DK – Ch 111

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The Dark King – Chapter 111

Eggs of the Black Weaver

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Soon, Glenn had loaded all the parts of the Black Weaver into a large storage bag. It was enormously big in comparison to her small thin body but she easily picked it up.

Dudian hesitated for a moment when he saw Glenn ready to leave. Nevertheless, he said: “There seems to be something there.” He pointed towards the ground. Although it was speculation of his own but taking into account his ability he decided to go forward with it.

“Oh?” Glenn looked surprised: “You smell something!?”

“In the soil,” replied Dudian.

Everyone had full confidence in Dudian’s sense of smell after the previous accurate tracking. All of them took out their weapons so that they would be ready in case of emergency. Glenn winked at the knight and the latter as if understanding her message went over to the place where Dudian had pointed to.

He began to poke the ground. The team members saw round white objects in the sand after the knight dug about thirty centimeters pit. Glenn and the others’ eyes lit up: “The Black Weaver’s eggs!”

There were eight Black Weaver eggs found inside the pit.

Dudian saw that his guess was correct. He was both happy and sorry in his heart. Unfortunately, his strength was too weak or he could leave the team and sneak back to take them. However, this area was too dangerous and even the intermediate silver hunters were afraid to roam alone. Although he has a super sense of smell and can detect the monsters in advance but there were beasts who had means to hide their own smell and quietly reach their prey. This kind of monsters wasn’t uncommon in this area.

He had reconsidered this option because he didn’t want to take the risk. After all, God may not always bless him with luck.

Glenn looked at the black weaver’s eggs in her hands.: “There are eight of them so there is an opportunity for one of them to survive. I can absorb this later to enhance the rate and strength of my magic marks.”

The knight was also quite happy.

However, Dudian suddenly noticed the archer that was standing next to him. Although he was laughing and congratulating Glenn but his expression was blunt. Moreover, because of the gap in height between both of them, Dudian could easily see that his palm was clenched into a fist. His thumb slid because of the force. Dudian suddenly understood as he wryly smiled in his heart.

“When the Black Weaver was fighting and dealing with us didn’t have the opportunity to secretly hide its eggs,” Glenn recalled the previous battle. She sighed as she looks at Dudian: “Fortunately you are careful in your observation or else we would miss the eight immature eggs.”

Dudian smiled but stayed silent. He was helplessly thinking that though it was unintentional. He seems to have offended the archer youth. The latter had the ultrasonic hearing ability so he should also hear the sound emitted from the buried Black Weaver’s eggs. That was why he proposed to go to area no 6 for a hunt. Obviously, it was an excuse and he was clearly waiting for the team to leave. He later would secretly go back to take the eggs.

But the archer’s plan was unsuccessful and exposed in front of Glenn and the other knight. After all, they were not stupid and could understand everything but didn’t expose their anger.

“I have gained another enemy … …” Dudian looked up at the young archer’s eyes. He was surprised to see that he was still smiling. But Dudian still felt that he had to remember the archer’s appearance. In case he meets him outside the giant wall in the future, he would have to stay as far as possible from him. Or else he would be a target of secret revenge and will be trapped in a situation beyond redemption.

“It’s all Dean’s credit that we could accidentally find the eight immature eggs.” Glenn looked at Dudian for a moment and said: “In accordance with the consortium’s prices this rare monster egg costs 1000 gold coins. However, everything depends on the survival rate, so the value can turn upside down.”

“I’ll give them to the consortium to allocate the prices. But the total price of four of the eggs would belong to Dean as he was the one to find it. It would be four thousand gold coins. The rest of you will get one thousand gold coins compensation each. As the eggs are immature, I’ll give them to the consortium to help me cultivate them.”

Glenn smiled as she saw that neither the knight nor the others objected her distribution.

Dudian was surprised as he saw Glenn give him a lot of shares while distribution. He didn’t expect half of the value to be distributed to him. Moreover, he would gain her good will.

“We got to thank Dean’s nose this time!” the knight laughed out loud.

Gatt also smiled and patted Dudian’s shoulder, said: “Good one.”

Dudian smiled as he exchanged polite words with the others.

Glenn puts away the eight young eggs and the crowd retreated along the same route.

Along the way, Dudian’s sense of smell and the archer’s ultrasonic hearing helped them to avoid many monsters. However, they still encountered a few beasts. Moreover, one of them had ambushed them and attacked, but fortunately, because of Glenn’s fast and quick response, it was killed.

Through the battles, Dudian gradually came to understand Glenn’s battle strength. She could easily cope with the monsters up to level 20. However, she was having problems with monsters above the level 20. For example, if she alone encountered the Black Weaver, which was a level 26 beast, her life would be threatened.

After all, without Dudian’s advance notice of the Black Weaver’s position, it would have quietly lurker over to attack and Glenn wouldn’t be able to detect its presence in time.

Glenn escorted the team out of the area no 1. They came to the forest with giant trees next to the highway. They continued to escort Dudian until the area no 7 which was swept clean.

Area no. 7 has already being swept clean by the hunters while Dudian was still a scavenger. Now it has been cleaned through. Even if there are occasional monsters left, but with his strength, he could avoid and escape them. Unless, if his luck was bad he could meet the most dangerous beasts of area no 7.

As they entered area no 7, Glenn and the others left leaving Dudian alone.

Dudian had seen Scott’s map and remember pieces and bits, but he still asked Glenn about the routes. Area no. 7 was not far away from area no. 9. He was heavily armed so he went hunting in area no 7 before leaving for area no 9.

In area no 7, Dudian saw lots of undead roaming around. Glenn and the others informed him that the undead was the last to be cleaned out. Unless they are in the hunter team’s way they will be killed. Generally, hunters would not take the initiative to look for them.

Each time a new area is cleaned, the first to search and killed would be monsters with parasitic worms. Because they would be the most dangerous beasts of the area.

Beasts with parasitic monsters would be much more powerful than ordinary monsters.

If they hunted undead then some monster would flee to other areas. Especially as they could go to areas under the other consortiums command. It was equivalent to donating the ‘cream’ of the crop to the other consortiums.

Dudian didn’t panic when he saw the aimlessly roaming undead. He was full of joy. He found a building and reached to the higher ground. He began to throw stones to make vibrations and attract the undead from other areas.

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  1. Good for Dudian. I wonder how many undead crystal’s does he need in order to match a single parasitic worm’s power.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. Unless they are in the hunter team’s way they will be killed. Generally, hunters would not take the initiative to look for them. ->
    Unless they are in the hunter team’s way they will not be killed. Generally, hunters would not take the initiative to look for them.

    If the hunters do not kill them and the scavengers can not kill them. Are anybody hunting them?

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