The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 26

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TAA, Chapter 26: Classmates

There were five great families in Jiangxia City: Sun, Jiang, Luo, Gu, Li.

Sun Xuelin is the Sun Family’s second young miss. She was an outstanding talent since childhood, already a Junior Magus at the young age of fourteen years old. She is not far away from becoming an Intermediate Magus either. Compared to her obscure and silent elder brother, she is Jiangxia City’s heavenly daughter yet totally filled with pride and arrogance.

In Jiangxia City, there is no saying that only the eldest son can succeed. This means that Su Xuelin will most likely become the Sun Family’s Landlord in the future.

The young Sun Xuelin was very calm while enjoying her wondrous talented performances. But she was just a little girl, a little girl that longed and desired to see the secrets of the outside world. This is a desire that adults simply can not understand.

Ever since the day her father gifted her a cub of a Dark Shadow Panther, the desire to venture within the Devil Beast Forest bred like a virus in her heart.

Taking advantage of class time, she took some friends with her and went into the Devil Beast Forest. To children that never have stepped a foot outside of Jiangxia City before, the Devil Beast Forest was simply a paradise. They were gravely mistaken…….

The dense primordial forest stretched like a thick green blanket that totally covered the mountains. However, everything seemed new to their eyes whether the shiny rays of sunlight or the shiny leaves, they were totally enjoying themselves.

No matter how fresh a thing is, there is a time that one will become tired of it. So when Sun Xuelin put forth the idea of going deeper into the Devil Beast Forest, almost everyone happily agreed.

“I heard that Devil Beasts are dreadful, we must go back quickly.” A girl named A Xiu somewhat weakly said. She was obviously terrified of what lurks with the unknown of the Devil Beast Forest.

“A Xiu, it’s alright. We are all Junior Magus, even if we encounter Devil Beasts they will be nothing to us.”

Full of confidence, Sun Xuelin somewhat excitingly said. This adventure made her blood boil tremendously, this feeling makes her tremble in excitement.

“Yes, we have five people, we do not need to be afraid of Devil Beasts.” Several other girls persuaded her too.

Five Junior Magus was indeed a strong force, and is a lot stronger compared to some mercenary groups. This force have the capability to delve much deeper into the Devil Beast Forest.

Deep within the outskirts of the Devil Beast Forest, they even saw a rabbit which excited them very badly. Without thinking, they chased the rabbit unknowingly going deeper and deeper to the unknown.

Suddenly, the loud howl of a wolf shattered the eerie forest. As she gazed at the lone wolf, Sun Xuelin’s face turned white. It was a Fierce Wind Wolf.

Sure enough, after a short period of time, they were surrounded by a pack of Fierce Wind Wolves. Fierce Wind Wolves do not act alone.

Several little girls started began to panic, and one after another they began to chant magic spells. Fireball, Water Bullet, Vine Coffin, all were released horizontally and vertically.

Two unlucky impatient Fierce Wind Wolf rushed towards the girls and instantly suffered numerous magical spells. They fell to the ground without even uttering a singly cry, their bodies mutilated beyond degree..

This made the other Fierce Wind Wolf. not act recklessly.

However, they were not Master Magus and were only Junior Magus. Their magic power is dreadfully limited.

The wolves turned their head upwards and howled together, San Xuelin’s face became pale in fright, she knew that these Gale Wolfs were still calling for more wolves to come.


While pondering about ways to make money, Meng Yu was kicked out of his stupor by the howling of the wolves. He thought that he was being attacked by a pack of wolves, and cold drops of sweat fell from his terrified body for a second. He secretly sweared in his heart that he would never daze off like that while he was still within this creepy forest.

What should I do when I meet the pack of Devil Beast?

Of course he ran and fled without any hesitation towards the outside of the Devil Beast Forest. After all, his harvest today was already pretty good.

Suddenly, Meng Yu stopped his footsteps. In a faint manner, he heard screams.

It does not seem to be the cries of Devil Beasts fighting each other, yet it seems to be the ghastly screams of people fighting Devil Beasts.

“Would I save those people?”

“Well, those howls probably came from Fierce Wind Wolves, and a huge pack at that. With my own strength, there would be no saving them if their teeths had already pierced their fleshs.”

If the Bladed Furred Beast can be ranked as an existence in the bottom of all second level Devil Beast, then these Fierce Wind Wolves can be ranked as the king among all second level Devil Beasts. The Bladed Furred Beasts forced him to use all his skills just to flee, not to mention these Fierce Wind Wolves.

The Fierce Wind Wolf’s defense is incomparable to the Bladed Furred Beast. The Fierce Wind Wolves were not called ‘Fierce Wind’ for nothing. Their speed were much faster than the Bladed Furred Beast, both were not in the same level at all.

On a head-on confrontation, Meng Yu may use his Golden Blade and his long sword to slay a few of the Fierce Wind Wolves, but the next moment, the claws of another Fierce Wind Wolf had already pierced his heart.

“But listening to their screams, they must be in a grave situation.”

“Should I go?”

“Forget it. I’ll just take a look first. If perchance I can save someone, I will save that person. But if the situation turns bad, leaving immediately is the best option. My life is more important.”

“Well, that’s it.”

After making a decision, Meng Yu was relieved. He carefully crouched and slowly moved towards the direction of the Fierce Wind Wolves.

A few minutes later, above a tree, he finally saw the situation on the field.

In the midst of the growling wolves, five fourteen year old little girl stood side by side. Looking at their terrified confused expression, Meng Yu instantly knew that these brats got no combat nor fighting strength at all. He completely forgot he was also only sixteen years old.

He was very curious why these Fierce Wind Wolves did not actually ripped their flesh already.

Meng Yu knew with his own strength, he simply can save these people.

If these people were not children, Meng Yu would have perhaps quietly left. But now, he can’t convince himself to leave them just like this.


San Xuelin’s face was becoming paler and paler. Although the Fierce Wind Wolves haven’t striked, but she new once the pack of wolves began to attack, they simply do not have the strength to fight back.

At this point, self blame already swallowed her small mind.

“Run here, hurry up.” At this time, Sun Xuelin heard the voice of a youth drift into her ear.

Then came the cries of the wolves. Their bodies mysteriously fell down, covered in their own blood.

Sun Xuelin is after all the heir of the Sun Family, and her training and cultivation is incomparable to her other friends. She was the first one to react and ran towards the direction of which the voice came from.

The other girl were shaking and have long fallen in panic, Sun Xuelin shouted for them to follow.

“Why are you so slow? Climb the tree quick. “ Looking at the five little girls struggling to climb the tree, Meng Yu cannot help but be annoyed.

He knew that when Sun Xuelin and the other girls saw that their savior turned out to be Meng Yu, the famous Junior Magus trash of the whole Academy, they were so disappointed.

Meng Yu do not know these girls, but they knew Meng Yu. He can be considered as a celebrity in the Junior Magus Academy, and together with Li Ha, they were were called the ‘trash duo’.

The hope that they gave birth was just an illusion.

At this time, the wolves stared towards them, and Meng Yu’s behaviour naturally enraged them to the point where there blood was nearly boiling. They crazily rashed towards the huge tree.

Ever since the time when he was trapped by the Bladed Furred Beast, Meng Yu liked to take cover above the trees. Since there were no flying devil beast on this part Devil Beast Forest, it was very useful and saved his life countless of times.

But at this time, his luck seemed to have run out.

Because the wolves raised their paws and stabbed it on the trunk; they were slowly climbing the tree.

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