The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 27

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TAA, Chapter 27: Repaying Kindness with Complaints

“Do you think you can save us? Look at the pack of wolves, I think you are a wise person. If you can not even save yourself, then what’s the point of saving us?”

Sun Xuelin angrily shouted at Meng Yu after climbing the tree.

After putting her friends in this situation, self-blame already smashed heavily on her head. She did not expect that this trash would come to her doorsteps, isn’t this waste another burden on her shoulder?

When Meng Yu heard this, his face became cold and the raging anger of his heart burst out. He did not expect that his kindness would be treated like a donkey’s ass, kidney and liver. If not the Fierce Wind Wolves began attacking them, there’s truly nothing he can do.

“Shut up and stop talking nonsense. If you do not want to die, then be prepared to cast magic spells.” Meng Yu coldly said to Sun Xuelin as he controlled the Golden Blade and immediately killed the wolves beginning to climb the tree, one after another.

If he knew that he would be treated like this, he basically wouldn’t even give a fart about them. But since this is already the case, they must think of only one thing: how to survive.

“Aaaaaaahhhhh…….” At this time, the claws of a Fierce Wind Wolf grabbed onto a girl’s ankles. It opened its mouth preparing to severe it off from her body.

In the nick of time, a Water Arrow appeared above the wolf’s head. Although the power behind the Water Arrow was insufficient to stabbed through its head, but it effortlessly pierced through its eyes. The wolf pitifully wailed as it fell down tree, crashing hard to the ground.

But that little girl also fell down with it.

Below, another Fierce Wind Wolf opened its huge mouth waiting for the girl to drop, its greedy eyes was full of surprises.

But just as he bit his teeth crunched on that gorgeous meal, that little girl suddenly flew.

Meng Yu’s feet hang on the branches. He grabbed the little girl and throw her back to the tree. At the same time, he stood back up on the tree’s branches.

Wolf after wolf were climbing on the tree, crouching ready to attack, but they were constantly repelled by Sun Xuelin and the girls with a barrage of magic spells.

Meng Yu glanced at a cowardly girl beside Sun Xuelin. Her Water Arrow somewhat caught Meng Yu’s admiration.

But at during this moment, he can not allow emotions to run over him, he summoned more Golden Blade and most of the wolves’ pressure were greatly reduced.

Meng Yu’s action cannot be compared to Sun Xuelin and the other girls. Each slash of the Golden Blade was accompanied by a fountain of blood and the loss of a wolf’s life. “Control your magic attack to the wolfe’s neck and abdomen, pay attention and save your magic power. If you are just attacking like an idiot, how long would it last?”

Meng Yu roared at Sun Xuelin and the other girls. He had not seen such a crude and useless way of using magic. The people have obviously got the cultivation of a Junior Magus, but Meng Yu can feel that their strength were much weaker than when he was still a Magus Apprentice!

“You think your magic is so good…..?” Sun Xuelin angrily said.

But before she the opportunity to continue, her mouth began to drop as she saw Meng Yu easily control numerous Golden Blades to viciously annihilate wolf after wolf, so she made the wise choice to shut up.

Being defeated by the academy’s trash, made her, the genius of the Sun Family, feel disgusted and upset.


Just then, the loud and clear howl of a wolf resounded across the surroundings.

The pack of Fierce Wind Wolves suddenly retreated back like a tide of water. Still, they still surrounded the tree where Meng Yu and the girls were.

Somehow this gave Meng Yu and the others a time to breath. Sun Xuelin and the girls were miserable and were very frightened. They were drenched in sweat, even their hair were stick all over their faces.

Their sweat-drenched clothes were sticking tightly to their gorgeously exquisite bodies, unfortunately they were just fourteen year old girls, so honestly they were still somewhat lacking in humps.

Of course, Meng yu had not time to examine these beauties. Sitting crossed-legged in the branches, he began to restore his dou qi.

Out of nowhere, a bright fur colored Fierce Wind Wolf crossed over the pack of wolves and came walking until it stopped around twenty meters from the tree. It burst into a syncomphany of howling and then with fixed eyes, looked at the few people, seemingly waiting for an answer.

Ssing this, Meng Yu was somewhat silent, “Brother Wolf , what are you trying to speak?”

“It is making us fight with it in a duel.” The voice of Sun Xuelin came from behind his back.

Meng Yu stared blankly at her. He did not expect this little girl still have a skill at all, she even understood the wolf’s language. Seems learning other languages is still very important.

Sun Xuelin looked at her several sisters, turned around and looked at the pack of wolves.

“Let me go, I brought everyone here, it is my fault. If someone must be the first to die, then that person must be me.”

Sun Xuelin firmly said as she prepared to jump down the tree.

“Sister Xuelin, no. We do not blame you, this is not your fault. If not for us wanting to have fun, then you would not have taken us here.”

All the girl pulled Sun Xuelin and then cried.

Meng Yu was a bit surprised, he never imagined that she would have such a bold and daring character. For a teenage little girl, this is already very rare. The disgust he received from her earlier excessive words was suddenly reduced a lot.

Looking at the crying little girls, he could not help but think back to his siblings on earth, he thought of Lu An, he thought of Li Hai, and he thought of Aunt Mei.

“A Xiu, blame me for not listening to you. But I am the strongest here, if i have no chance, then even you would even have less of a chance to win. Fighting on this duel is our only chance, If I win…we…..”

“Stop…….stop…..stop…. You are the strongest? What do you mean?” Meng Yu interrupted Sun Xuelin’s words. He can not take the girls lousily crying like this anymore, their annoying cries were making his head ache.

“That Wolf King means that if we win, we can leave right?” Meng Yu somewhat uncertainty asked Sun Xuelin. After all, he do not understand Wolf Language.

“Shut up!!!”Sun Xuelin shouted while biting her teeth.

“We have no hope, it is a third level Wolf King.” Sun Xuelin said.

She just wanted to go first, she wants to relieve this guilt from her conscience. She knew, that today none of them would leave this place alive.

In fact, Sun Xuelin do not need to remind him. Meng Yu spent the last half a month training and hunting in the Devil Beast Forest, his experience far exceeded their’s.

“Do not fight, I will go. You are a Wind Magus. So if you have the chance, take them and leave. Do not bother with me.”

Meng Yu looked at Sun Xuelin and seriously said.

“If I’m unlucky and is slain first, then you can sacrifice yourself afterwards.” Meng Yu was never afraid of death, he knew that being afraid of death would bring nothing.

“I…….i am so sorry for the words I spoke back then, if you can successfully live….then….” Sun Xuelin looked at this youth. He was known as a trash, but her heart was currently mixed with numerous flavors.

However, Meng Yu had already jumped off the tree and faced the Wolf King.

“Big brother Meng Yu, we believe in you.” The girl named A Xiu looked at Meng Yu’s back and shouted.

Sun Xuelin’s lips suddenly quivered, but in the end, she didn’t say anything more.

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