The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 32

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TAA, Chater 32: Luo Xing

“Did I allow you to leave?” Just as Meng Yu helped Li Hai out of the surrounding crowd, an untimely voice rang out.

Luo Xing is not an idiot. He wants to utterly humiliate Li Hai, and make Li Hai’s image suffer a devastating blow in the heart of Xiao Wei. He do not know what  Xiao Wei likes in Li Hai; whether it is the family background or talent, he is many times better compared to Li Hai. Is she a stupid girl or what?

He wants to make  Xiao Wei understand that he is a better choice, and that Li Hai is just a useless piece of waste.

All was going smoothly, he was very satisfied with his scheme and plan, but Xiao Wei’s reaction made him somewhat dissatisfied, even a bit angry.

He did not expect that halfway of his torture, Meng Yu suddenly butted it. How can he endure this embarrassment?

He had not seen Meng Yu before so he had some doubts of Meng Yu’s strength. But if he were just to let them leave, then all his meticulous efforts he planned until today would be totally wasted!

“I said, if Li Hai were to crawl under my awesome crotch, then I will forget today’s matter. You retards leaving like this, it seems you do not put my words into your eyes?” Luo Xing said arrogantly. He would never mess with a strong person, but if that guy is merely a soft persimmon, he would not only beat him up, but ruthlessly humiliate with his own hands as well.

Meng Yu stopped, turned around and looked at the arrogant, shouting Luo Xing. When he first saw Li Hai’s body riddled with injuries, he was already fuming with rage and anger, now the urge to beat this guy’s face and make him spit out his teeth was even fiercer.

“The friendship of the waste duo is really like iron ah, I would not expect that this Meng Yu would actually rush out to save this person. Still, they would be idiotic fools to expect that the Young Master Luo Xing would let them go just like that. Provoking the young master, ha!!! They are truly unlucky.”

“But you got to admit, Li Hai’s employment of movements is quite impressive, it does not seem magic, he isn’t transferring to martial arts isn’t he?”

  “Phhh, that fart do not originally know any magic, and is an insult to our magic class. Now he wants to learn useless martial arts? He would still be beaten with an inch of his life whenever Young Master Luo Xing wants to.”

“Use your mind for a bit.  The Young Master Luo Xing had already broken through to an Intermediate Magus, so disposing of Li Hai is easy. Unthinking idiots like you are really ruining this occasion……”

Originally, the crowd was preparing to disperse, but after hearing Luo Xing’s words, they instantly trotted back, and the people once again gathered around each other and began to once again chatter in low tones. Meanwhile, the bustling scene attract even more people.

“What do you want?” Meng Yu coldly said. If not for the words of Li Hai, he would have already rushed up.

“I give you two choices. First, make Li Hai crawl under my crotch.” Luo Xing said to Meng Yu in a smile as people watched over, and then slowly continued.

“Or second, you must accept my challenge. If you win, of course you can leave, but if you lose, both of you are too crawl beneath my ass.” After saying, he insanely laughed. Luo Xing spread open his legs; the meaning of the insult was more obviously and clearly conveyed.

The crowd suddenly erupted like a bomb.

“Young Master Luo Xing, it is a complete waste of your strength to challenge this trash of the academy.” After hearing Luo Xing’s remarks, someone in the crowd suddenly laughed out loud.

“Ah…yes…yes, a magnificent Intermediate Magus challenging a lowly Magus Apprentice. This is really too shameless, I worshiped him before, now I will firmly turn away from this black powder.”

Luo Xing froze for a moment, he did not expect that his challenge would actually cause such a bad reaction from the surrounding crowd.

“Li Hai, you see? If I won’t beat this guy into meat paste today, I am afraid I can not go back to see Aunt Mei immediately. I might as well fight this guy and take an the interest along the way.”

Meng Yu looked at Li Hai with a helpless expression on his face, but there was something else on his face, it was an indescribable tranquility and calmness.

“Big Brother Meng Yu, he is already an Intermediate Magus…..we….better flee quickly.” Li Hai quickly said. He was terrified of the thought that Meng Yu is just too weak to be Luo Xing’s opponent

Meng Yu knew that the other party is not so simple, but…..he greatly yearned to try out his new skills.

“I accept your challenge.”

“You got some guts.” Luo Xing with a sloppy grin.

“Golden Spirits between the heaven and earth….”

However, Luo Xing had not finished his spell when Meng Yu had already moved like the wind and appeared in front of him. Recalling the past, Meng Yu knew he will be able to interrupt Luo Xing’s chant.


A huge devastating blow came next. With a Swordsman so close, only blood and injuries would be the final result of a Magus.

“This……how is impossible, isn’t he just a Magus Apprentice? Isn’t this damn person supposed to be useless piece of trash?”

“Is he a Swordsman before, so why is he cultivating  magic? Well, surely, did you see his speed, it is the speed of an Junior Swordsman.”

 “This is not fair. This was supposed to be a Magus’ battle, he even used this despicable method. This is simply a surprise attack, yes a sneak attack!”

“What sneak attack, moron? Since this is a challenge, a win is a win, a loss is a loss, sneak attack? If he was able to deliver a sneak attack, then that shows his combat strength.”

The crowd immediately split into two parts shouting loudly, but from their excited looks, they do not care who wins and who loses at all. It was just like a performance they would talk about again during meal times.

No matter what other people think, he just turned the roaring anger into fists that mercilessly slammed and pummeled the body of the arrogant Luo Xing.

The pig like wails of Luo Xing suddenly burst out, even the chatter of the crowd was ruthlessly  silenced by it. The people instantly shifted their gaze towards the unsurpassed Young Master Luo Xing.

In fact, no one can blame Luo Xing. Being beaten up and shamefully humiliated like this, one would definitely shed tears.

Meng Yu still held back his power, with his full strength of a Junior Swordsman, Luo Xing’s tiny physique can not absolute withstand a full attack from him.


Just then, the crowd in front Meng Yu gave way, and a  teenager that looks like Luo Xing anxiously rushed up and roared out in anger on Meng Yu.

Meng Yu was more or less already finished, after looking up, he kicked Luo XIng on his feet one last time.

Seeing this, the teenager suddenly burned with anger. This simply did not put the Luo Family in the eyes, and immediately a Golden Blade came whizzing in anger towards Meng Yu.

Meng Yu heard the chanting of a spell, and he instantly rolled to his side.


A Golden Blade smashed past into the ground behind Meng Yu, dust and soil were blasted apart.

If that Golden Blade landed on Meng Yu, the utter consequences would have been terrifying.

Luo Ren did not stop, although a bit surprised Meng Yu was able to dodge, however, one more Golden Blade came rushing fiercely towards Meng Yu before he even could recover.

“Luo Ren, what are you doing?”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A few Wind Blades crashed into Luo Ren’s Golden Blades and both the Wind Blade and Golden Blade dissipate.

Luo Ren hurriedly stared in amazement at the little girl beside Meng Yu.

“Sister Xuelin, you broke through into an Intermediate Magus?” Luo Ren somewhat asked in confusion and disbelief, The five big families of Jiangxia City got inextricably linked relationship, he was very familiar with Sun Xuelin. After all, they were geniuses of the five families.

But even he, only broke through into Intermediate Magus when he was fifteen years old. Now that he is already seventeen years old, he felt that he is still several years from becoming an Advanced Magus

Meanwhile, when his brother Luo Xing broke through to Intermediate Magus at the age of fifteen, he was immediately recognize by their Luo Family as one who would bring their clan to even greater heights.

However, Sun Xuelin broke through into the realm of Intermediate Magus at the age of fourteen years old. This brought their family right above their head.

“Elder Brother Meng Yu, are you okay?” Sun Xuelin’s Incomparable form and shadow quickly helped Meng Yu up.

“Fortunately,” Meng Yu said with a grin, even he himself can not say nothing.

In order to avoid Luo Ren’s Golden Blade, he forcibly rolled on the ground and thus the wounds on his back instantly cracked open once again. Blood oozed out and began to flow down his arms, drip by drip it fell to the ground, unknowingly, his clothes were already soaked with his blood.


Magus Apprentice

Junior Magus

intermediate Magus

Advanced Magus

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