The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 4

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TAA, Chapter 4: Small Rock

Recalling the meditation method, Meng Yu simply sat down cross-legged on the library.

Moments later, Meng Yu felt that he had arrived in a whole new fantastical world. At this moment, his eyes were already closed, but felt that they were still open. Before his eyes was a completely different world.

Around him, there were small spots of colorful light falling on the space surrounding him.

Golden spots for the gold element, green spots for the wood element, blue for the water element, red for the fire element, and brown for the earth element.

Meng Yu never imagined that he can so easily perceive the power of these elements. Before, little Meng Yu still needs to meditate for a long time before he can reach this state.

The meditation’s effectiveness was directly related to the spirit power. Imagining the various works he did in his past life, the various problems that flooded him, he used this as an exercise in order for a powerful spiritual force to emerge, Meng Yu’s heart suddenly gave birth to a glimmer of hope.

In accordance to the book’s methods, he began to guide the golden spot of light to enter in his forehead. Meng Yu sensed that he was most intimate with the little golden spots of light surrounding him.

He knew that he ought to have a metallic physique.

“Classmate, do you not know that it is not allowed to practice in the library?”

The moment when Meng Yu gradually began to reach the peak of his meditation, a young girl’s tender voice passed through the ears of Meng Yu which instantly broke Meng Yu’s meditation.

He opened his eyes and standing in front of his eyes was a little girl of around 13 years old, wearing a green dress. Meng Yu somewhat felt embarrassed, momentarily stood up, and even forgot the regulations of the library.

Meng Yu scratched his head.

“Sorry, I forgot.” Meng Yu said and went outside the library.

In the book Beginner’s Guide to Magic, he already got what he wanted. At the moment, he only wanted to resolve the unfavourable situation he and Aunt Mei was in, and the only way was to become a Magus Apprentice.

Therefore, he was now wholeheartedly bent on becoming a Magus Apprentice, other things had to wait until he can resolve the immediate crisis before him.

Looking at the back of the leaving Meng Yu, the green dressed girl somewhat curiously thought, “He actually left just like that? What an interesting guy.”


Half a month later, nighttime,  Meng Yu woke from meditation. His eyes somewhat had the look of a deity.

Although his spirit power was much higher than little Meng Yu, this only implied that his cultivation will be much faster.  This however, does not have too great of an effect.

Half a month ago, the magical power on his forehead was only just the size of a soybean, and after half a month of great effort, now that mist cloud already had the size of a bean.

But the Beginner’s Guide to Magic clearly wrote that to become a Magus Apprentice, the magic power’s mist cloud had to have at least as big as a walnut. He was still a few months away from this goal.

Or perhaps, it will still take a full year.

But the heavens did not intend to give him a few months time. In the past, the other villagers were relying on Aunt Mei to wash their clothes, she was totally willing to work to earn the living expenses for two people.

And since half a month ago, the neighbors did not even look for Aunt Mei to do some of their work, thus they lost their only source of income,

If Lu An did not give the two silver coins, they probably would have been starving for a long time now.

Before, Meng Yu was not very worried. He was certain that before the two silver coins run out,  he can think of something and become a Magus Apprentice. By that time, he can then be able  receive the allowance from the Magus Association.

However, with the rice in the rice box getting less and less, Aunt Mei’s worries were getting more and more deeper, and Meng Yu’s mist cloud of magical power in his eyebrows was increasing albeit unhurriedly.

Originally, he thought that the heavens gave him another chance, thus he wanted to complete his unfinished wish. He did not plan for the heavens to play with him one more time.

Meng Yu on one side pondered while caressing a small stone hanging on his chest.

“No use, I have to think of another way.” Meng Yu put away the small stone, went down the bed, and prepared to go out and see the day. He had already cultivated in his room for a full half a month.

“This is not right, how did the small rock turned white?” Just when Meng Yu was preparing to go out the door, his mind just flashed back to when he put away the small stone.

He also did not know how this small stone got here, there was no existence of it even within little Meng Yu’s memories.

But ever since Meng Yu woke up, the piece of small stone had already been hanging on his neck, but he clearly remembered that this was supposed to be a black stone.

This stone was very smooth and warm like jade. When Meng Yu think about things, he just like caressing this stone at the same time. It seemed he is already very familiar with the stone.

He once again took out the stone from his clothes, the piece of small stone did really turn white.

He suddenly recalled a roommate of his that was addicted to the novel world. The guy seemed to have said something regarding the aspect kind of these things. At this point, he all of a sudden regretted that he did not listen carefully at that time.

Going back the bedside, he carefully looked at the stone, and found out that the stone did became white, it became even more beautiful on the outside. This cannot help but make him feel a bit disappointed.

But he did not give up, he once again controlled his weak magical power into this small stone.

Sure enough, Meng Yu’s heart lifted. He seemed to have felt the light of hope again.

However, although his magic power’s mist cloud already had the size of a soybean, still the stone did not respond.

It was just like a pot of cold water being poured into the head of Meng Yu.

Meng Yu crossed his heart, and simply without misgivings infused his magic power into the small stone.

“Since you want to absorb my power, then I’ll let you suck enough, there will always be a time when you become satisfied.” Meng Yu’s mind ruthlessly thought.

However, when his body’s magic power became empty, the small stone was still just a small stone, there wasn’t any change at all.

Have mercy on Meng Yu. At this point, he became somewhat utterly disappointed.

Disappointed, he threw away the small stone to the side, sat cross-legged, he began to recover the magic power that had just been consumed.

When he began to meditate, Meng Yu felt the obvious difference from the past. After his magic power was consumed, he can see with his naked eye the surrounding element’s power rushing towards him.

Just like water that suddenly appeared on a dry sponge, the surrounding water will have to go gushing down the sponge.

This discovery made Meng Yu somewhat a bit happy, his ability to absorb the power of the elements was getting faster, but this does not imply that his cultivation speed will become faster.

Maybe he will still take a few months before he can break through and become a Magus.Apprentice.

After an hour, the magic power’s mist cloud on his forehead once again reverted back to its original size. However, the power of the elements that were swarming in began to slow down, and restored the former cultivation speed of Meng Yu.

Ten minutes later, Meng Yu somewhat happily opened his eyes.

Although his absorption speed of the element’s did not become faster, but he can obviously feel his magical power’s mist cloud increase by a wire.

You can not look down on this substantial growth, this was the results of Meng Yu’s four hours of cultivation.

Because prior to his cultivation, on the area around the mist cloud on his forehead, there was a huge oppressive force, it was this oppressive force that was preventing the increase of Meng Yu’s mist cloud.

Each time in cultivation, he must use his spiritual power to control the power of the elements to bombard this invisible oppression, in order to mist cloud to increase. Just now, the mist cloud’s space naturally grew by a trace.

With Meng Yu’s high intelligence, he instantly understood what was going on.

Without hesitation, he once again took the small stone, and infused magic power to it.

After all, in his current predicament, every minute was extremely valuable.

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