The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 5

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TAA, Chapter 5: Lu An Left

Meng Yu did not know how many times he had exhausted his magic power. Although the small stone still did not respond, it was already not that important.

More importantly, he felt that the results of his one night of cultivation was already equivalent to the effects of several days of cultivation, this discovery made him inexplicably surprised.

This means that he just need only a month more, or perhaps two months, until he can become an Apprentice Magus. He has never been so sure about it now.

The same pleasantly surprised him. The piece of white stone that was infused with his magic power was not entirely without effect. Because at this point, the small stone has become half-white and half black.

His heart had a faint kind of feeling, that as long as the stone became perfect black, changes will certainly happen. Thinking of this matter, his heart could not help but jump a bit faster.

He can not explain whether he was nervous or excited.

Curbing his frame of mind, Meng Yu would like to once again enter into meditation. He does not want for a moment to delay especially at this moment where much is at stake.

“Young master, come to dinner.”

Outside the room came the voice of Aunt Mei.

He touched the ribs closed to his stomach and Meng Yu decided to eat first. After all, he was busy for a whole night, his stomach was the capital of a revolution.

When he opened the door, there was only one bowl of rice on the table once again. However this time, the pickles were gone.

Meng Yu’s current good mood totally disappeared, he knew, there was no rice left.

Auni Mei had to go outside the small town to dig out wild vegetables in order to pickle them.

Although the dish was very simple, but in Meng Yu’s heart, this was the world’s most delicious dish.

Without a word, Meng Yu went straight to the kitchen and took out a pair of chopsticks.

He divided the rice into two portions, and handed one to Aunt Mei.

And then he began to eat.

Aunt Mei gawked blankly at Meng Yu. Tears once again could not help but fall down. Her hands that was holding the bowl of rice were shaking, but she cannot somehow swallow the food.

She had been very hard on finding something to eat in this half a month. However, sometimes, it is not really that your are not trying hard enough, it is that the world cannot tolerate you anymore.

Lu An’s two silver coins were exchanged for rice, this was only enough for the two of them for half a month. Under circumstance, they will be forced to eat rice porridge in order for the rice to last a few days more.

She was only thinking on how to take care the young master. She really wanted to leave all of the rice for the young master, as such the young master will be able to live for a more period of time than her, and he may obtain a miracle someday.

“Aunt Mei, eat up, if you die, I can not bare to live alone.”

Meng Yu seriously said. At this time he had already finished the small bowl of white rice and was looking at Aunt Mei’s falling tears, her hands on the white rice still not did not move,  

He knew that if there was anything in the world that can help change Aunt Mei’s mind, it will only be himself.

“Aunt Mei, enjoy your meal. I will go out for a trip, do not worry, our situation will soon improve, trust me Aunt Mei.”

Looking at Aunt Mei’s eyes, Meng Yu once again firmly said.

At this time, he did not just woke himself up. He said it to protect Aunt Mei’s kind of self confidence because he does not even know if he can succeed.

This day, he was really suffering.

Along the street, he quickly walked towards Lu An’s house.

He does not know why, but this half a month, Lu An actually never came to find him.

Before, they were spending every single day, or  Lu An will come everyday and talk with him for a while.

Recalling about these matter, Meng Yu did not notice that the neighbors around looked at him with eyes of sympathy, but they were still wary of him, shunned and stayed far away.

Boom! Boom! Boom!


It was Lu An’s father that opened the door, Lu Shan.

When he saw that one who knocked was Meng Yu, he obviously froze and then sighed.

“Uncle Lu, I am looking for Lu An.” Meng Yu respectfully said.

He can only think of Lu An as the only help,  he will even beg him. Meng Yu wanted to find Lu An and borrow some money, not only for himself, but also for Aunt Mei.

He swore in his heart that as long as they got past the eyes of this dilemma, he will repay Lu An a thousand times in the future.

Lu Shan did not say anything, but went straight back inside the house. He did not let Meng Yu into the meaning of this so Meng Yu had to wait outside the door.

“Now you are here, before Lu An left, he asked me to give something to you. He said that if you come looking for him that I should give this letter to you.”

Lu Shan said and somewhat impatiently waved, “Now go away.”

Meng Yu was somewhat puzzled.Although Uncle Lu he never liked him before, but he is not so much as rudely force people out!

He did not say anything more, Standing outside the door, he took the letter that Lu An left for him and looked up.

He did not leave because Lu An was his last life saving straw. Currently, his survival instinct was telling him that no matter what, he must not easily give up. No matter what, he should tightly grasp this critical last straw.

He gripped it tightly.

“Meng Yu, you and Aunt Mei need to quickly depart from the town of Pan Xi, you have offended the Tian Family. You can not survive here in Pan Xi Town anymore, it would be better for you to leave early, while you still have your life.”

Lu Shan still could not bear it after all,  he opened the door once again frowned as he earnestly said to Meng Yu.

After he finished, he did not wait for Meng Yu’s reaction, and once again slammed the door.

Meng Yu suddenly was somewhat relieved. No wonder no one dared to find Aunt Mei and give her work, because previously, the neighbors were taking very good care of them.

However, isn’t there no deep hatred between him and Tian Lin? Therefore, why would he place Meng Yu to death?

He did not go out these past days. The only time was when he went out and visited the library, and did not met Tian Lin at all, so Tian Lin probably thought that he was already dead.

Knowing he did his first murder, he was obviously damn afraid. Then thinking that Aunt Mei was still alive, he naturally became even more uncomfortable. However, he did not have the courage to  to kill her.

Thus they instructed their steward to handle this matter. Though the Tian family’s housekeeper may not like him, with just murderous and threatening words, they have frightened the town people away from helping Meng Yu and Aunt Mei and forced them to keep silent.

They lived in the town of Pan Xi, they got to feed the mouths of their families. Thus even if they are determined to help the poor Aunt Mei, they had to take account the safety of their loved ones.

Then Meng Yu opened the letter.

“Meng Yu, I know you will come looking for me, but I can not help you again. I have already left the town of Pan Xi, I want to see the bigger world out there, thus I will not regret it. “

“I can not help you anymore. The only one who can help you now, is only you yourself. As long as you cheer yourself up, there is nothing in the world that can stop you.”  

“Do you know why they ridiculed at me and yet I did not mind it at all?”

“Because my heart has an even wider world. If one day you will able to know what you really desired, you will not really care about their ridicules anymore. I hope that one day, I wish that someday we will meet in the vast, broad world out there. And I hope at that time, you have already become an eagle.”

Meng Yu knew that when Lu An left, he certainly did not know about the matter of the Tian Family.

However, Meng Yu at this time completely agreed with Lu An’s words.

The emotions that he was feeling right now firmly stamped the previous unknown word ‘friend’ in his mind. And at this moment his heart suddenly became rejuvenated and was ready to take necessary action.

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