DK – Ch 106

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The Dark King – Chapter 106

Lured out

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!

Dudian finally saw the appearance of the mountain lion while they chased after it from close by. It was three to four meters tall. Its body was strongly built. However, it had three forelimb joints. Instead of walking like a usual lion, it clung to the ground like a spider and quickly crawled.

The arrow that had hit its body was given the mountain lion severe pain.

Dudian and others had smeared undead powder onto their bodies so they were not afraid of revealing their whereabouts. They were not getting too close to it, but following about hundred meters away.

“In front.” Dudian was running while sensing the smells of other predators within the range. If any beasts came into the range of twenty miles he would be alerted about their position.

“What’s its position?”

“Eleven o’clock.”

Glenn raised her hand and made a gesture.

Gatt who was running with them disappeared the moment Glenn waved her hand.

A moment later, Gatt appeared: “It’s only a ‘dead blood beast’.”

“Do not bother with it,” Glenn replied.

When the mountain lion gets tired of running and wanted to stop, the archer would pull the bowstring and make a few shots. Precise arrows made the mountain lion move instead of staying in a fixed position.

Occasionally few level seven and eight monsters tried to attack their group. Because of the vial used by them most of the monsters identified them as an undead. Most of the beasts had no interest in eating an undead, but some beasts under level 10 preferred to eat an undead once in a while.

However, because of Dudian’s sense of smell and the other hunter’s hearing these hidden monsters were always found early and shot on the spot. Most of the time, Glenn was performing as she resolved the fighting in a matter of few seconds and easily beheading them.

Although the mountain lion was cruel, simply because of suffering from sudden attacks. Once in a while it would run around to attack the undead that followed it. It wanted to vent its anger by killing the undead, however, this reaction of mountain lion was already expected by Glenn and Dudian. Members of the team would scatter around to avoid the mountain lion. The plan was still in progress.

In about two hours, the group also consumed most of their stamina so they didn’t stimulate the mountain lion. As it stopped to rest, they too found a place to rest.

“Wouldn’t such movements would scare away the black weaver?” A youth drinking water asked.

“Would you be scared of your food?”

The young man almost choked.

Dudian took the bottle of water given by Glenn. He thought that her mouth has touched the bottle while drinking and his heart didn’t feel very comfortable with it. So he used his hand to quietly wipe the bottle and then emptied the water.

Glenn, who observed this scene, sneered, but didn’t say anything.

As Dudian finished the bottle of water and was about to lean on a wall to rest, his body pores shrank. A strange smell of stench was approaching from about thirty miles away.

It was the same smell as he sensed from the carapace given to him at the beginning!

It had finally appeared!

Dudian was delighted as they would be able to complete the mission earlier than usual. He would be able to back to training as soon as possible. In this perilous area no 1 anything may happen as there were no limit to scary and terrorizing mutations that he saw.

He didn’t immediately say anything but quietly waited.

Soon, when black weaver’s smell was close to twenty-five miles or so, the smell suddenly faded away. It was as if its body disappeared.

Dudian was startled a bit in doubt.

“What?” Glenn looked to him.

Dudian saw her looking at him, but said: “Nothing.”

Glenn didn’t say anything, instead sat down to take a rest. Her eyes fell on the body of the mountain lion, which was crouched far away.

A few minutes later Dudian smelled the previous black weaver appear again! However, the location of appearance was eight miles away. The smell was very light. It seemed that black weaver was desperate to restraint, its stench as not to scare away the mountain lion. If it was not so close, he wouldn’t be able to smell.

“It’s approaching…… Good speed… it’s fast… very quick!” Dudian mind spoke out to Glenn: “It appeared around seven miles from here. No, maybe even closer!”

Glenn and the other five were shocked. Gatt anxiously said: “Didn’t you say that your detection range is twenty miles?”

Dudian frowned: “It’s twenty miles, but most probably the black weaver had used some kind of method to hide its smell. It suddenly appeared seven or eight miles away!”

“Get ready! Quick!” Glenn quickly said: “The Black Weaver likes to sneak attack from underground. It’s good that Dean can smell it. Gatt you protect Dean at all times!”

Gatt and the other four reacted immediately. They also thought about the previous team of three hunters were killed by black weaver’s sneak attack. They knew that its abilities were beyond their imagination.

All of them pulled out their weapons in alert.

Glenn stared at the distant mountain lion: “Kill it at all costs! It’s best not to make any mistakes at the last second.”

“Yes.” Gatt whose face slightly changed immediately replied.

At this time, Dudian sensed the black weaver’s smell again. He hurriedly said: “Four o’clock direction. It’s about to appear! About two miles or so”

Glenn’s fingers stroking the black daggers in her legs. She said in a low tone: “Get ready!”

The mountain lion, as if aware of something, stopped and turned around. It roared as if trying to intimidate. Puff! Suddenly a sharp black claw burst out from under the ground and grabbed its body and pulled it.


It’s liver, other organs, even the intestine and other blood vessels fell out. A lot of blood washed out.

“ARGHH!” The mountain lion angrily roared and twisted its limbs in struggle. But it was like mountain lion was hedged in a cage so its struggles didn’t amount to anything.

One after another, two or three meters long, sharp thorns burst out of the ground and flew towards the mountain lion’s body.


A ghost-like shadow went past.

It was Glenn.

In the next moment she was close to the mountain lion’s body. Dudian didn’t see when but she had pulled out her daggers. A silver reflection flashed in the air and one of the sharp black thorns suddenly was cut. A light green liquid, which seemed like black weaver’s blood, gurgled.

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  1. Ugh smell doesn’t work like that! Smell comes from particles and if a target is faster than the current wind speed around it then you can’t smell that target untill it’s too close. Wind needs to carry these particles for any smell to be detected… You can’t just smell a fast approaching target from 30 miles unless the wind is blowing from it’s back towards you carrying all those particles… And if the target is faster than that wind than you can’t smell it untill it comes really really close…

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