!

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  1. That’s actually genius, using the undeads blood to infect and kill enemy hunters. Only a tiny the blood and they are doomed, unless the cut away their infected flesh.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Awesome!!! Brilliant idea of Dean with those arrows & she got hit! I thought she would make some trouble for mc in long terms, but damn, that was fast one.

  3. Who says he genius, the opponent is bloody hunter and zombie blood have no effect, remember when she drink (literally) the blood to find a clue who kill her brother.

    1. Zombie blood works on hunters, else Glenn and co. would have brought the corpse of their fallen comrade instead of incinerating it.

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