DK – Ch 107

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The Dark King – Chapter 107


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!



A subtle scream echoed out from beneath the soil under the mountain lion’s foot. The thorny spike rapidly shrank and fled into the soil, leaving a few big holes in it.

“Want to run?” Glenn lifted her eyebrows. She didn’t expect that an existence of level twenty-six would not have a little bit of backbone and was ready to escape at the slightest injury. She responded quickly. She bent her body and stabbed the dagger along one of the holes in the soil.

A sudden cry echoed as the dagger had stabbed into something, but soon the sound disappeared.

“Get out!” Glenn screamed in anger. Both of her daggers stabbed into the ground as if they were rotating. They quickly dug a pit.

The other three quickly arrived. One of them was a knight. The knight raised his spear and hit one of the holes. The spear didn’t enter half the way, when it paused as if it seemed to stab something.

The other two moved closer after observing this.

Blue veins bulged from the young knight’s arms as he clenched his teeth. Suddenly he raised the spear and a black thorny spike was raised along with it.

A cry echoed and with a mighty force, the spear was drawn into the ground.

The knight hesitated.

The swordsman who was beside the knight quickly turned back and screamed: “Hide…”

From the soil behind the knight, a scorpion’s tail like spike bursts out and attacked the knight.


The spike was broken as a Glenn appeared behind the knight. The daggers in her hands were dyed in green blood. She quickly put the daggers onto the strap on her leggings. Glenn grabbed the spike and began to struggle to try to pull it out.

Cold sweat oozed down his spine as he saw the spike behind him. In anger he hit the spear towards the spikes that were exposed.

Another scream echoed as four or five black thorny spikes shot out of the ground. There was almost no time to respond.

The swordsman youth seemed to have anticipated the black weaver’s attack ahead of time as he was the first to reach it and parried it with his sword.

However the other youth was not so lucky. His reaction time was a bit slower so one of the black thorny spikes pierced his thigh. The flexible hunting armor didn’t give much resistance as it was instantly punctured. The spike went from the front of his thigh and poked out from the back.

The youth screamed bitterly in horror.

He attacked with the knife but the blade was not sharp enough to cut through the black spike as the shiny black shell covering its surface was extremely tough.

The spike swang, pulling the youth’s thighs. His facial features were distorted in stress as sweat was pouring out. He attacked with the knife quite a few times, but only a few white marks were left on the spike.

Dudian and Gatt were horrified as they observed the scene from the distance. Glenn seemed to cut the black spikes easily.


Suddenly, an arrow was shot!

Bang! It hit the black spike but was skidded and deviated from it.

Dudian knew that the previous archer youth made the shot from the rear. However, the black spikes were mainly oval and partially flat. Its surface was smooth and tough.

Dudian secretly thought in his heart that if some hair-sized spikes were placed on tip of the arrow it may play a great role in penetration.

The knight bounced and turned around to help the youth with the knife. He hit its joint and was able to cut it off!

However, the power of the hit by the spear passed through the black spike onto the youth’s thigh. The pain of severe tearing made his body tremble. His hands were tightly holding his thigh, squeezing it out. The main reason was to avoid the blood stain his wound.

Glenn’s body shook as she was jumping right and left to avoid the black spikes while struggling to pull this part of the black spike.

From time to time, a sharp cry full of pain and anxiety echoed from the soil.

In this breathtaking tug of war, the dying mountain lion roared in anger and rushed towards Glenn.

Glenn and the others were caught in bitter battle with the black weaver and didn’t expect to suffer an attack from the mountain lion. The swordsman was quick to swiftly use his sword to hit the mountain lion.

The mountain lion’s head violently collided with the youth’s sword. Bang! Although his parry played an effect in stopping the mountain lion’s attack but the difference in power between two sides was too large. The swordsman was knocked out.

He hastened to stabilize his body, but didn’t have enough time to stand up. Black spikes pierced through from his exposed spine and poked out from his chest!

“No!” The knight screamed in anger. He waved the long spear and rushed past.

Glenn heard the sounds and looked back. Her face changed as her body slightly bent. Subtle changes appeared on her slender legs near her knees. Something seemed to protrude from them as her legs shape changed at the same time. Her strength was enhanced as she made more effort to pull the black spike.

The spike, however, began to faintly tear open the joints.


The ground opened as a black giant suddenly flew out from the land.

Glenn was struggling to pull back the black weaver’s body. However, as if the opponent suddenly loosened the rope, she lost power and involuntarily receded backwards. The spike which she was holding on to was one of the legs of the black giant. Instead of backing up, the black weaver rushed towards her.

The black spikes from the multi-legged black weaver outflanked her and seemed that as if it wanted to embrace Glenn.

Glenn hadn’t expected and taken into account such a situation. Moreover, as she saw the swordsman killed in such a way, her heart was full of anger. She hadn’t expected that the black weaver would be so insidious. It seems that it deliberately waited for this moment.

As she saw the black giant flying towards her, her face changed. She twisted her body in a hurry. Her feet suddenly made a maneuver and her body twisted into an incredible posture to avoid the black weaver.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! At the same time, four continues arrows were shot.

The arrows were shot onto the back of the black weaver. The Huge force pushed its body a little bit and black weaver’s follow-up attack was interrupted.

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