The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 29

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TAA, Chapter 29: Retreating Pack of Wolves

“No……if I’m dead, what would happen to Aunt Mei?” Meng Yu opened his closed eyes. He forced it open like the final struggle of a drowning person.

However, this simple action seemed to have sipped the little energy he has left. He can only watch as the glimmering sharp claws of the Wolf King drew closer and closer.

He felt the whole world getting slower and slower.


Flying at a great speed, the Wolf King suddenly seemed to hit a hard wall, then unwillingly fell to the ground hard. It stared at a Water Shield hanging in the air, slowly dissipating and fragmenting into nothingness. Its eyes full of unwillingness.

“Blue….despair…“ This was the last consciousness of the Wolf King as its life faded away.

And Meng Yu also fell to the ground powerless. After the intensity of the fight, under the tremendous fear he experienced, lights went out and he fell to the ground. He could not even give a grateful glance at the little girl who casted the Water Shield for him.

Sun Xuelin and the other girl cheered high on the tree. It was like they defeated the Wolf King themselves.

“A Xiu, you are amazing, you were already prepared to cast that Water Shield spell even beforehand.” A girl beside her praised the shy, timid girl.

A Xiu cutely smiled and did not say anything more.

However, the loud howls of the wolves stopped their celebration. All of the wolves were ghastly enraged, if that man relied on his own power and strength to beat the Wolf King, then they most likely will let them leave. In the world of the wolves, strength and power always held the highest respect.

However, those despicable humans used despicable means to cruelly and ruthlessly kill their Wolf King. That last Water Shield was casted by a Magus on the tree. They simply cannot forgive, they cannot simply let them leave, they must rip their flesh into shreds!

Seeing the pack wolves rushing like a raging wave towards Meng Yu and their tree, the faces of the girls turned pale.

Immediately, A Xiu’s eyes fell on that exhausted teenager lying on the ground, she bit her teeth, jumping off the tree.

“A Xiu, do you want to die?” The pale faced Sun Xuelin was frightened, but did not have the courage to pursue her.

That shadow seeing this, also began to move slowly towards Meng Yu and the other girls. Last time, he missed the chance.

This time, he must not hesitate anymore.

Simply to say, his sneaking skills has reached superb perfection. Even Sun Xuelin and the other girls still did not discover him while only a few meters away.

However, whether it is Sun Xuelin, the dark shadow,  or even Meng Yu himself, they did not discover that when the Wolf King died, a struggling and unwilling mini Wolf Type shadow flew to Meng Yu and then into his chest.

When the pack of wolves were one meter away from Meng Yu, the wolves can already smell the taste of the blood of A Xiu and Meng Yu dripping from their teeths. Meanwhile, the shadow was poised to move….

All of a sudden, Meng Yu stood up in a strange, weird manner.


A long mournful howl emerged out from Meng Yu’s mouth.

The few Wind Wolves who leapt and were aiming at Meng Yu’s neck suddenly slammed to the ground like dumplings.  They crawled around Meng Yu prostrating in fear, wailing and groaning with heads droop down low.

The pale faced A Xiu took this opportunity to rush at Meng Yu and then hide behind his broad back. Her eyes bulged as she looked at the Wind Wolves all around. Perhaps, she can never forget this scene forever.


Meng Yu once again howled like a wolf and once again, his body became limp fell backwards into A Xiu.

For the thirteen year old, one meter four A Xiu, the sixteen year old, one meter five Meng Yu, was like a huge behemoth.

She quickly tilted her body in panic, and supported the falling behemoth with her two outstretched hands. Under the sunset, their figures projected a triangle to the ground, and that hard expression of the little girl was really the world’s most beautiful scene.


When Meng Yu woke up, the sky was already totally black, and only a trace of a dim light can be seen on the horizon.

“Are you awake?” A Xiu somewhat exclaimed in surprise, a smile in her cute face was in full bloom.

“Why are we still here? “ Meng Yu looked at this familiar tree and somewhat asked in confusement.

After Meng Yu woke up, A Xiu seemed to have completely changed into another person. Her smile continued even when the wolves under the tree has not receded.

Seeing the dense pack of wolves under the tree, Meng Yu stood up. The strangest thing to him is the pack of wolves did not attack them at all, otherwise all would have left of them are torn bits of flesh and puddles of blood..

“After you fainted, the wolves became like this, only we do not dare to leave. We have to wait until you wake up again.” Sun Xuelin looked at Meng Yu and somewhat complicatedly said.

Originally, she utterly despised Meng Yu.  Even without the capability to save himself and the others, he was still willing to lay down his life. Although they are not yet out of danger, but at least, they are still breathing and alive.

Meng Yu frowned. As he stared at the wolves surrounding the tree, he suddenly discovered he had a sense of intimacy with these pack of wolves. It was the kind of feeling that he was facing his own kind, it was as if he was facing humans. Perhaps it was only a unique feeling of the Devil Beasts.

The next moment, Meng Yu unconsciously tried to issue out a howl, and then thought in his mind, “Go away quickly, and leave as fast as you can.”

A clear, loud resounding howl issued from his lips, frightening Sun Xuelin and the other girls as they shrink back. Only A Xiu was still smiling at Meng Yu, that little girl’s gentle smile even made the beautiful sunset lose its color.

However, the eyes of the trembling girls were affixed at the pack of wolves and completely missed this beautiful view.

“Wu….aaoooo….wu….aaooo…..” Meng Yu’s wolf like howl rang out. The wolves on the ground suddenly stood up one after another and also howled at Meng Yu.

And then the wolf pack actually slowly left. Meng Yu was a bit surprised, he felt himself truly become the Wolf King. Could it be that defeating the Wolf King would get the recognition of the wolf pack?

But don’t they recognize that I’m human? Are these stupid wolves so gullible? Meng Yu asked in his heart.

“Let’s go. God knows if those wolves will come back.” Meng Yu announced to Sun Xuelin and the other girls, and then took the lead to jump down the tree, He do not want to spend the night within the Devil Beast Forest. During the darkness of the night, most Devil Beasts come out and hunt for flesh and blood..

Perhaps the previous continuous howling of the pack of wolves scared the other Devil Beasts around them. As they walked all the way to the outskirts of the Devil Beast Forest, they haven’t encountered even a single Devil Beast,

“Thank you for your help of saving my life, without you….I’m afraid I would have already……..” As they walked out of the Devil Beasts Forest, Meng Yu was finally relieved. He turned around and sincerely said to the timidly shy girl following behind him all this time..

“A..….a…..I…….it’s……no …nothin…” Overwhelmed by favor, A Xiu timidly replied, she stuttered and then suddenly remembered what to say.

“It should  I be who must thank you right? if not for you, we would have probably become wolf food already.” A Xiu’s face became pale once again, the terrifying scene was still fresh on her mind.

Not only her, Sun Xuelin and the other girls would have already been chewed into wolf food….

“Thank you for this time, if you encounter any trouble, you can go to the Sun Estate. The favor you made by saving my life, I will keep in my heart.”

“No, I saved you and you saved me. We repaid our debts already. After all, it is best we not meet again.” Meng Yu coldly said to Sun Xuelin. Since she was willing to die for her companions, Meng Yu now has not much prejudice against her, but he still did not hide his dislike for her.

Meng Yu did not linger and dashed into the distance.

Sun Xuelin looked at Meng Yu’s leaving back and bit her teeth, her heart somewhat angry and indignant.

“Elder Brother Meng Yu, my name is A Xiu.”

“Got it.” Meng Yu waved his hands.

Listening to Meng Yu’s voice and looking at Meng Yu’s leaving back, A Xiu smiled and clenched her fist, her emotions excited.

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