The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 8

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TAA, Chapter 8: The Magus Association

The town of Pan Xi was really worthy of being just a small town, the Magus Association was just at the corner of the small town.

A two story wooden building appeared in front of Meng Yu’s eyes, there was a plaque hanging above the door of the wooden building where the words “Magus Association” was inscribed.

The door of the building was not close. As he walked straight inside, there was a counter opposite the door. An old man was behind the counter holding a book carefully studying it, and did not even respond when Meng Yu entered..

A closer look, this was also the old man he saw last time at the library.

When Meng Yu went to the counter front, the old man’s attention was all still concentrated on the book on his hands. It seemed that he have not discovered the arrival of Meng Yu.

This put Meng Yu into a difficult situation, it was a very rude thing and impolite to bother a person reading a book, but he really can not wait at this time. Aunt Mei was also waiting for him to take the money back for her to buy food to cook.

“Why? Figured it out? Did you really come here to look for me?

Meng Yu was ready to wake the old men when a voice passed over behind him.

He turned around and look, it turned out to be that green dressed girl yesterday.

“Figure it out? What? “ Meng Yu somewhat inexplicable said.

“Did you not come here to find me? Do you not find me to borrow money?” The green dressed girl contemptuously looked at Meng Yu. She most hated this kind of people that live to suffer.

“I came to apply for the Magus Apprentice Examination.” Meng Yu somewhat said in a low voice.

When the green dressed girl heard this, her entire white cheeks suddenly burned rosy red.

She furiously stared behind the counter, because Meng Yu’s words just now seemed to have woke up the old man.

“What are you looking at, a person wanted to apply for the Magus Apprentice Examination.” The green girl angrily said, then furiously walked inside the house.

Meng Yu’s heart can not but somewhat feel uneasy, will not this old man sabotage his examination?

“Lad, hello there, do you want to apply for the Magus Apprentice exam?” The old man kindly smiled and asked Meng Yu.

“Yes, I do.” The old man’s kind smile gave Meng Yu a lot of peace of mind.

“For a person to have such a smile, he should not be a narrow-minded person right?” Meng Yu in his heart tried to comfort himself.

The old man took a transparent crystal ball under the counter which he handed over to Meng Yu.

“The Magus Apprentice Examination is very simple, infuse your magic power into the crystal sphere, as long you can reach the Magus Apprentice realm, the crystal sphere will emit a radiance that will correspond to your attributes. Try it.”

Meng Yu sighed in relief when he heard this, he did not imagine that the Magus Apprentice exam was so simple. If it’s only a trial of magic power, he certainly got no problem.

When he came out from the Domain of Time, it seemed that he has already broken through into Magus apprentice. He can clearly sense that feeling, that the confinements of his mind was smashed broken which exposed a vast broad world that suddenly emerged in front of him, the feeling was really wonderful.

When he infused magic power into the sphere, this kind of feeling Meng Yu was already very familiar with, he himself did not know how many times he infused his magic power into the small stone.

With Meng Yu injecting his magical power, the crystal ball gradually revealed a golden radiance, and slowly became even more and more dense, and finally became even dazzling.

The old man somewhat surprisingly looked at Meng Yu, he did not expect that in such a small, remote town, he could actually see such a solid, dense magic power.

In his many years of experience, the more solid a magical power represents that the mage’s foundation was very solid. Such people, tend to accomplish farther than others.

Only, this youth was already sixteen years old, well, such a pity.

If he was two years old, perhaps he will be the apprentice of multiple masters.

“Old man, is this ok?” The radiance on the crystal sphere has been fixed, no matter how Meng Yu infused his magic power, the crystal sphere no longer changed therefore he asked perturbedly .

After all, this was all about their living expenses.

“Yes, not bad. You passed the examination.” The old man said, looking at the crystal ball.

Next, he removed a card from under the counter and murmured a few sentences. Then a white light enshrouded the live card.

After a short period of time, the white light on the card disappeared and the old man handed the card to Meng Yu.

“This is your identity card, I have already authenticated your identity of being a Magus Apprentice, you now only need to inject a stream of your Magic Power to activate it. This card is made using a special method of refinement, once activated, other than you, other people can not impersonate you using this.”

“Just as there are no identical leaves in the whole world, no magic power of two people are exactly the same.”

Meng Yu indeed looked at the card with some surprise, he did not expect that there was such an advanced thing in this world. Are there more things more magical and amazing this?

Infusing the magic force, Meng Yu’s information appeared on the card.

Meng Yu, Mo Lin Empire, Magus Apprentice.

Only three simple words, but it was magically incomparable. This is much better to use than the identification cards on earth.

“Is it over?” Meng Yu with a puzzled look stared at the old man.

“Correct, this is over.” The old man somewhat can not also make heads and tail of it and looked at himself, and found that there was nothing wrong with himself.

“Not to say that after the certification to become a Magus Apprentice, can I have the monthly allowance of two silver coins?” Meng Yu somewhat asked in embarrassment, there appeared a few stands of abnormal blush on his thin, pale, white face.

Well, what is a certified Magus Apprentice? Basically it was not important at all, money was really the purpose why he came here.

The old man for a moment was also surprised, this guy only has money in his eyes, seems like he is crazily poor ah.

“Don’t you know you can only get the allowance once after you have become a magus apprentice, that is to say, you can only obtain this month’s allowance next month.” The old man patiently explained.

“Eh.” Meng Yu thinking about it, he had been busy practicing before thus he actually forgot this obstacle. So wouldn’t me and Aunt Mei’s stomach have to stay hungry for another month?

Although the huge wolf should be big enough to eat for a while, but it can not support them for a month does he have to go hunting for another wolf again?

“Grandfather, will you give his allowance in advance.” At this time, the green dressed girl came out, she should have been listening their conversation from outside the building.

“Why?” The old man look with a suspicious face.

“Why do you ask so much. Just give him the money first, I’ll tell you the reason in a while.” The green dressed girl also said in a somewhat impatient manner.

What is good with her grandfather? It was because of his smell that makes people precisely speechless.

But even with her kinda harsh words, this old man was still very loved his granddaughter. He no longer continued to say something and from his arms came two silver coins which he handed to Meng Yu.

That’s right, two pieces, it’s not much but it’s not less

“Thank you.” Meng Yu said as he faced the little green girl and then somewhat self- mockingly smiled. He came to this world and the most word he spoke turned out to be thank you.

Receiving the silver coins gave Meng Yu a lot of piece of mind so that he can ask for another thing.

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