The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 28

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TAA, Chapter 28: Battle Against the Wolf King

The Fierce Wind Wolf in front of him was slightly smaller than an ordinary Fierce Wind Wolf, however bright colored fur covered its body while muscles and sharp claws riddled its huge legs. It possessed tremendous power and totally vicious. This beast was undoubtedly born with the demeanor and paragon of a King. This beast was a natural born killer. Meng Yu knew, he had to go all out.

After leaving a few meters from the tree, Meng Yu stopped. He did not overlook that he was a Magus. Distance, that is the biggest advantage of a magician.

“Golden Spirits between the heaven and the earth, please heed to my summons, turn into a sharp blades and annihilate this enemy in front of me.”

Meng Yu never had sincerely casted a spell before.

However, the summoned Golden Blade was still a Golden Blade. Nothing really changed, it did not become bigger, nor did it become smaller. It did not become weak, nor did it become strong.

But he did not know, this simple action brought a terrifying shock to the people behind him.

Five Golden Blades hovered in front of Meng Yu, the mouth of Sun Xuelin and the other girls were aghast in astonishment, they never thought that magic can be used just like this.

In their minds, right after magic is summoned, it should be released immediately, otherwise the magic will soon scatter and dissipate by itself. Not only will it fail its purpose, but may hurt the caster itself.

What is that hovering in front of Meng Yu? If they did not clearly heard Meng Yu’s spell, then they would not have been aware of its powerful magic undulations.

“This, this is magic?”

“Ah….. a bit interesting.” Just a few meters from Meng Yu, hidden on a tree’s shade, the faint silhouette of a black shadow cannot help but utter a sigh.

Although this person’s black shadow was just a dozen meters from Meng Yu, whether it was the pack of wolves, the girls, or Meng Yu himself, no one discovered its presence……

Meng Yu had no systematic study of magic. Since the beginning, he had always been fumbling blindly. Doing so, he wasn’t cornered by the numerous textbook rules and restrictions. In his eyes, magic is not only a means of fighting, it’s more like a toy. The feeling he gets from controlling the flying Golden Blades makes him very comfortable.

The Fierce Wind Wolf King was not shocked of Meng Yu’s magic, but the moment Meng Yu summoned magic, it immediately began to act.

As the five Golden Blade appeared in front of Meng Yu, at the same time the Wolf King also arrived.

Meng Yu knew that the speed of the Wolf King was incomparable to a Fierce WInd Wolf, but he didn’t expect it to so fast. For a moment, he was stunned witless.

Fortunately, the five Golden Blade slashed out the moment the Wolf King appeared. Instinctively, a Golden Blade dashed towards its neck, two flew towards its abdomen, and two went towards the two soft spots on its thighs.

Sun Xuelin: “This……is this magic or art?”

A Xiu: “This magic looks funny.”

A radiant light shine out from the black shadow’s eyes, as if it had seen a Golden Mountain.

The Wolf King was precisely the Wolf King. Sometimes, the gap of absolute strength is something that even skills can not make up. As the Wolf King darted in high speed, although it was still in the middle of air, completely contrary to common sense, it simultaneously rotated 360 and perfectly escaped the trajectory of four Golden Blades. The last remaining Golden Blade he swatted away with his claws like water.

Meng Yu’s perfect magic did not even deliver even a tiny bit of injury to the Wolf King.

But do not forget, Meng Yu is still a swordsman. At the same time the Wolf King perfectly escaped Meng Yu’s blades, a longsword thrusted towards its throat.

Whether it was the angle or its perfect timing, this sword strike was totally impeccable. Those who have been surprised by Meng Yu’s art like magic was dumbfounded in shock once again.

And Sun Xuelin even forgot, that Meng Yu had given her an opportunity to escape.

Even the Wolf King could not completely evade this sword. There are times when skills can still make up for the gap of strengths.


The Wolf King slammed to the ground a few steps back. It immediately turned and stared at Meng Yu. A trace of blood flow down from its mouth, and a tooth can be seen on the place where they had just clashed. The Wolf King growled, it knew that this little human youth in front of him is also not easy to deal with.

Meng Yu’s clothes once again became soaked with seat. In that past few moments, he felt himself going in and out from the gates of hell and death itself.

Meng Yu tried to use the magical Golden Blades once again, but just as he chanted the first sentences, the Wolf King charged towards him..

Although the Wolf King could not understand what the human was muttering, but it got the feeling that his words has something to do with those annoying flying blades. In which case, he naturally started strong.

Without the Golden Blade to take the initiative, although Meng Yu managed to block its attack, three spurts of blood erupted from his right arm.

This is the drawback of being a Magus. One needs time to prepare. In a close fight, not to mention a second, even a careless blink of an eye is fatal.

The scent of dripping fresh blood made the Wolf King erupt in excitement. It found out that without the Golden Blades to help, this youth would be weakened a lot.

It acted immediately. Leaving only a faint blur, he turned around and pounced towards Meng Yu once again.

Meng Yu was surrounded by the virtual shadow of the Wolf King, without magic to help him, he do not have the power to fight back

Every time Meng Yu aimed the sword in his hands towards the Wolf King’s vital parts, he would risk his his own life in the move. If the Wolf King refrained from shooting the rat for fear of breaking the vase, perhaps Meng Yu had long lost his life among the claws or the mouth of the wolf.




In every attack, the Wolf King left a memento on Meng Yu’s body. For example, Meng Yu’s clothes were all covered in numerous blood stains. It was proof that he was destined to lose.

“He is a good seedling, should I rescue him?” The black shadow somewhat hesitated. After all, the word ‘saving life’ in his mind is a strange matter.

At this time, the exhausted Meng Yu finally began to reveal his own fatal flaws.


With a swipe of its huge paws, the sword on Meng Yu’s hands was swatted away like nothing.

The Wolf King howled victoriously. It crouched towards Meng Yu, then finally it leapt into the air, diving towards Meng Yu. It aimed to kill this human youth once and for all!!!

Knowing he had exposed his weakness, Meng Yu waited for the sharp claws of the Wolf King to stab into him. With the strength of the Wolf King, this claw can undoubtedly eradicate his whole chest.

However, the radiant and bloodthirsty eyes of the Wolf King did not see fear written on the face of Meng Yu even if he was stripped of his sword. Out of nowhere, a golden light suddenly flashed then faded away.

In a blink of an eye, the situation reversed.

A Golden Blade drilled into the Wolf King’s abdomen, annihilating everything inside it into nothingness. It was like a tiger in a flock of sheep. Blood gushed out from the Wolf King’s body.

In any case, the Wolf King’s right claw had reached Meng Yu’s chest. It endured the pain and pushed all of its remaining strength towards this claw and on towards Meng Yu’s body. It knew, that this injuries could not be saved. It would die together with this cunning human.youth!!!

Without no time to dodge, without the strength to even move, Meng Yu only sighed. This outcome was within his expectations. Maybe, just maybe after the Wolf King’s death, those few little girl can run away.

Thinking of this, Meng Yu’s countenance became better, and his face was calm as he closed his eyes.

“Ayyyyy………” That dark shadow sighed in regret. Its moment of hesitation actually lost him a good piece of seedling. It wanted to rescue Meng Yu, but alas. it was already impossible. Meng Yu was just too far away.

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