DK – Ch 110

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The Dark King – Chapter 110

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

“Did you absorb. its magic marks?” Gatt rushed over. He checked the blood covering Glenn’s body as he asked the question.

In addition to Dudian, the eyes of the rest of the team were on Glenn. They enviously looked at her. Although they knew this thing would not fall into their hands were excited at the scene.

“Well,” Glenn nodded slightly: “This time I have to thank all of you for your help. I got my hands on what I wanted.”

All of them acted polite and modest. They were happy in their hearts. It has to be noted that if a senior hunter favored them, then their future in the consortium would be bright.

Dudian looked at the dead swordsman: “Are we going to take back his corpse or we are going to bury it on spot?”

Glenn looked back and sighed: “His body has been infected, it’s only in a ‘suspended animation’ state. Evil is going to consume his soul and once again he will rise as an undead. We will incinerate him.”

The other hunters’ face expressions turned miserable as they looked down at dead swordsman. This was the only discomfort of this trip.

“I will take back his sword!” The knight reached near the corps and picked the sword. He said in a low tone: “We have been on the same team for last three tasks. I didn’t expect this one will separate us forever.”

Gatt came forward and patted his shoulder and stayed silent without uttering a word.

It’s very difficult to understand the meaning of life. For ordinary people, it was very common to take life and death as a normal occurrence. But for hunters, it was something that they had to be accustomed to as the time passed.

The knife-wielding youth and the knight went around to find combustible materials. They piled paper, wood, and clothing on the dead swordsman’s body. With the help of a fire sickle, they ignited the fire to incinerate the swordsman. Crimson red flames were reflected on everyone’s face as they watched his body burn to ashes.

As the fire extinguished the only thing left of him were ashes and leftover bones. Glenn approached and buried them on the spot.

After dealing with the swordsman’s body Glenn stood up and walked to the Black Weaver’s body.

The knife-wielding hunter came forward to help Glenn. Both of them were skilled at dissecting beasts. The knives sliced through the mucosa and the hard shell of the beast was stripped off.

It was a rare opportunity to learn the anatomy of the beast so Dudian came up to watch them. Although he had learned the ways to dissect some common beasts while in the scavenger training camp, but a complete dissection of various useful parts of a monster’s body with such a complex structure was a very difficult task.

Blood began to flow everywhere and a pungent smell floated around as the various internal organs rolled down to the ground.

Dudian quietly watched.

It didn’t take long before hard shell, head, spiked limbs and the other parts of the giant Back Weaver were dismembered respectively. Dudian saw Glenn cut open the Black Weaver’s head. She pulled out white soft cotton from the groove in the jaw bone. From the expression on her face, it should be some valuable and useful material.

“Strange. It turned empty out in here! Did it.?” The knife-wielding hunter’s face turned ugly as he cut open the black weaver’s belly.

Glenn looked past as she heard the words. There was nothing in the stomach in addition to internal organs. The place behind the stomach was empty, flat.

Dudian was puzzled as he heard the hunter talk but from their dialogue, he knew that they were talking about the ovary.

“Did it spawn before coming to hunt?” Glenn was speculating but shook her head and continued: “No that’s impossible. The young eggs have a low survival rate. It would be very difficult for them to hatch out. Even if they hatch out, parasitic worms would be very weak and can’t form the magic marks.”

The knife-wielding youth was disappointed and continued to collect the other useful parts.

Dudian saw that he took out a mass of yellow liquid from its stomach. He found it odd and asked: “What is this?”

“It’s fat.” The knife-wielding hunter looked at Dudian. He was more modest towards Dudian as he thought of Glenn’s praise for Dudian: “It’s excellent material to fuel the oil lamp. Nobility love to use it.”

Dudian dawned over to check it closely as he didn’t expect that people were willing to use stuff like this to fuel lamps.

It didn’t take long before the giant Black Weaver’s body was completely decomposed. All of its valuable parts were neatly piled together while the rest of its internal organs, flesh and blood were scattered over the ground. It was done so to prevent other monsters to come to eat the leftovers. Glenn used the fire to incinerate the scattered worthless parts.

The air was filled with a strange pungent smell. It felt like the meat soaked in blood was getting cooked.

Dudian covered his nose. But he suddenly smelled the Black Weaver’s odor. He concentrated more and more on this odor as it seemed to be coming out from the soil.

Dudian was surprised as he sniffed more to detect the location where the odor was spreading from. Few meters away from the initial place where they had killed the black weaver, there was flat but fluffy soil. He remembers the conversation between the knife-wielding youth and Glenn: “Is that.?”

At this time, the archer youth suddenly said: “As the hunt for Black Weaver is over, I wan to go to other areas and check if I can find something rare. After all this adrenaline, I’m feeling a bit itchy. Maybe I’ll be a bit lucky? Ha? ”

Glenn was filling everything in  a large storage bag as she looked up at him and said: “It’s alright but I have just absorbed the magic marks. I’m feeling a bit weakened and will have to return to the giant wall to rest. If you want to, you can go, but I have to remind you that it is going to be dangerous!”

“It’s alright. I heard that there are teams in area no 6 trying to complete some tasks. I will join and co-operate with them while trying my luck!” The archer youth laughed.

Glenn thought about and said: “Alright, whatever you say.”

Dudian thought of his own storage in area no 9 and immediately said: “I want to go to.”

“You?” Glenn glanced at him and frowned: “Area no 6 is too dangerous. There will be many high-level beasts there so its not alright for you to leave.”

“I will go to the other areas,” said Dudian, “Undead may not amount to anything in their perspective, but I’ve been short on money lately.”

Glenn thought for a moment:  “It’s ok. But the cold crystals are not much of a value. If you are that anxious for money I can lend you a bit as long as it’s not more than 100,000 gold coins.”

Dudian was staggered. One hundred thousand gold coins? It was an astronomical number. It was enough to buy a small town in the residential district!

“No, I don’t need that much. Moreover, I want to earn it myself.” Dudian replied.

Glenn saw his determination: “Alright, I’ll escort you back.”

Dudian nodded as he didn’t dare to run around alone in this area.

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  1. Wait! Did they burn the corpse and dissect the Black Weaver in the same place? The area that is full of the smell of blood, and later burned flesh. Isn’t that both foolish and extremely dangerous?

    Thanks for the chapter.

    1. Beasts are very territorial. They won’t go into a more powerful creature hunting territory no matter how much blood they smell.

      If the Black Weaver is the top of the food chain in the area, then other beasts won’t go near the place. The Lion only went there because it was herded in that direction by the hunters.

      It is like when they used T-rex urine to ward off smaller dinos in the second Jurassic Park movie.

    2. It’s better to dissect and burn the corps at the same spot. Otherwise, you would have to contaminate an even wider area.

    1. It’s not an undead, so no.

  2. Try using valueless, or worthless instead of invaluable. In English Invaluable is synonymous with priceless, it basically leads one to believe they burned the good/useful stuff and took the trash (although that contradicts the latter sentence.

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