DK – Ch 101

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The Dark King – Chapter 101


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In the blink of an eye, another two weeks had gone by.

Because of repeated archery training, Dudian had rapidly grown in terms of control and accuracy of his shots. Almost every arrow could hit the target while seven out of ten arrows would nail the heart of the target. For an ordinary person to achieve this result, at least three to five years of hard training were needed. But because of Dudian’s hunter physique, it was completed in about two months.

In addition to precision, every arrow shot by him penetrated the target. The deadliness of the arrows had improved significantly, but his aligned shooting hasn’t had the slightest progress. When the young instructor was aware of his progress in aligning shooting, he had gone crazy.

“Do you think that just because you have magic marks you are fit to be a hunter? Your performance outside the giant wall will be nothing but a bit better than some of the scavengers. You would only be able to kill low-level monsters!” The young instructor angrily announced, ” Since you are lazy and can’t even learn aligned shoot from tomorrow on your basic archery tasks would increase a lot!”

Dudian thought: “Is this what he means by hellish punishment?” He didn’t think that the youth will just increase his daily task of basic archery practice. His heart was in joy and it was revealed a little in his face. His ‘indifferent’ look made the young instructor go crazy with anger.

Thus, the young instructor raised Dudian’s daily number of arrows to be shot to 2200 in the next month! In his view, it was beyond the physical limits of Dudian, he would overload and break him at some point. He thought that Dudian wouldn’t be able to reach the tasks given by him and won’t be able to eat dinner at the appointed time.

So he thought that Dudian will fall into a vicious circle. Because according to the young instructor, Dudian would have to overwork himself to reach the daily tasks and at some point, his willpower wouldn’t be enough to continue on.

It was the purpose of the young instructor. Actually, because of the interests of the consortium, the style of the punishment was a bit childish in comparison to Tobu’s punishments.

Dudian’s archery has long reached the level of two thousand eight hundred arrows so he had already passed the ‘high standard’ of the young instructor. That’s why he continued to immerse himself to get insights about archery.

The world outside of the giant wall. Mellon Foundation. Area no. 1.

In comparison to the other areas under the control of Mellon consortium, you won’t be able to see buildings, metal wreckage, and others in area no 1. It was an extremely open area just like a vast wilderness. Occasionally a trace of the collapsed highways could be seen. Everything was dilapidated and covered in moss and dust. There was an indication that at some point in history, it was an urban area.

Only, you wouldn’t be able to see a complete building in the area.

Gravel and blood was everywhere. The rain had washed the blood into every corner of the crevice. After it had dried up naturally and wonderful patterns colored in blood red had branded the earth and structures around.

At the moment, near the ruin of a wall, five shadows appeared. They were quiet as they checked the street through the broken remnants of the wall. On the street, there were two, half a foot deep, dents in the ground. Next, to the dents, there was a lump of dark dirt which exuded a strong pungent odor. After a closer look, they saw some remnants of bones as well as corroded metal in the dark dirt.

One of the five quietly stepped forward and picked up a stone and lightly poked it at the dirt. He went back and whispered: “It hasn’t dried up yet, most likely it hasn’t been here for longer than two hours.”


One of them ordered.

Five people of them quickly and quietly began to catch up with the huge dents along the ground.

Fifteen minutes later, one of them suddenly made an anxious gesture and signaled them to stop.

The man spoke in low but dignified tone: “I smell it. It’s about eight kilometers away from us.”

“Well, you prepare an ambush in the back and the four of us will take it on.” The leader’s eye shone in excitement.

The previous man nodded, but his face suddenly changed as he said:”No! Fast, hide -”


Claws penetrate from the ground where they were standing and pierced the vests of a couple of them.

In the castle at the Hunter headquarters.

A black crow flew in through the window and dropped an envelope which fell onto the desktop.

A maid was serving the afternoon tea to the man behind the desk. He saw the red mark on the left corner of the envelope and quickly opened it.

“A ‘black weaver’ have appeared in area no. 1 and killed three hunters?” His face changed as he read through the contents of the intelligence. “Sixth team was tracking a ‘mountain lion’ while they were sneak attacked by a ‘black weaver’. Only the captain and another member escaped. They are seriously injured. ”

He got another paper and wrote a few things on it. As soon as he finished the letter, he put it into an envelope and hang on the black crow’s feet. He touched the crow as he said: “To Glenn.”

The black crow twitched and shook off its wings as it flew from the window.

The hunter’s training ground.

Dudian was training as usual. His precision was getting more accurate. Even he wanted to find some moving target to practice.

It was almost noon when the young instructor all of sudden quickly came to the training ground to find Dudian. He handed him an envelope: “This is an order from the consortium. There is an emergency situation outside the giant wall. There is a temporary lack of three hunters and you have the super small ability from a juranzhi so consortium wants you to go with the team to outside and implement the urgent task. Hurry to prepare!”

Dudian could not help but stop as he was stunned, “But I’m still in my training period.”

“This is an emergency call. As long as you are implementing other tasks outside the giant wall, you have to put off all the work at hand and respond to the consortium’s call!” The young instructor spoke very fast: “Your hunter badge has been ordered and will be ready by the time we reach the place. Quickly stop so that you don’t consume any physical strength. Let’s go as someone will come to pick you up at the wall.”

“That quick?” Dudian also quickly put down the bow, no longer wasting energy, “Aren’t there any other hunters who are resting now?”

“Other hunters either recuperate or are injured. If there was anyone else available the headquarters would not send have you to this dangerous place. ” Young instructor urged: “Quick!”


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