DK – Ch 103

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The Dark King – Chapter 103

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“A level 26 beast?” Dudian looked at her in a horrified manner.

Although he has spent most of his time training archery but in his spare time, he studied the beasts that roamed outside the giant wall. The Juranzhi that he had killed was at the larval stage and was a level 9 beast. The undeads are ordinary level 9 existences. The rats that they had fought against belonged to level 3 and less.

However, this time it turned out that they were going after a level 26 existence?

The pores of his body shrank and a chill gushed through his heart while thinking about what kind of a terrorizing existence a level 26 beast was. The first thing that came to his mind was to escape! However, he saw the determined look in Glenn’s eyes. There was no turning back. Although he was panicking, but he couldn’t do anything but try to calm down.

He could do one thing and that was to think of ways to insure his life.

His brain thought quickly, although he has not met the monster he felt an unprecedented crisis.

“What is this monster? What is its special ability?” Dudian asked.

Monsters such as that one are equipped with some special genetic mutation.

“You do not need to know,” said the other youth indifferently, “You are responsible for tracking its location by its smell. We don’t need your help and the only thing you will do is protecting yourself.”

Glenn took out a piece of a black debris from her little purse and handed it to Dudian: “This is the carapace of the black weaver which was brought to us. Is it possible that you can locate it using the odor? By the way, what’s the range of your smell sensitivity?”

Dudian took the palm-sized shell. It seemed like something that you could find on the back of a snail. It was smooth and extremely hard. The sticky silky material that was inside of it had dried up, but it still exuded a thick smell. He looked back at Glenn: “If it’s a strong smell then I can detect from 20 or so miles. But for lighter smells, the range gets down to 10 miles or so.”

Glenn and the other five couldn’t help but look at Dudian with a trace of surprise in their eyes. Such a sense of smell could take him to top 5 in the consortium’s ‘smell tracking’ list because of his capacity. Dudian was only a newcomer so he would go through physical enhancement and naturally, the scope of his detection abilities would increase too.

“Yes,” Glenn nodded and said, “That’s up to you.”

Dudian was relieved as they didn’t object to him. The actual range of his sense of smell was thirty to forty miles depending on the thickness of smell. The main reason that he concealed his actual range was that he had offended the ‘bloody swordsman’ Linda. So he was not willing to put all the cards out as not to be plotted against in the future. There would be no room to fight back if something like that occurred.

“Do you smell it right now?” Glenn asked Dudian.

Dudian sniffed a few times and shook his head: “I can’t right now. There are smells of other monsters that disturb my sensitivity.”

“We don’t need others. Focus on ‘black weaver’ only. ” Glenn was depressed: “Keep up with me.” She walked along the broken highway to explore.

Dudian and others followed.

Four or five miles later, Glenn suddenly stopped. She pointed to few dents close by to a small concave pool: “These are the footprints of mountain lions They are the favorite food of ‘black weavers.'” At this point, she looked back at Dudian: ” Don’t forget it smell. If you can find the mountain lions, then you should also notify me.”

Dudian nodded.

They began to track the mountain lions along its footprints.

It didn’t take long before Dudian said: “There are three monsters ahead.”

Glenn looked at the short youth on the left and said: “Go check out!”

The youth nodded and his color began to pale. In a matter of seconds, he disappeared out of thin air!

Dudian’s pupil contracted as he was stunned.

However, Dudian found out that the youth’s smell was still next to them. He saw that as the smell moved ahead light seemed to be distorted at those areas. It seemed as if a transparent humanoid was moving. Dudian asked the youth on his left.: “He is?”

“His magic marks ability is called ‘color’. He is one of the most effective scouts in our consortium.” The youth casually replied.

Dudian’s heart was full of surprise. A magic mark with such capacity In comparison to his super sense of smell, it seemed a lot more special. But if his speculation was right and he was able to directly absorb cold crystals, then his ability was very powerful in comparison to the others.

It didn’t take long before the youth rapidly returned. His figure was revealed as he reported to Glenn: “Three crocodile wolves”

Glenn nodded slightly and said, “Kill.” Then she went straight in the direction that Dudian had shown.

Dudian had heard about ‘crocodile wolves’ before. It should belong to the level 13 monsters. It was an extremely horrifying existence for him. If he had met them alone, then the result would be certain death. Even if an intermediate hunters encountered them and were a bit careless then would be killed for sure.

The crowd followed after Glenn along the ruins of broken streets and quickly approached the position of the three ‘crocodile wolves.’

Dudian looked and saw the three large ‘crocodile wolves.’ Each one of them was about three meters long. Their bodies were similar to a wolf’s but had the head of a crocodile. Its mouth was outlined as a convex. However, it had sharp canine teeth. Its tongue was falling out of its mouth as if it was a dog.

It was a breathtaking sight for Dudian.


Glenn’s figure which was leading them in front didn’t pause but instead rushed out. Afterimages of her frame were reflected as if a gray blurred figure was moving at an unimaginable speed. Dudian felt her smell fade and appear in another location and gradually fade again to reappear in another location.

He saw Glenn quickly approach the three ‘crocodile wolves’ and appear in their field of vision in a matter of seconds. The crocodile wolves also reacted and began to roar. But Glenn sprang out without minding their actions.


Glenn’s body leapt from the rubble as if she was a ghost-like existence and had reached the first crocodile wolf. The moment she landed before the first crocodile wolf she moved towards the second one. He wasn’t aware how and when Glenn attacked the first crocodile wolf but he was able to see her vicious attack towards the second crocodile wolf’s head.

The next moment her figure flashed sideways and appeared in front of the third crocodile wolf. The monster was able to detect her presence, but it was too late.

Thump! Thump! Thump!

At this time, all three of the crocodile wolves fall down. Blood was spewing out from the dagger wound in between their chin and necks. It didn’t take long before the ground was colored in blood red.

Dudian was stunned.

She had killed all three of them using only 1 move to attack each crocodile wolf. The skin on their necks was deeply cut, the blood arteries and flesh were clearly visible.

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