The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 25

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TAA, Chapter 25: Small Earnings

Meng Yu slowly fell from the trunk, and as his feet touched the ground, he immediately flee away with all his might. Meng Yu refused to be blocked by the shrubs and bushes ahead of him, he knew the moment those beasts caught up to him, he will end up being ripped apart by their spikes, fangs, and claws.

Fortunately, huge dense trees covered the Devil Beast Forest, and the attacks of the Bladed Furred Beast is purely based on their speed and the spikes on their backs.  The dense trees were a huge obstacle hindrance to the speed and movement of the beast pack.

As Meng Yu’s agility was execute to its extreme, with his Junior Swordsman’s dou qi, although those Bladed Furred Beast were known for their speed, but at the moment they could not catch up with Meng Yu.

Occasionally, a Bladed Furred Beast was able to catch up, but Meng Yu instantly took action.  He immediately stabbed out his sword or strike them down with his summoned Golden Blade. The Bladed Furred Beasts could not hinder even half of Meng Yu’s speed as he dashed onwards….

Meng Yu now understood Aunt Mei’s words when she said she paid a huge price to buy back this long sword. If it was only a regular long sword , then it would have been broken multiple times already. Unknowingly, his solid foundation gave him the capability to escape, he can even gradually take the time to cast a spell and crush one or two Bladed Furred Beast nearest to him.

Ten minutes later, Meng Yu unexpectedly discovered that only about a dozen Bladed Furred Beast remained.  And regardless how their leader press them on, they were not willing to take a step further.

It was unimaginable what kind of fear and dread this Bladed Furred Beasts were suffering. Looking at the Golden Blade flying towards their back, the next moment, the blade change direction and suddenly moved in an arcing directions as it directly plunged into their soft abdomen.

They stared helplessly as their companions died one by one. Powerlessness and fear finally prevailed and fell upon the Bladed Furred Beast King. They faced towards their fallen companions, and sadly wailed their howling cries.

The Bladed Furred Beast King was crying tremendously while growling at Meng Yu non stop. He no longer moved forward, it seemed he was seeing the most frightening monster in front of him. Thus, he reluctantly gave up the thought of killing Meng Yu.

All of a sudden, his head suddenly stood up, and the next second he and his remaining companions immediately turned around and left……

Meng Yu once again climb a thick tree trunk. Only this kind of huge tree can give him enough sense of security. He sat cross-legged on the tree branches and began to meditate.

Beads of sweat dropped profusely from his forehead. His magic power was totally depleted, and there also weren’t that much dou qi left. Yet the most important thing is that his consumption of spiritual power was very serious, he did not expect that his control of the magically summoned Golden Blade was very good. But if those Bladed Furred continued chase after him, the final outcome would have been disastrous.

As he jumped down from the trunk, he activated the strength in his muscles and bones. He went back to the path he ran before, after all there were a lot of Bladed Furred Beast corpses scattered in there. Moreover, their crystal cores meant gold coins.

“One, two….” Meng Yu happily took the numerous crystal cores into his arms.

Suddenly as he gathered the crystal cores, Meng Yu felt the surroundings fell into a terrifying eerie silence. The aura of death crept through the area as chills ran up and down his body, his hair stood up on its end in terror.

He didn’t hesitate, Meng Yu instantly gave up the remaining crystal cores within the corpses of the Bladed Furred Beast. and quickly rushed out from the forest..

He did not know, but this decision narrowly saved his life.


The moment Meng Yu returned back to the small courtyard, it was already late in the evening. Under the sunset, Meng Yu walked into the small courtyard.  

The setting sun behind Meng Yu elongated his figure that was covered from head to toe with blood.

“Big brother Meng Yu……..are you alright!!!????” In the small courtyard, Li hai was honing his sword skills when Meng Yu suddenly barged in.

You can’t blame him. When Meng Yu killed the Bladed Furred Beasts, it was too late for him to avoid the numerous thorns and sharp branches of different trees and shrubs in the forest. At this time, his clothes had long turned into pieces of bloody rags, and scars riddled his body with blood seeping out.

The worst was his right time, he was unable to dodge the spike of a Bladed Furred Beast thus it was able to pierce right through. Even if he had already wrapped it in a cloth, blood still oozed horribly, and thus the cloth was was dyed in red.

Seeing him look like this, Li hai could not be blamed for being somewhat terrified.

“I’m fine, just a bit of skin injury, the bandage just made it look worse than it really is.” Meng Yu pretended not to care about it. In fact right now, he was experiencing a terrible pain. A little child will cry when a splinter of a pencil pricks him, not to mention the countless bloody wounds he received today.

But he was still very happy, in his left hand were numerous devil crystals, it was a day full of harvest.

“This….this are all devil crystals?” Li Hai was dumbstruck as he stared at the shiny things. Meng Yu constantly dug out form his arms, and then stacked his accumulated crystal cores on the table.

“Yes, there are more…..” Meng Yu could not help but think but to the remaining Bladed Furred Beast corpses that remained on the road, he could not help but feel a burst of regret. Thinking back the horrifying feeling he experienced at that time, his body instantly turned cold. Originally he thought the Bladed Furred Beast fled because of his magical Golden Blade, now it seemed it is not the case, something even greater terrified them.,……..

“How is Aunt Mei?” After Meng Yu handed the crystal cores to Li Hai, he worryingly asked.

“Aunt Mei woke up once this afternoon. She took a medicine and ate a porridge before falling asleep once again.” Li Hai answered Meng Yu in worry.

Meng Yu slowly  went to Aunt Mei’s room and looked at her with a heavy heart. He gently shut the door and then began to deal with his own wounds.

“Big brother Meng Yu, take me with you next time. I can not bear to think of you taking this risk all alone.” Looking at the nasty wounds on Meng Yu’s body, Li Hai angrily blamed himself for being useless.

“What is the problem with you? What do you think of my strength? With your cultivation, even with my present state, I can still crush you down with one hand. Today, I just barely got the taste of death. If you follow me, not only won’t you be able to help me, but you will only bring misery and perhaps death to me.”

Meng Yu somewhat do not have the heart to fight with Li Hai, but he knew that if he do not say these words, Li Hai would probably never give up on his idea. In any case, he can not allow Li Hai to take such needless risks.

“Cultivate here at home while taking care of Aunt Mei, Aunt Mei said that your talent will one day surpass mine, wait until that day where you can fight me toe to toe. What you need now is time, seize this opportunity to practice and hone your skills well, only when you are powerful can you help me.”

Meng Yu patted Li Hai’s shoulders, and then dealt the wounds on his body, he could not help grit his teeth.


Half a month later, Meng Yu stared at the lair of Bladed Furred Beast that he annihilated. This month, he relied on his own flexibility advantage and totally annihilated and destroyed two packs of Bladed Furred Beast.

Of course during that time,  Meng Yu tried his best to kill other Devil Beast, but not all Devil Beasts got such a clear and obvious weakness like the Bladed Furred Beast. Beheading the whole two pack of Bladed Furred Beast was still a bit troublesome. The reason he was able to last this long was they just got a weak abdomen.

And it can be said that the Bladed Furred Beast truly had bad luck when they met Meng Yu.

When Meng Yu’s magic cultivation broke through into the Junior Magus realm, killing Bladed Furred Beast became more handy. He had to admit that his fist sized Qi mass was enough for him to summon more magic Golden Blade.

But he did not directly challenge a pack just like before. He annihilated the two pack portion by portion and it took him a lot of time. But during this half a month, Meng Yu’s body was constantly transforming, leaving enormous changes in his body.

He possessed a firm foundation thus in actual combat, his sword methods were becoming more lethal, and in the battles between life and death, his speed and strength were enhanced to times greater than before.

But his greatest progress was in his magic. After all, when he beheaded the Bladed Furred Beast, he used magic more and more. If not, even four or five Bladed Furred Beast would have been butchered if they have met his long sword head on. He was now able to control five Golden Blades with concise accuracy and flexibility at the same time. He decided after all of this is over, he would go the Magic Academy and learn a new magic spell.

The things that distressed him the thought, after completely extinguishing the Bladed Furred Beast, how would he make money as easy as this?

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