DK – Ch 105

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The Dark King – Chapter 105

Dudian’s idea

I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


The group quickly came to a low-lying land mass before the desolate and broken streets that were covered in moss and vegetation. Dudian could vaguely see the architectural outline of the buildings, but the top parts had already collapsed. The walls on the first floors that had survived were wrapped, covered and reinforced with piles of gravel and concrete.

Glenn suddenly stopped and checked the place. She raised her hand and signaled. : “Gatt, go and check out!”

The hunter called Gatt was the scout with a ‘color’ ability. He nodded and his body color rapidly became transparent. His black armor disappeared together with him.

Dudian was still surprised even though it was the second time that he was observing Gatt. He whispered: “Is his ability so strong that it can affect the armor?”

“Of course not. The consortium specifically made an armor for him from the skin of a ‘magic lizard’ which resonates with his ability” The youth next to replied.

He realized that if Gatt was against him, he could still track him down using his sense of smell. Even if he had no sense of smell, if he could sprinkle some dust or paint on him, Gatt could be easily identified. However, it was not an ability that could be taken lightly.

After all, even the strongest person can not stay alerted at all times.

moments later, Gatt returned and revealed his figure. He made the report: “It is indeed a mountain lion. It has hunted a prey and is eating it right now.”

Glenn nodded, “The number of mountain lions is so scarce that the ‘black weaver’ will certainly come after it. We have to be quiet and don’t get too close to it.” Then she took out a bottle from inside her backpack. She poured a bit into her palm and gently swayed it into her tight armor. Her faint fragrance was covered.

Others have long experienced it so, without any explanation, they took the same light yellow vial from their backpacks and began to smear their whole bodies. Suddenly, their smell faded away.

Glenn threw the bottle to Dudian and said: “Cast it. It is called undead powder which can cover up your smell. But pay attention so that it doesn’t touch your skin or else you will be infected.”

Dudian took it and began to smear on his body. He knew that role of this vial was the same as when they had used undead’s blood to cover their body odors from juranzhi’s pursuit. The undead’s blood was much more effective, but this one was eased to wipe away while undeads blood was troublesome to clean.

All seven of the coated with undead powder and began to exude the smell of undeads.

Glenn glanced at the team of six and said: “Luis took another two and go in the other direction. Pay attention that you won’t be exposed. Contact us with signals.”

“Yes,” the brown-haired young man named Luis nodded. With the other two youths, he quietly went away from the ruins to another place.

Dudian saw their posture and could not help but ask: “so this is it?

“Only that,” murmured Glenn.

“What if the black weaver does not come?”

“Let’s wait and see.” Glenn glanced at him, and said, “Hunting is about patience. It’s hungry. It will come after the mountain lion one way or the other. ”

Dudian thought patience was right, but it was too stupid and inefficient: “I’ve got an idea, but I don’t know if it will work. ”

“Eh?” Glenn and the other three looked at him in doubt and surprise: “I thought it’s your first time to hunt. Rookie, what’s your idea?”

Dudian looked at Glenn and said: “area no1 is too large. Moreover, it’s too quiet so waiting for the black weaver is nothing but wasting time. Perhaps black weaver is also distressed to find food at the moment. Since a mountain lion is its favorite food, then I think mountain lion also should have a few tricks to circumvent its natural enemies. So it will do its best to avoid the area where black weaver will appear. That’s why the odds of waiting for black weaver until it is small. However, if we could take the initiative mountain lion will bring the black weaver to us.”

Glenn was surprised as she heard Dudian talk. Actually, what he said was not unreasonable. Every creature has instincts to avoid their natural enemies. Mountain lions also have strong and keen intuition.

“What you say sounds easy, but is difficult to do. If we killed the mountain lion we can use its blood smell to lure the black weaver but that one is extremely cunning. A dead mountain lion would not catch its interest.” Glenn shook her head.

Dudian replied: “Of course we are not going to kill it. We are going to injure it. These monsters are not much different from normal beasts. I mean, we can use methods to frighten it and cause it to panic and run around. So that it moves into a larger area. That way the probability of getting the attention of the black weaver should be higher.”

Glenn and the other three looked at each other.

“Ah yes, this is a good idea!” Gatt could not help but pat Dudian’s head.

The other man and woman were surprised at Dudian’s perspective.

Glenn looked at Dudian deeply and turned to Gatt: “Tell those three to come back.”

Gatt nodded and disappeared.

Dudian hesitated: “Although this approach is efficient, but there is a drawback.”

“I know.” Glenn nodded as she walked by the sidewalk: “No need to be worried. If we meet any monster lower than level 25 I’ll be able to contain it. We won’t let this lion die unless it brings black weaver to us.”

Dudian was relieved as she took this point into account. Because if such a situation occurred, it would be taken as his mistake.

Soon Gatt came back with the other three. Luis looked at Dudian and said to Glenn: “Isn’t it bold?”

“Just do it,” said Glenn as she pointed to the archer youth standing behind Luis: “Shoot it.”

There was another hunter who could track the beasts. But he didn’t use smell to track but used ultrasonic hearing instead. Dudian and Glenn’s previous talks have long been heard by him. He slightly nodded in approval.

The archer went towards some rubble and got on top of it. He pulled the string and let the arrow fly out.

“Roar!” The sound of pain echoed out in the silent ruins.

Followed by a hoof’s hopping sound, the ‘mountain lion’ ran away.

Glenn and Dudian quickly caught up with the mountain lion’s previous location. The remains of half a monster’s corpse and organs were scattered all over the ground.

They immediately chased after the mountain lion.

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  1. Umm… I like his idea alright. It’s simple and efficient. But I just find it weird that his seniors never thought of that… And to think that they are experienced hunters… -_-

    1. I think about that they are experienced hunters on kill monsters, however, in way standardized, like this as they were teaching in ”Hunter’s Academy”.

  2. Thx for chapter… Hehe, I’m commenting, Not because supposedly ‘comment = more chapters”, none of this …

    Btw… I’ve not a email, so… what I putted in email box is a fake email…

  3. 666 comments… it’s a perfect combination. After all… The Dark King… BUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA… ok, ok… Bye

  4. I’m baffled about this whole hunting session. It was done hastily, Dudian has nothing, his teammates apparently can’t make plans. Not to mention that everyone knows he would easily be the first to die.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  5. Thanks for the chap. I started reading this story yesterday, and now i’ve caught up.
    Translating gets better and better by each chapter:D

  6. How do they evolve anyway? Eating magic marks? Or there is a stat points cap between intermediate and primary hunters?

  7. I keep forgetting that Glenn is a girl here. Glenn just isn’t a feminine name. Heck, my father’s name is Glenn. So I keep forgetting who this Glenn character is then re-realising it.

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