The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 24

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TAA, Chapter 24: Bladed Furred Beast

Meng Yu hovered around the outskirts of the Devil Beast Forest for half a day, not to mention Devil Beasts, he haven’t even seen ordinary beasts. This made Meng Yu very anxious. Aunt Mei’s weekly medicinal fees costs one hundred gold coins, that is to say he needs to kill one hundred devil beasts within the Devil Beasts Forest to break even. He knew that without money, the hospital won’t give Aunt Mei the medicine and pills she desperately needs.

Biting his teeth, he decided to venture a little deeper. Currently, he was in the area marked in the map as outside of the danger area, however this plan was obviously not working.

Meng Yu went out early in the morning, now it was already noon and he was still looking for the tracks of a Devil Beast. Tiredness began to overwhelm him, choking his breath.

Leaning against a tree trunk, Meng Yu took out the dried food he prepared before time, biting it down. His mood however was becoming more and more agitated and irritable.

“It seems the peripheral outskirts of the Devil Beast Forest have already been cleaned up, should I continue even further?” Meng Yu gambled in his heart.

Meng Yu directly bit a few mouthfuls of the dry food, and prepared himself to go deeper into the Devil Beasts Forest.

Suddenly, he felt movement behind him. Without hesitation, he took out his sword and then began to chant a magic spell. A magical Golden Shield appeared in front of Meng Yu.

The moment the Golden Shield appeared, a shadow suddenly flew out from the forest and clashed towards Meng Yu.

The magic shield successfully blocked the shadow, at the same time, Meng Yu utilized his dou qi and stabbed his sword onwards.

A few cracks immediately emerged on the Golden Shield right after it clashed with the shadow, then it slowly disappeared.

However, Meng Yu’s sword successfully hit the shadows, yet he did not feel the sensation of having pierced flesh. Instead, he felt that he had stabbed a piece of steel. Under the great impact, Meng Yu could not help but retreat back a few steps.

That shadow was even worse. It directly flew backwards and slammed into the ground.

Meng Yu can now clearly see the beast in front of him: it was a Bladed Furred Beast.

A Bladed Furred Beast got spikes that are more than twenty centimeters long sticking from their backs. It is the sole weapon of the Bladed Furred Beast but it is no different from metal. Coupled by their immense speed, these spikes were the mark of death for other creatures..

The only weakness of the Bladed Furred Beast is located at it’s abdomen. If it’s back is recognized as like a steel barrier, then it’s abdomen is like a soft persimmon that can be broken by a pinch. These commonly seen Devil Beasts have a description in the missions of the Mercenary Trade Union.

The impact of his sword brought no small shock to the Devil Beast. After a long time, it struggled to stand up like a puppy. It even looked a bit cute.

But Meng Yu did not sense the feeling of cuteness emancipating from this creature in front of him. Instead, his heart began to palpitate in terror. In the book Introduction to the Bladed Furred Beast, a phrase was written: “Bladed Furred Beast, Hunts and Lives in Packs.”

Even if there were two of them, Meng Yu still had the confidence to deal with them, but what the phrase meant was a whole ‘pack’.

Without hesitation, he turned around and flee towards the outside of the Devil Beast Forest.

But before he even took a few steps, he discovered that the weeds and shrubs around him were shaking violently.

He was already surrounded!!!

“They can’t climb trees can they?” Meng Yu sprang and straightaway climbed up the tree that he was leaning on.

Then he saw a magnificently spectacular sight under the tree. At least fifty Bladed Furred Beast gathered around the huge tree, constantly shouting their frightful howls. Meng Yu can only quietly pray in his heart that the Bladed Furred Beast would not climb the tree.

He had to say that he was lucky the Bladed Furred Beast can not climb trees. Their short limbs can not support their bodies to do such a difficult action.

But they can still hit the tree!!!

As if they were an army, the Bladed Furred Beast ordered into several rows and columns, and crashed their bodies into the tree Meng Yu was sheltered at, 

More than a dozen of the beasts also surrounded the area, apparently preventing Meng Yu any opportunity to escape.

“The intelligence of Devil Beasts are low? I will definitely kill the person who said this.” Meng Yu cried in his heart. He wanted to encounter a Devil Beast, but this is too much. Give me face!!!  Now, he got no road to the sky nor a door to the earth.

Fortunately, Meng Yu choose this tree which is thick enough. For a time, Meng Yu has no worries about his life. But if the Bladed Furred Beast truly destroys the tree, a sudden chill rampaged his raging heart.

Running, accelerating, smashing; the pack of Bladed Furred Beast constantly rotated like a well oiled machine.

All of a sudden, the tree began to issue the first sounds of breaking.

“What the hell, I didn’t do anything yet they are still so persistent?” Meng Yu trembled in dread and fear, scared witless as he felt the rhythm of the tree shaking. A million hooves of horses trampling mud and grasses roared in his heart.

When he saw the Bladed Furred Beast attacking before his eyes, he now understood why. Behind the pack was a huge Bladed Furred Beast, and from time to time that huge beast issued out growls of commands to the pack.

It was oviously a monstrous beast, Meng Yu could feel the deep aura from its body.

“If only I were a Wind type Magus, then I can just fly away…..”

“Yes…..I am a magician.” Meng Yu figured something in his head, and then took a meaningful glance at the group of Bladed Furred Beast below him.

“Golden Spirits between the heaven and earth…..”

After the ferocious beast slammed their bodies into the tree, they refused to be dizzied as they immediately stood up and moved behind the last row, preparing for their the next attacking turn.

At the same time, a Golden Blade appeared out of nowhere. It whizzed and pierced into the beast’s abdomen and blood splashed like a fountain. Their legs stopped moving, and stayed motionless.

The trunk was already splitting apart, if this beasts would not spare him, then he would not spare them also!!!

Blood continued to flow. Those Bladed Furred Beast who were careless enough were beheaded in a blink of an eye…..

The seemingly leader of the pack suddenly shouted a shrilling howl, and then all the Bladed Furred Beast retreated a few steps back.

Meng Yu breathed a sigh of relief as he saw the beasts recede. But then his hair stood on its end. As he gazed into the pack, he saw the eyes of their leader now turned into red, deep blood red.

And then a mournful howl pierced the eerie atmosphere. Those beasts that had retreated suddenly dashed in an alarming rate. When they were two meters away from the middle of the trunk, they jumped and accompanied by their momentum and weight, they slammed themselves to the tree.

Ka ca! Ka ca!

With the violent intense jolt, a burst of sounds came from Meng Yu’s throat.

At the same time, three rays of Golden Blade appeared above the Bladed Furred Beasts. Meng Yu was already enraged and unhappy about the situation. Those who dared to hit the tree were not spared.

After he became a Junior Magus, Meng Yu was able to control a few number of the Golden Blade. Yet to achieve the best effects, three was the limit.

However, instead of stopping, his attacks even more provoked the rampaging beasts into anger, turning them into a savagely fierce monsters.

Advancing wave upon wave, they rushed to the tree where Meng Yu was. The ground slightly rumbled and the tree finally fell slowly.

During all this time, Meng Yu only managed to kill only a dozen Bladed Furred Beast. In a blink of an eye, the more than thirty remaining Bladed Furred Beast rushed forward, sweeping at him like a huge tide.

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