DK – Ch 108

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The Dark King – Chapter 108

Cage fight

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

The group saw the Black Weaver emerging out from the ground. It looked like a giant spider of two meters high and five meters long. There were eight black spike-like legs located on its belly. Each leg had three joints which made the spiky legs very flexible. There were two arms in front which looked like crab claws. It was clear that both arms had terrible destructive power.

The hard black shell covered various parts of Black Weaver’s body. There was no hair. Its abdomen was extremely bloated just like a spider belly. At the end of its body, there was a tail which was extremely similar to a scorpion’s.

Dudian was panicking in fear just from the brutal appearance of the Black Weaver. He knew that it wasn’t going to be a simple prey and couldn’t help but worry for Glenn.


The Black Weaver cried sharply as it was full of impatience and anger. Four of its legs were broken. One of them was an old injury, however, the rest was caused by Glenn’s team. The Black Weaver was supporting its body by four legs while it stared at Glenn.

Glenn was relieved as she saw the Black Weaver coming out to fight them instead of running away. Her blood was boiling as her killing intent rose through the roof. Her arms flashed and the daggers on her leggings were pulled out, like a magnet sucking metal. The action was so fast that normal eyes couldn’t detect it.

She stared at the Black Weaver while holding a dagger in each hand. She began to move step by step.

She was good at assassinations. But this time they were not able to pinpoint its position as the Black Weaver was moving underground. That’s why she could only seize the role of a warrior and fight it head-on.

Two thin, scarlet eyes stared at Glenn as transparent mucus was dripping from black weaver’s chin. In a moment, using its four strong legs it moved towards Glenn once again.

If you compared Glenn and the Black Weaver’s body. You can clearly see that the sizes were completely disproportionate. Glenn, without the slightest fear, moved towards black weaver. Her actions were so fast that there were blurry afterimages as she rapidly took off towards black weaver’s flank.

The Black Weaver had flopped forward, but its body wasn’t able to react in time for Glenn’s attack on his side. However, its head suddenly turned left and the white filament was ejected from its mouth.

Glenn’s face slightly changed as her body quickly rotate to change the direction of her attack and escape at the same time.

She avoided the transparent filamentous object thrown at her and once again approached the Black Weaver. This time the daggers were aimed at black weaver’s sharp hind legs.

Dudian’s eyes shone as he watched the duel. Glenn had avoided the previous white silk by a hair’s width. Moreover, she was able to adjust her position and counter-attack at the same time.

Puff! The Black Weaver’s leg were broken as it fell down.


Extremely harsh screams echoed out from the Black Weaver. Its noise was similar to the sound when nails scratched glass.

Actually, the Black Weaver’s screams had affected Dudian and he felt a bit dizzy because of the noise.

Glenn was not affected by the sound attack. She once again rushed to the ground as not to give the Black Weaver space to breath.

The Black Weaver didn’t try to stand up as its body fell to the ground. Instead, it began to sweep its tail.

Glenn felt the slight wind and moved sideways to avoid the tail. Once again the distance between her and the Black Weaver was opened.

It takes a lot to describe, but everything happened in a matter of two or three seconds.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The archer was continuously shooting arrows. One arrow hit close to the Black Weaver’s eye. If it was half a centimeter upwards the arrow would have pierced its eye.

Half a centimeter of the deviation in archery would have different results as the difference between day and night. Accurate shots are very important in archery.

Dudian and Gatt who were watching from the side felt disappointed when they saw the arrow fail to hit the Black Weaver’s eye.

The next moment, the knight and the other youth with the knife together with the Glenn began to disperse into three different directions and surround the Black Weaver.

The black Weaver would constantly issue sharp shouts to intimidate them while lying on the ground and looking around.

The knight and the other knife-wielding youth knew that they didn’t have a chance against the Black Weaver. They understood that their fighting abilities were lower than the Black Weaver’s so their aim was to support Glenn. The main issue at hand was not to let Glenn get wounded or to fall into a desperate crisis.

Glenn gasped. She was not in a hurry anymore.

However, the Black Weaver was impatient. Its legs were cut off so blood was gradually oozing out. If it continued to wait, it would get weaker as time passed. It looked around waiting for a helpful moment to attack.

For some time everything was still.

It didn’t take long before with an uneasy twist black weaver rushed towards the knight.

The knight’s face changed as he hurried back and waved the spear in warning.

However, as the Black Weaver jumped, its claw-like front arms caught the spear and with an easy pinch destroyed it.

As it attacked the knight, Glenn also found the opportunity to attack it from another direction.

Feeling her approach, the Black Weaver turned around to attack with its claws. It felt like the previous attack on the knight was only a pretext.

The knight’s heart was relieved, but he didn’t give up and hastily waved the broken spear to harass the black weaver. His main aim was to scatter black weaver’s attention so that it couldn’t concentrate.

The shape of Glenn’s two calves was curved, unlike a normal human’s straight leg. Because of this, her speed had reached an unimaginable speed.


As the knight and the other youth were harassing the Black Weaver, she took the chance and attacked. Her sharp daggers pierced the black weaver. She rapidly took them out and stabbed the second time. As a result, capillary and veins in black weaver’s body were crushed, resulting in a significant degree of bleeding.

The black weaver screamed and turned to bite, but Glenn had already retreated.

The knight and the other youth, who felt that their harassment had given result, were full of joy as they continued to harass the black weaver.

Glenn looked at the wound on the Black Weaver’s neck. If they could drag it long enough, then it would bleed to dead.

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    Thanks for the chapters.

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