The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 23

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TAA, Chapter 23: Desperately Making Money

“Li Hai, are you alright?”

“Do not worry about it, we can think of another way. “ Meng Yu went up and patted Li Hai’s shoulder.

Li Hai turned around and gazed at the eyes of Meng Yu.

“Big brother Meng Yu, can you let me live here for a while. I want to take care of Aunt Mei, I really do not want to go back to the Li Family. I should have known, the Li Family is simply a cold grave tomb.”

“Sure you can stay, anyway, there are a few empty rooms in the courtyard.“ Naturally, Meng Yu did not refuse. After all, he had long regarded Li Hai as his brother.

”En, thank you big brother Meng Yu.“ Li Hai slowly whispered, as if the cowardly weak Li Hai came back again. However, Meng Yu still felt that something was different about him.

“Li Hai, do you know any methods to make money quickly?” Meng Yu decided to ask Li Hai. Li Hai is a local in Jiangxia City, he should know a lot more.

“Living in Jiangxia City is no problem to me. But with Aunt’s Mei circumstance and situation, we must immediately earn a lot of money.”

Li Hai raised his head proudly. His eyes full of determination and hope, he answered.

“Well, we can first visit the Mercenary Trade Union to do some some missions since not far from Jiangxia City is the Devil Beast Forest. Even if the mission can not be completed, we can still slay devil beasts to earn money. A second rank devil beast’s crystal core has a value of one gold coin. As long as we work hard enough, the fees for Aunt Mei’s pills and medication would be resolved.”

On his journey going back, Li Hai had already thought things through. He was determined to go to the Devil Beasts Forest, he wants to do something for Aunt Mei. During the past days, Aunt Mei and Meng Yu gave him the love and care he never experienced before.

Aunt Mei showed him the feeling and warmth of a mother, and Meng Yu was like a big brother. He felt the emotions and care he never experienced after his mother left him.

It was because of him Aunt Mei became like that. He blamed himself for Aunt Mei’s injury. If he wasn’t so stupid, Aunt Mei wouldn’t have to personally demonstrate, so perhaps her injury wouldn’t have broke out.

Every time Li Hai thought about it, a burst pain stabbed his heart.

“A second rank Devil Beast?” Meng Yu knew that in theory, a second rank Devil Beasts were equivalent to a human Junior Magus or a Junior Swordsman. However, Devil Beasts do not possess the intelligence of a human, and they do not have the weapons the humans possessed. So it isn’t a problem for a Junior Swordsman to handle a second rank Devil Beast.

“This is a good idea,” In his heart, Meng Yu finally decided.

“Li Hai, go and take a sleep first. Tomorrow, I will visit the Mercenary Trade Union and then proceed to the Devil Beast Forest.”

“Not you, us, I want to hunt too.” Li Hai shook his head and stubbornly said.

“You want to take care of Aunt Mei don’t you, if we all go, who will take care of her? You are the only one I trust, I can’t trust anyone else.” Meng Yu somewhat helplessly said. Never he expected that such bold words would come out from the cowardly Li Hai.

“But……” Li Hai wanted to say something.

“I have already decided. Cultivate well, once you become a Junior Swordsman, we can take turns going to the Devil Beast Forest.”

Priorities are meant to be solved first, things behind are meant to be solved in the future.


Inside the Mercenary Trade Union, Meng Yu was instantly dumbstruck by the numerous loud noises within. His head hummed coldly as he blanked out for almost a few seconds.

The Mercenary Trade Union was only a small building around 10 meters high. It is small, but not really that small  At first, Meng Yu estimated that at the very least, this Mercenary Trading Union covers around a few thousand square meters.

Thus he thought that it should be pretty loose inside. Never he expected that it would immediately show its strength the first glance he took inside. A raging sea of people covered the area, like a bustling market.

Opposite the hall were rows of counters which were arranged in a series of windows. There were at least dozens of people waiting in line in front of the counters.

On both sides of the hall were two huge magic screens in which missions were posted on the top, including a mercenary group that finished a mission, or a mercenary that completed a mission..

Under the two big screens were also small platforms. Each were about less than a square meter, and above these small platforms were small magic screens. Respectively, much lesser people lined in front of these small screens.

This is the purpose for Meng Yu’s visit, he first needs to register as a mercenary, as registered mercenaries do not need to line up in the window counters. Registered mercenaries can settle their matters on these small platforms. Meng Yu immediately thought of the computers, his mind also flew to the seas of people in front of railroad ticket stations. Both were strikingly similar.

After motivating himself, Meng Yu finally chose a line and waited.

“Young man, I am in a hurry, can you let me use it first?” Meng Yu waited for a long time, finally when it is his turn already, a burly middle aged man came over and looked at Meng Yu with a smiling face.

“You can use it first.” Meng Yu directly stepped back. He is not stupid, and he knew that this person shouldn’t be trifled with. There is no need to find trouble for himself.

“Thank you little brother, I will write down you kindness.”  The burly man happily said.

The people behind Meng Yu were very dissatisfied. But after looking at this huge man, everyone shut up their mouths.

Instead, they began to throw curses at Meng Yu, but he merely turned a supercilious look and silently endured.


After walking out of the Mercenary Trade Union, Meng Yu preceded towards the Devil Beast Forest. The identity card he got from the Mercenary Trade Union can be used interchangeably, and this saved Meng Yu a lot of trouble.

Taking a mission for finding some herbs and ores within the Devil Beast Forest, Meng Yu immediately left as he only needs a map on the outskirts of the forest.

Unlike what Li Hai said, not all second level Devil Beast’s crystal cores are worth a gold coin. Some crystal core can even get a good price of several dozen gold coins, and this gave Meng Yu some faint glimmer of hope.

“Little brother, the Devil Beast Forest is full of danger. Little brother, do not take any needless risks, raise your strength first and proceed on after a few years.” As Meng Yu contemplated where best place to hunt devil beasts, a voice passed from his side.

Then he saw a white haired old man with a twenty year old youth coming over, and they should be talking towards him.

“Thank you for your concern grandfather, but I will just roam around the outskirts of the forest and gain some experience.” Meng Yu politely reacted with a smile, He knew that the other side has good intention and were truly concerned to him.

The old man still wanted to talk something, but the youth already took him away.

“No need to talk when a person doesn’t have the ears to listen.”

Meng Yu touched his nose, not knowing what to say. He got no desire to leave, he needed money for Aunt Mei’s, and he needed strength.  

After the old men entered the Devil Beast Forest, he chose another direction and also delve into the unknown.

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