The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 30

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TAA, Chapter 30: Fierce Wind Art

“Little Brother, there is a matter I want to discuss with you…..”

Just when Meng Yu was eager to return home, a dark shadow appeared out of thin air and appeared right in front of him. Following after, a hoarse voice came out.

Immediately, Meng Yu grabbed the hilt of his sword and with a cold heart, he bit his lip. It seemed after defeating the third level Wolf King, he became too proud and complacent. Unknowingly, he let someone approach him to such a close distance, now, even the chance of him being able to cast a magic spell was stripped away.

Even more distressing to him was that the previous battle against the Wolf King totally depleted his Dou Qi and Magical Power. Although his body automatically restored some of it during the time he was unconscious, however it was still not enough to deal against an opponent in battle.

That dark shadow practically ignored Meng Yu’s vigilance and continued to speak.

“I see that your skeletal bones are unusually pure and clear, you must be a martial art genius, or……”

When he heard this, Meng Yu was practically struck with an overpowering thunder.

“Would you be willing to sell your martial art secret method to me or not?”

Meng Yu’s heart turn cold and pale.

“Or? Will you be my apprentice?” A cold smile can be determined on the voice. But to Meng Yu, this smile was like a little devil waving a bloody trident.

“What are the benefits of being your apprentice?” Although Meng Yu doesn’t want to have too much of an intersection with this guy that does not look like a good person,  but if it’s beneficial, then it is an another whole matter altogether.

Although deals with the devil are often immeasurably and incomparably dangerous, but with his current situation, if it can make Aunt Mei become better, that risk was worth it.

“Benefits? You are asking me about benefits?” The dark shadows was dumbstruck against Meng Yu’s counterattack, it caught him in total surprise.

“When is my apprentice not have the greatest benefit? Don’t you want to become more powerful? Don’t you want to learn more powerful martial arts and abilities?  Don’t you crave to learn for more powerful magic? And these, I can help you.” The dark shadow said.

“Meh, if there is nothing else, then I’ll leave first. “ Meng Yu carefully walked towards the distance and away from the dark shadow.

Although Meng Yu wanted to become stronger, although having a master is a good thing, but this dark shadow is obviously not the best choice. In his understanding, most of these type of shady people could not be trusted; they must not be trusted.

Of course, if that shadow would not let him go and instead force him to be an apprentice, he must agree. No matter what, preserving his small life is the most important. After all, he is a realistic pragmatst.

Meng Yu’s pace became steadfast, this is sometimes the case. Before making a decision, one would always be compassed of fear and indecisiveness, yet once the decision has been made, you’re not afraid of anything.

The dark shadow looked at the figure leaving in the distance but did not immediately gave chase. As an assassin, patience is the most important. He was used to finding the enemy’s weakness in the dark, then suddenly strike with a fatal wound.

The reason why Meng Yu was so anxious to go home was that during the time in the Devil Beast Forest, he felt his heart stir, he felt his heartbeat thump in a weird manner. A crazy idea suddenly popped into his mind, and this idea made him greatly excited.

He really was not in a hurry to become a disciple or apprentice, because he believed he got enough qualifications and self confidence to achieve whatever he wants to do in one way or another…..


Before Meng Yu returned to the small courtyard, he deliberately circled the west part of the city until he was completely sure that the dark shadow was not following. Only then did he carefully returned to the small courtyard.

In the small courtyard, Li Hai was still practicing his sword. Although Meng Yu came back very late, but Li Hai has already got used to it.

Just as usual, he went to the room of Aunt Mei and then into the kitchen, casually ate something then went to his room.

“Big Brother Meng Yu.”

“What’s the matter?”

“I feel like I’m quickly breaking through into Junior Swordsman.” Li Hai exclaimed in excitement.

“In this way, I can go with you to the Devil Beast Forest and hunt for Devil Beasts!!!”

“So fast?” Meng Yu was also somewhat surprised, though he himself quickly broke through into a Junior Swordsman, that is because he had the Time Domain within the small stone.

“It seems that what Aunt Mei said about the Absolute Stainless Meridians is true.” Meng Yu was secretly speechless.

“Yes……the small stone.” Meng Yu exclaimed in his heart. When he loudly howled twice before, it was all because of the faint energy emitting from the small stone on his chest.

“Well, cultivate well. When you breakthrough into Junior Swordsman, we will go to the Devil Beast Forest together. I will go take a rest first. “ Meng Yu’s heart currently was only thinking about the mysteries of the small stone. Right now, he did not find the dejecting look of disappointment in Li Hai’s eyes, instead it was eagerness and excitement.

Looking at the bloodstains covering Meng Yu’s whole body and tattered clothes, Li Hai did not say anything, he merely turned around and continued practicing the sword; slashing and stabbing while moving in exquisite patterns.

Meng Yu returned to his room and took out the small stone. With continuous great effort, the small stone was almost completely black. On that originally smooth surface however, there actually appeared a wolf type phantom pattern printed on it. After numerous careful observations on that stone since before, Meng Yu was certain there was no such thing before on the small stone.

Meng Yu was somewhat very curious to insert magic power into the small stone, sure enough, the small stone once again issued out suction force. Afterwards, a surging whirlwind surrounded his body and Meng Yu once again entered the interior of the small stone.

However, this time what he entered was not the Time Domain, but the Ten Thousand Soul Domain.

When Meng Yu entered, a message immediately popped onto his mind saying that he had entered the Ten Thousand Soul Domain.

Within the Ten Thousand Soul Domain, a lifelike figure of the Fierce Wind Wolf Wolf King suddenly turned towards him and howled. That fierceness and raging characteristic that was still fresh on his mind, scared Meng Yu to the point of jumping up. He thought was facing another terrifying Wolf King once again.

It was only when he focused all his attention on the figure of the Wolf King that a singular, strange feeling and sensation arose from his heart. Then Meng Yu returned to his room.

All of a sudden, he felt his body become a lot lighter, it was as if a gust of wind was rotating around his body.

In excitement, Meng Yu rushed outside and prepared to try out this effect on the small courtyard.


Under the weird and strange sensation of the wind, because he was too fast, when Meng Yu and door came into close contact with each other, the poor door was instantly blown apart into smithereens.

“Ah………” Meng Yu could not help but cry out in pain. Debris entered the deep wounds the Wolf King caused which quickly forced some of his tears.

He remembered that he was so busy studying the small stone that he didn’t even have the time to deal with his precarious wounds.

“Elder brother Meng Yu are you okay? “ Li Hai rushed over and asked in worry.

“It’s nothing, I was just experimenting with magic, and for a moment I lost control. Don’t mind me.”  Meng Yu somewhat cleverly replied in embarrassment.

“No wonder that Wolf King is so much faster than just a normal Fierce Wind Wolf.” His heart was in ecstasy. Does this mean I also have this ability?

The small stone even have this feature. It was truly surprising, however, when he beheaded those Devil Beasts before, why didn’t the small stone respond?

Before in the Time Domain, in addition to the area where he usually cultivate, the other areas were filled with a thick white mist. He was so concentrated and so busy cultivating before that he totally ignored and did not pay any attention to these areas. But now, it seemed there are more mysteries yet to be uncovered within those areas shrouded by the white mist.

This small piece of stone is not so simple as it may seem. Meng Yu’s heart was rattled by energy once again, rather, by the energy of excitement.

“Ah, this skill, I am going to name it the Fierce Wind Art.” Meng Yu exclaimed in excitement.

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