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The Dark King – Chapter 353

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Dudian, Gwyneth and Sergei used the frames built for maintanence to quickly go down to ground. They were like monkeys in the jungle which jumped from one branch of tree to the other. They landed on top of weeds.

“Young master, why didn’t we come out directly from the passage?” Sergei asked as they squatted on the ground.

Dudian was checking the surroundings as he indifferently replied: “Didn’t you learn how to use your brain after being in the prison for so long?”

“We are not in prison now.”

“That place is being monitored. Is it different from the prison? ”

Gwyneth whispered: “Master, is someone at the entrance monitors our movement? Is it your enemy?”

“Not just enemy but even the people who care about us.” Dudian looked at her: “I had previously forbid you to come back so that we cut off contact with the giant wall! If you were my enemy and didn’t have information about me then will you be able to attack me at any time? Would you be prepared for my attacks?”

Sergei nodded: “I got it!”

“Good.” Dudian glanced at him. He turned around and looked for a moment. There were no one around so he bent over and ran forward.

The other to followed behind him in the same manner.

Dudian, Gwyneth and Sergei came to the fort controlled by the Holy Church after half an hour. There were several teams of knights of lights in the vicinity. They were touring and patrolling the surroundings. In addition there was a beast about two kilometers ahead. It had a humanoid shape as it lurked close to the fort.

“Master this is the barrier preventing hunters from sneaking back to the outer wall area. The knights are comparable to senior hunters. It wouldn’t be so easy to pass by them.” Sergei looked at the fort and barrier as he said.

Gwyneth looked at Dudian. His face remained calm so she couldn’t see through his mood.

Dudian looked at the sky over the barrier. His eyes lit up and mouth curled into a smile. He turned towards Gwyneth and Sergei: “Are you willing to kill them and pass the barrier?” He said in a relaxed tone as if he was asking the two for a dinner together.

Sergei and Gwyneth were stunned as they looked at the smiling face of the teenager. Sergei took the lead as he replied: “Kill them? Are you sure?”

“Do you have the guts?”

Sergei’s eyebrows wrinkled: “There is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t dare!”

“Gwyneth what about you?”


Dudian turned back to the fort. The wind swept over the bushes that they were hiding in. He removed his bow from his back and looked to the front: “Get ready for an attack!”

“Are you sure? I like it.” Sergei licked his lips. There was a trace of excitement in his eyes as he clenched onto his spear.

Gwyneth silently took out two swords from her waist.


Dudian rushed out.

Gwyneth and Sergei followed after him.

The trio approached the barrier. The sentry above the fort was three black spots that appeared in his line of sight. He took out the telescope and saw that it wasn’t an illusion but real people. The three figures were approaching the fort at high speeds. Moreover they had weapons!

The enemy?

Sentry was startled. He quickly reacted as he rushed back and ring the alarm.


The alarm echoed all around the fort.

The people in the barracks, patrolling teams and the beast lurking around were alerted by the alarm. The knights gathered towards the fort.


A black and blue arrow shot past and hit the neck of the sentry. The force of the arrow was so strong that it pulled the sentry’s body from the ground and nailed his body onto the wooden pillar of the bell tower.

Dudian shoot the arrows numerous times as there were still a hundred meters to reach the barrier. It didn’t take long for them to reach the wall. He raised his feet in a sudden move and stampede on the wall to run up the wall. (His feet would touch the bricks and move up his body)

The scene stunned the knight of light on the wall. They wanted to react but Dudian had already stepped over 13 meters from the ground.


The captain roared as he moved out of the barracks.

Dudian was using his toes to pedal his body over the high wall. At the last moment he put a bit more strength as he made a vertical jump.

His body rose up like the phoenix. The knight of light was stunned but quickly reacted as he tried to use his bow.

Dudian waved his hand to change the direction of the bow. He quickly went into the crowd as he began the massacre. One of the knight’s head was pierced by the arrow. Another one tried to use his spear to attack Dudian.

The knight didn’t have the change to attack when he fell down the wall as he screamed.

Dudian had grabbed the spear and waved it as he threw the previous knight. He used the same spear to cut off the throats of knights in the surrounding.

“Rush over!

“Stop him!”

“This man, this man is … … ah!”

It seems that few knights were aware of the Dudian’s identity but there was not enough time to call out his name. Dudian pierced the chest of another knight as he went through the crowd.

Nevertheless, a knight standing in the outer edge recognized Dudian and said out his name in shock.

Dudian was like a wolf which had gone into the flock of sheep. His face was colored in red as the warm blood of the knights was spilled onto his face. He recalled the way splitty had gone to fort to kill the knights of light. He also remembered the alchemist’s death scene at his first trial as a scavenger.

In a matter of short minutes everyone was dead in the fort.

Sergei and Gwyneth joined Dudian who was absorbed in the battle.

“You, you are De …” The middle-aged knight who was the captain of the fort spoke out. He wasn’t wearing a knight armor as he rushed towards Dudian. Before he was able to finish his words the spear in Dudian’s hands stabbed over and interrupted him.

There was a shocked expression on his face. He would never expect an architect being able to use weapons.

Dudian stabbed out spear as he continued to attack middle-aged knight’s chest. The man was forced to retreat. Naturally his ability was no less than a hunter’s. But they lacked the experience that hunters had. However the man had the constitution which was comparable to a senior hunter.

Both of them had attacked and retreated for more than hundred times in the a few minutes of fierce battle. One of Dudian’s attacks was able to pierce his chest but he wasn’t able to directly stab onto his heart. The man fell backwards from the wall.

Dudian jumped form the wall which was almost twenty meters in height.

Dudian rolled once as he landed. The next moment he stabbed the spear onto middle-aged knight’s neck.

“Architect, no ~~” The middle-aged man looked frightened. He tried to resist but failed to stop the spear as it pierced through the neck. The man’s eyes widened as he looked at Dudian.

Dudian pulled out the spear. He pierced the man’s heart, hands, feet and stabbed in few other places. He poked out seven or eight holes. He was relying on his thermal vision to check on the living being around the fort.

Gwyneth and Sergei’s bodies were covered in blood too as they came to stop beside Dudian.

“Are you finished?” Sergei looked at the corpse in excitement.

Dudian nodded “Destroy the original wounds in all the corpses and poke out new ones.”

Sergei understood the meaning behind Dudian’s words. He picked up a weapon from the ground and went towards the corpses of knight.

Gwyneth pulled out a knife as she went after Sergei.

Dudian squatted down by the middle-aged knight’s side. He pulled out an arrow from the quiver and nailed it onto man’s mouth. He picked the finger of the man and wrote three words on the sand next to the corpse:

Dean is murderer!

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  1. Dean is going to make it look like the Mellon consortium caused this and attempted to frame him I bet.

    1. really I dont know need the brain of MC of King of avatar hear . I think this fucking crazy, but arent my shoes XD

  2. i think he will become more bloodthirsty in the future. i hope it won’t affect his judgement

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