DK – Ch 109

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The Dark King – Chapter 109

Yesterday I couldn’t withstand anymore and read the raws.. I was soooooo hooked that it was 5a.m in the morning when I finished reading chapter 158 and couldn’t stay awake anymore… The story gets crazier with some graphic twists:)


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Blood was flowing out from the Black Weaver’s neck. It felt a sharp pain and physical exertion. It panicked and wanted to escape.

Glenn and the knight were experienced, veteran hunters. They were not planning to give the Black Weaver any opportunity to rush out of the encirclement. Once the Black Weaver tried to break out of the formation they would force it back.

After repeated conflict, its physical strength was getting weaker. Its actions had become increasingly slow. Even a knight could easily escape its collision.

Glenn also used the opportunity to attack it while the others were harassing it from the other sides.

Glenn used her sharp knives to the Black Weaver’s belly.

However, the Black Weaver, which acted slow up to this moment reacted rapidly and spewed white filament back at Glenn.

This wire-like material was thrown very fast. Additionally, Glenn was not expecting the attack. Suddenly, her hands and feet were wrapped with it. At the same time, the white silk seemed to have a strong corrosive effect. Parts of her armor were corroding visible to the eye.

The reversal of the battle had caught all of them in surprise. Glenn quickly rolled back to avoid the possible percussion of the Black Weaver.

However, the Black Weaver seemed to have gone crazy as it continued to pursue her.

Glenn was horrified as she hastened to find a place to hide.

At this time, the knight and the distant archer began to try their best to agitate the Black Weaver so that it would stop attacking Glenn and turn towards them.

Regardless of their attacks, the Black Weaver was focused on catching up with the Glenn. At the moment, Glenn’s upper body was covered in white silk. The surface of the armor was slowly corroding.

Glenn didn’t have time to clean up the white silk from her upper body as the Black Weaver was about to catch up with her. She could only avoid in panic. He no longer hesitated as he looked at Gatt and said: “We have to help her!”

Gatt was stunned and didn’t have enough time to react to what Dudian said. He pulled the bow from his back and ran forward. The other archer was in a position more than two hundred meters away. However, his effective range was 100 meters at best and he was used to stationary targets.

Fortunately, the Black Weaver was so focused on killing Glenn that it had forgotten them and was ignoring the knight and the other knife-wielding hunter. Dudian immediately pulled the bowstring and aimed at the Black Weaver’s head as he reached the 100-meter distance.

At this moment, he immediately realized the difference between shooting moving targets and static targets. The Black Weaver’s head was constantly shaking. So it was very difficult for him to aim. He felt irritated in his heart. He deeply inhaled as he looked at the Black Weaver. Its head was continually moving up and down but gradually Dudian was able to find a somewhat familiar track. The Black Weaver’s body construction made it so that it didn’t have much of a range to move its head.


Dudian loosened his grip on the string and the arrow shot out!

Bang! The arrow hit the hard shell close to the Black Weaver’s mouth only leaving a small dent and then falling onto the ground.

Dudian didn’t lose his heart, but quickly took another arrow, aimed and shot!

Bang! This shot also hit the hard shell on black weaver’s head. It didn’t cause the slightest injury neither did it attracted the Black Weaver’s attention.

Glenn was forced into a corner by the Black Weaver. Because of the black weaver’s large body hitting on to the wall, rubble collapsed all around them, causing great obstacles for it. However, Glenn’s feet stumbled and fell down. Her face turned ugly as she didn’t have any chance to avoid the Black Weaver.

The Black Weaver screamed and rushed past all obstacles to bite her.

Glenn hastened to hold her daggers. She was staring at the joints on the bottom of the Black Weaver’s head. It was going to be a deadly gamble, but it was her only chance of survival. She must fight for her own life!

In this moment of life and death, Dudian narrowed his eyes. His heart was not anxious, but extraordinarily ethereal. Instinctively the black weaver’s next move emerged in Dudian’s mind. His finger loosened and the arrows shot past.



Two consecutive hits resulted in blood spattering around.

Dudian quickly checked. The arrows were inserted into the Black Weaver’s head. Next, he thought about Glenn’s safety. His heart was tightened. He waited for the other two hunters to check the beast. If the Black Weaver had spare capacity to fight, then he was going to withdraw!

The knight and the other youth carefully went forward. They saw a large amount of blood flowing out of black weaver’s head. Suddenly, black weaver’s body arched and both of them were frightened. Yet, it was Glenn, whose body was covered in black weaver’s blood that crawled out from under it. Her body armor was stained with blood and the rancid smell.

Seeing this, everyone was relieved.

Glenn cut off the white silk from her body. Her body was dyed with blood, but there was an unprecedented happy smile on her face. It was because of the blood bath, she would be able to evolve her magic marks.

Dudian looked at her bloody looking body. He  suddenly thought that Glenn should have absorbed the parasitic magic worms through the blood of the Black Weaver. The new magic worms would occupy the previous position of the magic marks and will replace the previous magic mark’s ability!

During hunter training, Dudian also learned that everyone can only master one magic mark!

In case, more than one parasitic worm reached the same body, they will try to kill each other. One mountain could not contain two tigers. Only one parasitic worm could stay alive and the others had to die. There was a small chance that all the parasitic worms would evenly match and die together!

Moreover, once the parasitic worm enters the body, it soon dies, turning into a magic mark. If there is another new parasitic worm that enters the body, it will eat up the remains of the previous dead worms. It will die again to give a birth to a new magic mark.

This made Dudian very curious. Why would parasitic worms survive in beast’s body, but die after entering humans? Yet, he didn’t deeply think about the problem. Most probably it is one of the puzzles that Holy Church and major consortiums were eager to solve.

“At last,” said the knight. He poked at the Black Weaver’s body and was relieved to see it dead. He said to Glenn: “Are you all right?”

Glenn smiled: “Never been so good!” she thought of something and came towards the archer who was in the distance: “I have to thank you for the arrows. It shot into its eyes and only then its body deviated creating a chance for me to kill it.”

The archer was embarrassed: “It wasn’t me who shot the arrow, but Dean”. Before, he would call Dudian simply ‘little guy’. But after observing his calm actions, the archer didn’t want to underestimate him anymore.

“Dean?” Glenn was surprised, turned around and looked at the Dudian and Gatt. She saw Dudian with a bow in his hand as he dawned over. She remembered that Dudian was also an archer. She couldn’t help but exclaimed: “You have been promoted from scavenger to a hunter. Yet, your shooting style can be compared to a professional regular archer!”

Dudian knew that the last shot was a result of his luck. There was a big gap between him and the archer youth. : “Just luck. It’s good enough that I was able to help you.”

Glenn laughed. “You’ve helped me a lot. This time I really want to thank you.”

Dudian smiled but didn’t reply. He was too modest which Dudian himself felt rather hypocritical.

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  1. I honestly though that either Dudian would allow it to kill Glenn, or that they would be attacked out of nowhere by another monster.

    Thanks for the chapter.

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