The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 6

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TAA, Chapter 6: Domain of Time


Lu Shan once again opened the door.

“Take this right now, this is the final savings of our family then hurry up and leave and don’t come looking for me later, I won’t give you help anymore.”

Lu Shan stretched forward his right hand to Meng Yu who was still standing outside the door. There were several silver coins in his palms, there were also a few copper coins, it seemed, Lu Shan really took all their family’s savings out.

“Old man, you are crazy, you are forgetting the Tian Family’s warning and their group of desperadoes, they are not a joke.”

A woman suddenly rushed out who then pulled the arms of Lu Shan, wanting to pull him back inside the house.

Lu Shan with his free left hand tried to get rid of the woman’s pull, then he said.

“Old woman, he is little An’s only friend, we cannot just watch them die, we need to save them, By the time little An comes back, how can we explain to him?”

When the old woman heard this, she suddenly does not know what to say but blankly stood aside. Just her face showed that deep fear and concern and shows that her mind at this time was agitated.

“Thank you Uncle Lu.” Meng Yu faced the two people and sincerely bowed.

“Now get out of here quickly.” Lu Shan thought after Meng Yu accepted his help.

“Okay, but I can not have that money. This will bring hurt upon you and I can not be able to explain this to Lu An.” Meng Yu said as he turned around and left.

The two people stared blankly at Meng Yu’s back as he left, Lu Shan reached out his hand up in the air, stayed for a long time before withdrawing it.

“Really a good boy ah, hey, really clear sighted.” Lu Shan once again sighed.

With a heavy frame of mind, Meng Yu once again walked towards home, he wanted to see Aunt Mei then continue to cultivate.

The stone had already turned half white and half black, perhaps when it turned completely black, everything will turn around for the better.

Meng Yu gave a self-mocking smile, he did not expect that he would actually be reduced to the point on relying on something non-existent.

“What are you laughing at?”

At this time, a melodious voice of a girl interrupted Meng Yu’s brooding.

It was that green dressed girl that he met in the library. Meng Yu at a glance recognized her at once, after all, in this world, the only people Meng Yu knew was pitifully small.

But Meng Yu ignored her, passed around the girl, and continued to walk towards home.

“Hey dumbass, I want to give this to you.” The green dressed girl was not angry at Meng Yu’s impoliteness, and from her arms she took out a small bag and handed it to Meng Yu.

A few moments ago, she just happened to pass by Lu An’s house and overheard Meng Yu and Lu Shan’s conversation. She listened to all of it, and so, she decided to do something, she was absolutely not afraid of the Tian Clan.

Meng Yu was stunned, what does this girl mean? He had never seen her before, they only met once in the library, they do not have any intersection whatsoever at all.

What does she want to give me?

When the green dressed girl saw that Meng Yu was still in a daze, she cannot help but be somewhat impatient so she shook the small bag.

The crisp sound of silver coins hitting each other rang up, she thought Meng Yu does not know what was inside the small bag.

“Thank you, but I do not want it.” Meng Yu faintly said, leaving the green dressed girl utterly dumbfounded and once again left.

“Once you’re ready to receive it, come find me at the Magus Association.” The green dressed shouted towards Meng Yu’s back.

This guy totally does not know what is good for him, the cute girl wanted to help him, but he instead rejected her kindness.


When Meng Yu returned home, Aunt Mei was not inside presumably she was finding food. Meng Yu was not too concerned, Aunt Mei was doing as such even before.

Retreating to his room, Meng Yu once again began to cultivate, he repeatedly took great pains and forced his magical power to infuse to the small stone.

He did not know how long it has been, Meng Yu once again woke from meditation. His stomach was already sounding out the voice of a cuckoo, yet Aunt Mei at this time still has not come back.

He shook his head and Meng Yu continued to pour magic power into the small stone. At this moment, the small stone had almost completely turn black, in addition, he can now infuse twice more magic power. This cannot help but make Meng Yu somewhat filled with expectations.

He even did not care about eating anymore, of course, even though his stomach was already growling in hunger, there was still nothing to eat.

However, this time Meng Yu miscalculated, when the final threads of his magical power infused to the small stone, it actually turned totally black all of a sudden.

This time, the heavens did not play with him. The little black stone in his hands produced a feeble trace of suction force. Meng Yu was overjoyed, as long as there was a change, matters will turn out for the better.

Their poor situation will change, the people’s perception will change. Meng Yu believed that his ancestors will not deceive him.

He wore the small on stone on his neck and put it in front of his eyes, carefully observing, he wished to find out that trace that will turn their lives around.


Then his whole body was sucked right within the small rock.

“Identifying the Host, complete, first layer of the Magus Stone, Domain of Time will open.” Meng Yu semi-consciously stumbled in and such voice appeared in Meng Yu’s mind.

“Time is the cycle of brightness and darkness. The sun rises at dawn and sets at dusk and thus a whole day. In the Domain of Time, the sun rises and sets only once a month, and yet only a day is passed.”

Meng Yu clutched his swollen head, and painfully shook it. He did not know who he offended the past days, but every injury he received was on his head.

He looked at this strange environment in front of his eyes, fortunately he was a learned tyrant. Otherwise he would not understand what those words that suddenly appeared on his mind mean,

He could not help but become somewhat ecstatic in his heart, what he now currently lacks, what he was now missing, was time.

He did not hesitate, he immediately sat cross-legged and began to cultivate.

After an hour, Mong Yu woke up, he just discovered that at this time, he should be inside the small stone. To confirm this, the small stone on his neck also disappeared.

However, since he was inside, the magic power that will emerge from his cultivation can not be infused to the small stone anymore,

If this is the case, even if there is another month, his time is still not enough, Meng Yu anxiously thought about it.

“Calm down, calm down.” He said to himself in his heart, he knew that in this situation, he only had to calm down first in order to find a solution to the problem. Although his family was poor, but his mind was absolutely not bad.

If his cultivation can only become faster. Because he consumed empty his own magic power, as long as he consumed the light of his magic power, he can continue to maintain his cultivation speed as before.

Suddenly, he thought of the Beginner’s Guide to Magic and recalled an incantation within it.

“Golden Spirits between heaven and earth, please heed to my call, and eradicate the enemy in front of me right now.” Meng Yu rhythmically chanted out the incantation.

Sure enough, a golden ray of light appeared in front of Meng Yu, yet next moment it disappeared.

However, this time, Meng Yu was not downhearted. He got to feel that the magic power was being consumed, as long as he keeps on casting this enchantment, his magic power will continue on consuming this energy light.

With practice, Meng Yu slowly found the right method. If he used his spiritual power to command and change the appearance of the Light Blade to attack a target, such will consume a great lot of magic power.

Therefore, within the Domain of Time, Meng Yu was still a seedling on the ground, but yet after a while, the small hole will be filled with potholes.

Meng Yu was almost enjoying it and was so relaxed, it was like someone has given him a toy that he enjoyed to play, or was lost when he was a child and now he found it again.

But Meng Yu’s happiness seemed to forget something, he actually did not feel hungry even once.

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