The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 7

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TAA, Chapter 7: Aunt Mei in Distress

When Meng Yu came out from the small stone, it was already the afternoon of the next day, sunrise moonset, sure enough, it really was one day.”

From the smile coming from Meng Yu’s mouth, one can determine that this time, his harvest must not be few.

For example, Meng Yu’s biggest harvest maybe not a breakthrough into Magus Apprentice, but when he was within the Domain of Time, the amount of magic power he consumed was just like in a game.

Perhaps his first feeling when he come to this world was not only just to complete his own wishes.

With this kind of mystical magic, for the first time, Meng Yu’s mind was filled with curious emotions, he suddenly looked forward to living in this magical world.

Removing the small stone hanging on his neck, he saw that the stone once again turned white.

Meng Yu knew this should be the reason why the light energy was consumed, as long as it will once again be filled with magic power, he should be able to once again enter the Domain of Time.

Thinking of it, fiery ferventness burned on Meng Yu’s heart.

Walking outside his room, Meng Yu felt something strange, Aunt Mei still hasn’t come back yet.

Imagine himself disappearing for one day, Aunt Mei will certainly be worried about him, and will definitely go search for him. Meng Yu could not help but slap his head, he did not even warn Aunt Mei in advance.

But he also can not predict what will happen, naturally it was impossible to tell Aunt Mei.

Panxi Town was just a small town, there was only a single street that spanned to to the north and south, and Meng Yu’s small home was at the south end of the street.

He quickly rushed out of the door and looked at the street pedestrians grouped in twos and threes, Meng Yu can not help but be somewhat anxious. Both of them haven’t eaten for many days already, and Aunt Mei is thinner than he is, under anxiousness, he does not know where to go first.

“Aunt Liang, have you seen Aunt Mei?”

At this moment, Meng Yu saw Aunt Liang of next door coming back from the outside, he quickly ran and asked.

Aunt Lian seeing Meng Yu sighed, “Such a hard life on a child.”

“I saw her walk outside of town yesterday, I haven’t seen her today at all, she still did not come back yet?”

Meng Yu listened, his heart suddenly thumped for a bit, he did not say anything to Aunt Liang, he does not know what to say, and instead ran directly to town.

He did not ask where the exact place outside the town, but Meng Yu knew where Aunt Mei was certainly going to dig for wild plants and vegetables. Meng Yu had been to that place many times after following Aunt Mei gather vegetables for a couple of times. Therefore he knew the direction to the place very well.

From the words of Aunt Liang, Meng Yu deduced that Aunt Mei ought to have went out yesterday, and even today she haven’t come back Suddenly, Meng Yu became even more impatient.

Aunt Mei was his sole loved one in the whole world, if an accident were to happen to Aunt Mei, he will never forgive himself, he will totally lose all the power to live.

He recalled the phrase that he said to Aunt Mei, “Let me protect you instead.” Furthermore, Aunt Mei for all these years took care of Meng Yu.

Meng Yu’s nose inexplicably stiffed up, and then he was unable to control the tears overflowing from his eyes, down his cheeks and then ran down on Meng Yu’s back, which then fell on the street.


Looking the grey wolf beneath a tree, Aunt Mei can not help but feel miserable.

She encountered the grey wolf yesterday when she was digging for vegetables. Although her current situation cannot be compared to before, whatever the outcome, she had already seen the bigger world so she was not frightened.

The next moment, she looked for a tree taller than her own and climbed up.

She knew that with her current state, running away from this big wolf is impossible, she can only hide in the tree for the moment, and wait for the gray wolf to leave before descending down the tree.

Leaning against the tree branches, Aunt Mei stared at the big gray wolf staggering slowly towards her, then it steadily approached the tree where she was taking shelter.and sat down beneath it.

Aunt Mei with a disappointed heart, looked at the bleak eyes of the huge gray wolf. This big gray wolf reckoned that at this time, Aunt Mei should be very hungry already, this also mean that the wolf would not easily give up and leave. .

It might be better if she try to flee, with the big gray wolf in such a state, it may or may not be able to catch up with her.

At this time, this seemed to be a wise decision, instead, it made her fell into a hopeless situation, she knew, that in this kind of remote place, no one will generally come.

Day and night, a person and wolf on a tree, one on the ground, one on a branches, big eyes and small eyes staring at each other. None of them actually gave up and left.

Aunt Mei does not dare, the gray was not willing too.

“Aunt Mei, Aunt Mei, where are you?”

Meng Yu’s voice sounded from far away. Aunt Mei on the tree was suddenly surprised, imagining the young master with that fragile and weak body, he was certainly not the opponent of this huge gray wolf.

“Young Master, run quickly, it is dangerous in here.” Aunt Mei somewhat anxiously shouted. She had already passed through a gap of the tree’s foliage, and can vaguely see Meng Yu’s figure,

Suddenly, she hated herself, hate for being useless, again and again she allowed the young master to be in grave danger..

“If he would not be die, how nice it will be.” Aunt Mei sorrowfully and helplessly thought in her heart.

And after Meng Yu heard the voice of Aunt Mei, his heart leaped in joy, this means that Aunt Mei was alright.

As for the danger, regardless what it is, he had to go, if worst comes to worst, he will die together with Aunt Mei in here, he has already died once. Meng Yu totally got nothing to fear.

The huge gray wolf obviously was also aware of Meng Yu’s arrival. Its pair of lush green eyes stared at the direction of Meng Yu crouching slightly on its hind legs. In this state, as soon as Meng Yu came over, it was sure to resort all of his body strength and pounce himself at Meng Yu, and happily satisfy himself with such a nice meal.

Thinking of it, the deep green eyes of the huge wolf suddenly lit up.

Then, Meng Yu finally saw Aunt Mei, and directly understood what was going on.

The wolf crouched its body even lower, ready to burst his body strength out towards Meng Yu at the next moment.

Aunt Mei had dealt many times with the world of war, this kind of ordinary beast, its physique was more or less not bad.

Without hesitation, Aunt Mei jumped down from the tree, and happened so that she landed straight in between the huge gray wolf and Meng Yu.

“After the gray wolf have eaten me, the young master should be safe.” These were the last thoughts on the Aunt Mei’s mind, and then she collapsed.

She originally haven’t eaten for more than a day, at with this fatal situation, she instantly felt the lack of blood, thus she naturally faint. However, knowing that she protected the young master, the corner of her revealed a slight trace of a satisfied smile.

The big gray wolf can not be affected by the behaviour of Aunt Mei, without the slightest kindness, the wolf’s ferocious mouth was already aligned to Aunt Mei’s neck.

“Golden Spirits between the heaven and earth, please heed to my summon, materialize into a sharp blade and destroy the enemy before my eyes.”

Meng Yu immediately chanted.

A golden colored light blade appeared in front of Meng Yu which moved in a blink and appeared in the big gray wolf’s neck, like a knife cutting a tofu, the huge gray wolf’s head instantly flew up.

Hot blood sprinkled all around Aunt Mei’s body, and the remaining half of the wolf’s body fell on top of her.

Fortunately, this huge gray wolf was also starving for unknown days, there wasn’t much weight on his body, otherwise Aunt Mei would have been smashed by its weight. He was certain that Aunt Mei could never have withstand it.

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