The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 31

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TAA, Chapter 31: Back to the Academy

“Li Hai, I’ll go visit the Magic Academy today. Can you take this Devil Beasts’ crystal cores and exchange it for gold coins?” Meng Yu got up early and stared at Li Hai practicing the sword once again in the small courtyard. He was seemingly disgusted with himself for not being as diligent and hardworking as Li Hai who woke up even earlier than him.

“Okay” A moment later, Li Hai quietly walked over and after taking the devil crystals, he continued perfecting his sword.

Meng Yu was puzzled. Doesn’t Li Hai seemed to be a bit unhappy today??


He first went to the Magus Association to certify his Junior Magus status and then proceeded to the academy. Meng Yu walked straight towards the library, this being the main purpose of his visit.

He had come to realize the importance of magic more and more. If he was able to learn advanced magic, then that battle against the Wolf King would not be so passive.

Today, he chose to spend the time in the library while his wounds are recovering. After all, the claws of the Wolf King are not a joke. At the moment, just a casual careless movement would bring an intense burst of pain, in addition, his skin wounds are quite hideous looking.

Fortunately, a wide magus robe covered his body. otherwise, with his current appearance, he would undoubtedly scare a lot of people.

Just as Meng Yu entered the library, he came face to face with an acquaintance – Teacher Ka Lu.

“Greetings Teacher Ka Lu.” Unable to avoid, Meng Yu took the initiative to humbly greet first.

“Nnnnn…” in the process of leaving the library, the old head of Teacher Ka Lu looked up and suddenly turned around.

“You are?”

“Young man, do not give up school just because of a little setback. Although it took you sixteen years to become a Magus Apprentice, but as long as you work hard and be diligent, you will still be able to obtain numerous achievements in the future. Do not give up on yourself.” Teacher Ka Lu earnestly said before shaking his head and left.

Meng Yu pinched his nose somewhat helplessly. Can’t he retort that he in fact, is quite strong?

“Although the Golden Blade is easy to use, but I somewhat feel that its power and might is insufficient.” Meng Yu contemplated while holding a magic spell book.

“Though this Golden Spear Art’s penetrating power is strong, but it is not flexible as the Golden Blade. If I can just find an enhanced and stronger version of the Golden Blade, that would be enough.” In his heart, Meng Yu was secretly thinking. He then began to browse and glance over the magic books within the Golden Magic Department Area.

Although the might of one’s magic will improve with the rise of one’s magic power, however the limitations of one’s magic still exist. If a Teacher or Mentor use even the simple Golden Blade like a sword to hack and sever, it goes without saying what the final result would be.

Unconsciously, he had already reached the depths of the Golden Magic Department Area. There were records of early magic and there were also some very old personal codex of past predecessors. Most were heavily covered in dust, obviously are not very popular.

Indeed, with the rapid progress and development of the magic system. Today’s magic is really a lot stronger compared to the past. People have good reason to abandon the old system.

However, Meng Yu did not thing about it as much as long as it is useful to him. He took out a sheepskin covered in layers of dust and like a hungry and thirsty man, he began to read its contents.

“The increase, strengthening, or reinforcement of magic does not necessarily come from the magic spell itself. Could it be from the form of the spell? Although the Golden Blade is just a Junior Magic spell, but its crescent moon pattern form makes it easy to fit end to end into becoming a Circular Golden Ray Blade. The rotating motion of the Circular Golden Ray Blade not only increases its speed, but also increases its might to times I know not compared to before. Unfortunately, this requires a Magus to have extraordinary magic control in order to upgrade the Golden Blade. One would need countless sweat and energy to practice this magic. Unfortunately, the loss outweighs the gain…..what a pity…what a pity…..”

After reading it, Meng Yu loudly laughed. Is this not an art specially tailored for him or what? Finally, the lucky goddess blessed him good luck for once.


Blocking the glaring sunlight with his hands, Meng Yu stepped out of the library. The time was already noon, and with the proud and unscrupulous release of radiance of the sun, Meng Yu felt a sting in his eyes as it adjusted from the eerie and dark atmosphere of the library.

Meng Yu was very satisfied for the day’s harvest. Not only did he get what he wanted but there were also some unexpected gains. Meng Yu revealed a trace of a rare smile.

Moving in a light pace, Meng Yu cheerfully walked to the gate of the academy. Even with the occasional “The useless trash actually dared to come into the academy again!!!” ridicule, did not affect his mood even the slightest.

The academy gate was lively and surrounded by a lot of people. Bypassing the crowd, he prepared to exit the grounds of the academy.  

“Isn’t Luo Xing just too much. The Li Family is also one of the five biggest families of Jiangxia City. Is he not afraid provoking a war between the two families?”

“Dumb fool!!! Do you know Luo Xing is the dignified second son of the Luo Family’s Patriarch?  And Li Hai is born from a mere maid and the Patriarch, can they really be compared? Their differences are like heaven and earth.”

“You smelly fart. What great families most cared is their face and reputation. If today’s matter reach the Li Family, then no matter what the identity of Li Hai is, the Li Family will certainly not give up.”

“Haha, your intelligence network is really pathetic to the point you are stupidly ignorant. Half a month ago, Li Hai caused havoc on the Li Family, he screamed in front of the master, he screamed in front all of the Li Family. Do you think the Li family would still be there for him?”

“Ah, I do not know about this. I have not heard this rumor. What else?”

“Tch. There’s plenty you do not know. We were told about this by my oldest uncle in law’s big sister’s niece’s older brother’s sister in law. She is a Li Family’s handmaiden. Can this even be fake?

Conversations entered into his ears. When he had already stepped out of the school ground, Meng Yu’s face sank, Li Hai? Whether it is only a person who has the same name, he must go and see.

“Hahaha, you won’t be able to leave today Li Hai. But if you are to crawl under my crotch, I will let you go.”

Sandwiched by a crowd of people, Meng Yu suddenly heard an arrogant voice.

“Luo Xing do not go too far!!! Even if you win, you cannot make such a request.” The next moment, a sweet melodious voice of a girl came over. This matter somewhat threw Meng Yu in a daze, this person should not be Li Hai right? What does he know about this girl?

“Excuse me? Do you want to die?” An enraged person next to Meng Yu yelled at him, he recognized Meng Yu at a glance since he and Meng Yu were in the same class. He may not be so arrogant towards others, but in front of a useless piece of trash, what would he afraid of.

Meng Yu coldly glanced at him  and continued to squeeze forward. After seeing the situation,  surging anger was wanting to burst from his chest.

The Li Hai in front of him was none other than the Li Hai he knew, the Li Hai whom he considered as a bother. Li Hai was lying on the ground, his arms and legs were covered in wounds. Obviously the other side got no intention to kill him, but instead tormented his whole body till every bit of it was dyed red with blood.

An anxious and sad looking little girl was squatting next to him. In fact the girl should be around the size and height of Li Hai, 

“Li Hai, are you alright?” Meng Yu rushed to the side of Li Hai and immediately checked his injuries. He was familiar with this wound, for it is caused just like a Golden Blade. Obviously the other side’s level is not bad, the blade gently cut through Li Hai’s skin, but controlled it to avoid striking any of Li Hai’s vital points. After seeing that it is not as serious as he first thought, Meng Yu felt relieved.

“Big Brother Meng Yu.” Li Hai was surprised when he saw Meng Yu, and instantly blamed himself. It was just like a child who did a bad thing facing the rebuking glance of the parents.

“Do not speak, I’ll help you get the justice you rightfully deserved. Let me handle this.” Meng Yu gestured towards that other girl to help Li Hai, Rage and anger was now taking over Meng Yu as he calmly walked towards Luo Xing,

“Big Brother Meng Yu, wait…uh….uh…Aunt Mei already woke up,… let’s go back.”  Li Hai grabbed Meng Yu. He then somewhat happily announced totally forgetting the stinging pain caused by his wounds. It was precisely for this reason Li Hai rushed towards the academy to seek Meng Yu. He did not expect that Meng Yu instead would find him and in such a humiliating and serious condition.

“What? Aunt Mei woke up?” Meng Yu was overjoyed, but to say, Meng Yu was already prepared to take back the humiliation and justice of Li Hai. He can’t delay any longer.

“Big brother Meng Yu, let me handle these matter myself. Trust me.” Li Hai resolutely said.

Finally, Meng Yu sighed. He turned back and assisting Li Hai, walked towards outside the sea of people.           

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