The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Leaving Pan Xi Town

“Old Man, excuse me, after becoming a Magus Apprentice, am I now possible to apply at the Junior Academy of Magic?” Meng Yu did not leave yet but continued to ask.

“Yes? How do you want to apply?” The old man was not looking down on Meng Yu, but with just Meng Yu’s age, if he went and apply at the Junior Academy of Magic, he will still be driven out after three years.

Although the Empire had certain regulations, as long as one became a Magus Apprentice, he had the right to apply at the Junior Academy of Magic to learn and study. Meng Yu barely became a Magus Apprentice a sixteen years old, basically there was already no possibility of him to continue and achieve farther.

It will just a be useless three years, his heart was not as peaceful to learn a craft, he also had to feed himself, and support the family.

Although at the Junior Academy of Magic one could study for free, but the academy did not provide for food and a place to sleep. If one did not breakthrough and become a Junior Magus in three years, he will be kicked out of the door.

“Yes, I want to study at the Junior Academy of Magic.” Meng Yu replied.

“You just have to hand your identity card, to any of the Junior Magic Academies of the Molin Empire. You can study free of charge, but you had to pay attention, after three years, if you have not broken through and become a Junior Magus, consequences may happen. The best outcome is being thrown out the door, Some students will even ask you to compensate for all that the college lost in form of hard labor, So think your decision clearly.”

The old man kindly reminded.

“I understand, thank you old man.” Meng Yu also politely said.

He then scratched his head and continued.

“I remember that when applying for the Junior Academy of Magic, once can get the Magus Association to sponsor for the travel expenses…”

Saying that, Meng Yu somewhat embarrassingly looked at the old man, he definitely had to change his feelings for money ah.

The old man somewhat angrily stared at Meng Yu, he now thought that this brat completely wanted to defraud money. He was seriously skeptical of this brat taking the money and yet will not go to the Junior Academy of Magic.

Furthermore, the empire did have these regulations, but the regulations also said, this statement was only aimed for qualified, naturally-endowed, outstanding, and exceptional Magus Apprentice.

“This is for you.” The green dressed girl stared at Meng Yu and the old man with her big eyes. It’s somewhat really amusing, she then stepped forward, and then handed a small cloth bag to Meng Yu.

Meng Yu happily received it over, this small bag seemed to be exactly the same that the girl offered to him the last time. Just last time he does not want to inexplicable accept the wonderful gift of others, this is not the same, he deserved this.

Meng Yu’s heart became much more comfortable.

“I will depart for Jianxia City the day after tomorrow, if you do not mind, you and me can go together, I will show the way so that you will not get lost.”

The green – dressed girl faintly said, she helped Meng Yu completely because of her kind and loving yet weird character. Besides, Meng Yu’s behaviour on replying to Lu Shan gave her a favourable impression, as for Meng Yu himself, honestly speaking, sixteen years old Magus Apprentice, she had not seen anyone worse than this person.

“Thank you, I will always remember your kindness in my heart, I will certainly repay in the future.” Meng Yu solemnly said to the young girl.

“Forget about repaying me, it’s nothing more but as easy as lifting a hand.” .The green-dressed girl still faintly said, she did not think she has any need to help Meng Yu, she did not feel that a sixteen year old Magus Apprentice can be of any help to her in the future.

After leaving the Magus Association, Meng Yu went straight towards the vegetables market, bought rice and carried it back home.

All of these he learned after reading Beginner’s Guide to Magic simply because he planned to leave Pan Xi Town, a decision he just made recently.

Because he knew, now that Tian Lin has already planned to deal with him, there will certainly be a follow up. If Uncle Lu Shan was right, leaving this place right now was the only safest thing for him to do.

He did not think of revenge, with his current strength, he can not even say revenge, survival in this world was very, very difficult.

“There will be a time when a genius, noble person commits revenge, even if it’s ten years late.” Meng Yu thought so at his heart, comforting himself.
Magus Association


“Xuan er, you do not fancy that little boy right, inviting him to accompany you?” The old man somewhat can not believe and looked at the green dressed girl.

“Fancy him?” The girl in front of of the old man suddenly restored her kind of unruly look and angrily said.

“That’s good, that’s good, you can not frighten grandfather.” The old and his pair of kind eyes gave an assured look

Then the old man once more shifted his gaze to the book, it appeared that there was an amazing magic on the book on his hands.

“Do you know that you are studying your broken book, you have studied that for so many years, what came out after your studying?” The green-dressed girl somewhat angrily said.

“Do you really not want to go back with me this time? What’s good in this little town anyway?

The old man smiled.

“Grandpa is old. This quiet, small town is the best place for grandparents, the outside world is for you youngsters, I will not join.”

“What about your pension, can the environment here be compared to at home? You want to be clean, we will find you a clean place, without our orders, who would bother you?”

The green dressed girl continued to speak. She sincerely hoped for her grandfather to go back with her.

But no matter what the green dressed girl said, the old man just continued to read the book at his hands, and did not say a word.

Perhaps she was tired, or perhaps she just really want to give up, the green – dressed girl finally gave up persuading the old man.

“Grandfather, it’s very difficult to visit and see you, you are not just playing with me right?

After eating a meal, Meng Yu went back to his room and began to once again cultivate. Development was a hard truth, he realized this truth in his past life so he desperately did anything that is beneficial for his own progress.

He did not expect that in the end, just because of a momentary carelessness, he fell into an untimely ending.

In this world, cultivation was the root of everything, as long as his cultivation was strong enough, he can provide Aunt Mei the life she wants, he can protect Aunt Mei and guard the people that cares for him.

He opened the small bag that the green dressed girl gave to him, he was surprised to discover that it actually turned out to be around a dozen gold coins.

What kind person is this green dressed girl that she can casually give a dozen of gold coins like it was nothing..

His mind also understood, the money was basically not only for travel expenses, the girl just gave it to him, nothing more. No matter what, he will really treasure this affection in his heart.

He settled his frame of mind, and once again entered the state of meditation. He waited until his magic power saturated and afterwards once again infused his magic power into the small rock. What he was most lacking now was time.

The Domain of Time inside the small stone was a perfect solution to his problem, he does not have any reason not to risk his life in order to recharge the small stone.

Just the strangest thing is, his magic power at this time was obviously many times stronger than before. But every time after he infused his magic power to the small stone, it takes a much longer time for it to turn completely black. As if there was some problem within him.

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