DK – Ch 10

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The Dark King – Chapter 10

Light physique

I would like to thank Green Tea for doing an awesome job by editing this chapter!



“What do hunters do?” Dudian couldn’t help but ask: “Is it dangerous outside the giant wall? What is the danger lurking outside the giant wall?” Lots of terrifying things came into his mind. His face became pale, but fortunately his skin color was white, so his fear was not too prominent.


“You’re smart.” The slim officer smiled and said: “Outside the giant wall is… …”


The man next to him frowned and said:”Fernando, we have not confirmed his identity yet, do not talk too much.”


Surprised for a moment, Fernando shrugged: “Does not matter. His measured radiation value is 0.8. It’s lower than 1 so he probably has the “light physique”.


“We have to do the test. Do not come to an early conclusion!” the second man frowned.


Fernando paused to think for a moment, before he bowed to Dudian and said: “You can only wait until the test finishes so that I can tell you. Nevertheless at that time someone will explain everything to you.”


Dudian heard their conversation and was slightly confused “Light physique? What does that mean? ”


“Wait a few minutes and you will know.” Fernando mysteriously laughed.


All three of them walked into the manor. Several gardeners who were sprinkling the lawn respectfully nodded their heads in salute as the three of them passed by. They walked on the white stone path paved in the middle of the lawn. A giant door, more than 10 meters high, was opened for them to enter. Fernando led Dudian into one of the steeple towers within the mansion. Walking up the steps Fernando led Dudian into a dark room on the top floor.


On their way, all the servants who saw them stood still and respectfully nodded as they passed by.


Dudian looked into the dark room. There were no windows, but instead a small hole just enough to ventilate the room. It was also covered with a black curtain, so it must have been a while since sunshine had infiltrated the room. The air in the room was cold, like the temperature of the early rainy season.


In the center of the room there was a metal table covered on top with a black cloth. Fernando walked towards the metal table. He took off the black cloth to reveal a smooth crystal ball. White chilly air was released from the crystal ball. The crystal ball was actually a sphere of ice.


“Come on, little guy,” Fernando pulled out a sharp knife hidden inside his black leather arm bracer and looked back at Dudian: “Come over.”


Suddenly, Dudian could see that there were very small white insects inside this almost transparent crystal ball. If you did not look carefully, it was impossible to detect.


“These are “light worms”. They can only survive in a cold environment.” Fernando smiled and said: “If you have the light physique, they will not drink your blood.” As soon as he finished speaking, Fernando grabbed Dudian’s little hand and moved it to the top of the crystal. On top of the crystal ball there was a small hole, as if it were a container.


After a stroke of the blade, Dudian felt pain in his finger. A drop of blood dripped from his finger and fell into the hole, slipping inside the crystal.


At this time, the “light worms” that were lying dormant, sleeping at the bottom of the crystal ball, seemed to wake up as if disturbed from their dreams. As if sniffing for the location of blood, they began to slightly move towards the drop of blood.

Fernando’s face changed, while the second man frowned upon seeing this scene.


Dudian thought of Fernando’s words and his heart sank.

They saw the “light worms” quickly climb towards the blood. As soon as they reached the drop of blood, they began absorbing it as if their bodies were sponges. Their small white bodies became tinged with red, but soon after the color quickly dissipated and was restored to white.


“Impossible ah … …” Fernando frowned as he murmured: “Has it been long since they ate something? Are they hungry?


His cut his finger, and dripped blood into the hole.


However, the worms did not even glance at it and moved back to the bottom of the crystal ball to curl up.


Fernando’s face was gloomy. Without a word, he quickly grabbed Dudian’s hand and made a cut. Blood fell into the crystal ball, and the worms began to climb to the top to swiftly absorb it.


“Really, he ain’t!” Fernando seemed to be somewhat discouraged. He loosened his grip on Dudian’s little hand, and also put away his knife.


Dudian frowned slightly. By now he probably already knew the reason. His body was immune to radiation more than the average person. So his body’s radiation content was lower than ordinary people. These people were looking for “hunting” partners, but in his case he had been out of the cold storage for less than half a year. His contact with the world was too short, so the body radiation content was low.

Another young man looked at Dudian indifferently: “It seems your previous family was quite good.”

When Dudian heard his cold voice his mind became uncomfortable because he understood the meaning behind his words. It seemed these people had already thoroughly investigated Dudian’s background. They knew that he was adopted by Jura and Gray. Moreover they knew that he had not been in Meishan orphanage for long. So as to say, they thought that he was the kind abandoned by an aristocratic or rich family. Only these types of families ate and drank things which were filtered and had low radiation.


“I did not expect him to be an abandoned rich kid” Fernando sighed with a disappointed face.


Dudian was quiet and avoided speaking. But his heart was not discouraged. Once you became a hunter, it was necessary to go to those dangerous areas, although he didn’t know what dangers laid outside. But he figured it was best to not take those kinds of risks.


The second officer looked at Dudian and spoke in a cold voice: “Little guy. Everything that you saw and heard in here have to be kept confidential. It absolutely must not be exposed, including what you heard about “Hunters”, “Scavengers” and everything else. Whatever you heard or saw should disappear from your mind. Just forget everything. Do you get me? ”


“These must be the legal restrictions?” thought Dudian. He nodded and said: “I will keep my lips sealed.”


The second officer, upon seeing Dudian be so obedient, turned with a slight chill in his eyes as he looked at Fernando and said:”Fortunately, you did not talk to much nonsense in front of him or the only option would be left to ‘deal’ with the little guy”

Hearing this, Dudian0 who had been calm till then, suddenly felt as if cold water was poured over his head. His life was almost ruined by accident? He now knew for sure that the law couldn’t guarantee his life. Even if you observed the law word by word to be safe and sound, there were some powers that could end your life as simply as dusting their sleeves.


As if it was their privilege to do so!


This situation made him feel a chilling fear, but he also felt a surge of strong anger!


This anger was caused by his life being threatened and the rules of this world which could be bent according to powerful’s will!


Since the law is unreliable, I have to develop my own rules!


Aristocratic privilege? Hunter privilege?


Someday, I will tear all these into pieces!


Dudian’s small hands tightly clenched into fists. The two officers did not pay attention to him. Perhaps after they determined that Dudian didn’t have the “light physique”, they lost interest in communicating or even observing him.


All of a sudden, coldness emerged from deep within Dudian’s eyes. His mind became more mature, more ruthless, and he secretly decided in his heart that he would change his situation and get ahold of an indirect life insurance as soon as possible. Otherwise, if he were to encounter another such scenario, it wasn’t certain that he could survive. If he died in such a manner, how was he going to face his parents who granted him a “second life”?


“I’m not able to use guns, but gunpowder seems to be… ” Certain thoughts flashed in his heart.


“Hey!” Fernando said with regret: “Go, little guy.” His attitude was not as warm and friendly as before.


“By the way, if you are found leaking information about us to anyone, including your parents, then you can’t blame anyone but yourself! ”


Translator note: This is what I’m talking about! By the end of the last chapter everyone would think that Dudian(Dean) would have “light physique” and beat the shit out of everything and be the The Dark King! It’s a usual plot for many chinese novels, BUT NOT IN HERE. This is what I love about The Dark King.

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  1. I’m so glad it didn’t turn into a case of ‘MC with special talent’ type thing. A king does not fight on the front lines! He commands others to do that for him. I’m excited to see where this goes.

  2. His cut his finger, and dripped blood into the hole. -> He cut his finger, and dripped blood into the hole.

  3. This IS the usual plot for many chinese novels, the MC almost never have any measurable talent, is looked down by others but still does awesome things. And the love interest is always best talented.

  4. I’m I the only one who saw this coming? Like honestly it obvious from name of the novel itself that something wasn’t gonna go to plan.

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