DK – Ch 104

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The Dark King – Chapter 104


I would like to thank MrMartinke for doing an awesome job by editing the chapter!


Dudian noted straps were covering both of her slender thighs. There were two knives sheathed by the cover. Both of them were about few centimeters longer than usual knives. Their tips were slightly bent and looked like a sickle. At the moment, blood dripped from their tips. It was the blood of a crocodile wolf.

“Assassin!” Dudian suddenly thought of Glenn’s occupation. In the past few months, he had heard about two famous senior hunters from the Mellon consortium. According to news that he had heard one of them was a warrior while the other was a scout. Glenn was the scout. But she had advanced twice and became a murderous and deadly assassin.

Just like her nickname – Ghost Assassin!

Every time someone advanced, their nicknames would have some kind of relation to their magic mark ability. Similarly, Glenn’s magic mark’s ability was called ‘ghost eye’. It had originated from an extremely terrible beast. Glenn had an extremely good vision, flexible body and knew how to hide her breath which helped her to get close to her prey quietly. She was a predator. Like a snake, she could hide in the shadows and wait for the prey to reach her grasp.

Before her smell suddenly disappeared, which was mostly because of the magic mark’s ability.

Dudian was shocked as three crocodile wolves were assessed as level 13 beasts. Their power was much higher than the juranzhi that he had killed. But in the hands of the woman they were beheaded immediately. Dudian couldn’t visually keep up with her movement speed. Moreover, her actions proved that she had rich experience in beast hunting.

It was a fatal wound and the place where the knives cut were at the weakest points!

Glenn waved, indicating everyone to keep up.

The other five hunters who saw her skill were speechless as they looked at each other in awe. After all, they would have to work in a perfect match with each other to kill those three crocodile wolves. Moreover, a single error would lead to their death. The gap between them and the top hunters was huge!

“The smell of blood will attract other monsters, but the ‘black weaver’ is timid by nature. It will not easily come out. Continue to chase! ” Glenn whispered as she leads the way in the front.

The other five quickly caught up.

Dudian looked at the three corpses on the ground and could not help but say: “Their bodies… aren’t we going to…?”

“Kiddo, the crocodile wolf’s body value is not high. Its body fat is too small and the radiation on its hair is way too much. It’s not worth to collect anything from it. We will waste nothing but time.” The youth at the end patiently replied to Dudian. They have put away the contempt towards Dudian because of the scope of his sensitivity towards smells.

Dudian increased his speed to keep up with the team.

They went after the footprints of the ‘mountain lion’. They would catch up and occasionally the footprints would disappear. But because of Dudian’s sensitivity to smell, they would capture its location and move towards it. The benefits of tracking through odors were a point of envy for the other hunters.

Along the way, the crowd met with a few waves of monsters. They didn’t have to act as Glenn personally solved the problems easily. However, when they meet a level ‘nineteen’ poisonous lizard Glenn chose to detour instead of fighting it. Although with their team of seven hunters, they could cope up with the monster, but it was likely that the fight would cause greater movements. As a result, other monsters may be attracted or they may scare away the ‘black weaver’.

In addition to that strong lizard, the crowd also met an unnamed beast. According to Glenn if they killed it and brought its body back to the giant wall they could get extra rewards. She had told them that it was a new kind of a beast.

Glenn didn’t want to give up on hunting the black weaver so they continue to pursue the ‘mountain lion’.

“Rest for a while.”

Because of the continuous rapid movement all of them had exerted their physical condition. Glenn’s continuous fights had also consumed a lot of strength. It was almost noon when they stopped. She said to the crowd: “Eat something, as we may not have a chance afterward.”

All of them listened to her orders at once. They sat down to rest and took out some dry food and water from their backpacks.

Dudian had come in a hurry so he had nothing. He was looking at other people enjoying their lunch.

“Take it,” Glenn glanced at him as she pulled out a ration of dry food from her backpack and gave it to Dudian, “If you can find it, I will owe you a favor.”

Dudian took the dry food. He was grateful, but surprised at the same time: “Owe me? Why would you owe me? Aren’t we performing the task on orders of the consortium?”

“It’s the consortium’s order, but it’s for me. I’ll need it to advance.” Glenn didn’t cover it up and said: “It’s same as helping the consortium in a sense. The thing is if we capture or kill it, I have the right to make the first choice. Unless I gave up on it, the consortium will assign one of the other eight intermediate hunters to evolve using it. But this black weaver’s tracing ability is my favorite.”

Dudian thought that he didn’t see such conditions of the contract. Most of the intermediate level hunters have such clauses in their contracts. Their privileges and priorities are much higher than someone at the primary (entry) level. Moreover, even in the case that he caught the monster alone, he would have to submit it to the consortium rather than using it to evolve. The previous juranzhi that he killed was already out of reach for primary hunters and he was lucky to get the worms out of it.

“You are too polite. Of course, I will do what I have to do.” Dudian was sucking up. (Translator: the Actual translation was: Dudian politely said.)

Glenn shook her head: “I don’t like to feel that I owe someone else. I take it as a transaction. Later, as long as you need my help and if it’s within the range of my capabilities, I will help you out once. Of course, the premise is that we are successful at hunting the black weaver.”

Dudian saw she was direct so he nodded and replied, but he wasn’t speaking in a polite tone anymore: “I know, I will try my best.”

“Well,” said Glenn and nodded. She turned to look at the vast expanse of ruins in the distance.

Dudian quickly ate the dry food. Although Glenn promised him to help out in the future, but he didn’t take her word too seriously. Of course, she would help but it would be proportional to his involvement in this hunting, which was limited.

Suddenly, Dudian’s nose twitched. He stood up and said: “I found the mountain lion.”
Others were quietly eating their food and were immersed in their own thoughts. However, when they heard Dudian’s words, they immediately put away the dry food and stood up. “Where?”

Dudian pointed to the left: “Twenty or so miles away that way.”
“Go!” Glenn made a quick decision and ran in the direction pointed by Dudian.

The crowd quickly followed.

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. I just started reading this story 3 days ago and am really enjoying it.

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