The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 22

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TAA, Chapter 22: Blood Forging Pill

“At this point, not only did the injury completely destroyed her body’s meridians, it also invaded her six hollow internal organs. If I hadn’t arrived just in time, I’m afraid saving her will only be an impossible dream.”

“Even so, I could only stabilize her injury temporarily. She can’t be totally healed, unless……”

The old man grasped the cup of tea, and took a little sip.

“Unless what?” Meng Yu anxiously asked.

“If you have sufficient money and strength, I suggest you take your Aunt Mei to the Imperial Capital and seek the help of a Light Magus Mentor. Only the eternal healing of the light can instantly cure such a serious, fatal injury. “

“How much will it cost?” Meng Yu asked with some uncertainty.

After he sold the carriage design for three hundred gold coins, there were still more than two hundred gold coins left. In order to save Aunt Mei, even if he spend all the gold coins, he would spend it all without the slightest hesitation or heartache.

The old man slightly looked at Meng Yu, and somewhat helplessly said.

“As I said, money is not the problem. If you can’t obtain a referral or a recommendation, you simply cannot see a Magus Mentor. Not to mention that person is a rare Light Magus Mentor, even I have never seen him. It may be a conjecture, but I believe you can find one in the Imperial Capital.”

“What should I do?” Meng Yu was somewhat angry at the old for selling off, but he is seeking for a person on which Aunt Mei’s life dangles. Attacking him would absolutely be bad.

Looking at the anger looming on Meng Yu’s face, the old man sighed again.

“I have no better way. With my strength, I can only temporarily keep her life for the time being. Coupled with medication, I need to apply acupuncture once a week.”

“Is there no other way?” Meng Yu was somewhat unwilling to ask, but hearing that the old man can still keep Aunt Mei’s heart beating, he was relieved.

As long as she lives, there is still a chance; a chance for her to be completely healed.

“Of course, but it is no easier than asking a Mentor Light Magus. If you have a Blood Forging Pill, with my acupuncture technique, I am 80% certain I can cure your Aunt Mei.”

“Blood Forging Pill? Where can I get this Blood Forging Pill?” A glimmer of hope appeared in Meng Yu’s heart.

“It’s natural you don’t know anything about it.” The old man said in turn..

He continued, “The Blood Forging Pill last time appeared three years ago at a Jiangxia City auction. It’s price shoot upwards at a hundred amethyst coins, “

The old man’s words were like freezing cold water doused into the head of Meng Yu. He thought that having  three hundred gold coins can already be considered rich, now he knew these three hundred gold coins simply cannot do anything.

He knew that one amethyst coin equals one hundred gold coins.

He was stunned for a long time. Finally, he dejectedly asked the old man, “What should I do now?”

“Do not think that you will be alright. The methods of saving a life are not easy. I can see that you are not so willing to share the copy, still I will not charge you for the medical fees. However, you need to buy the supplementary medicine on your own. After all, I do not own Tian He Hospital, I am just a small doctor.”

Meng Yu wasn’t too surprised. He knew there is no free lunch on this world, others would not help you all the time.

“I understand. Thank you so much grandfather, But how much money would the medicine cost?” At this time, Meng Yu also calmed down, he figured out, as long as Aunt Mei is still alive, he will be able to someday find that Blood Forging Pill, or he may one day ask a Mentor Light Magus to heal and purify Aunt Mei.

“It will probably cost a full amethyst coin per week.”

“Well, alright, only one amethyst coin.” Meng Yu casually said.

“Wait….!!! What…!? One amethyst coin, is a hundred gold coins right?” Meng Yu stared at the eyes of the old man.

“What are you looking at me for? One hundred gold coins, can’t you count?”

“One hundred gold coins, are you insane, go rob others!!!” Meng Yu did not hold back, blurting out the words in his mind.

The old man instantly understood what Meng Yu expression meant.

“Do you really think those supplementary medicine are just mere cabbages?” The old was very angry. He kindly offered his help, but never he expected that he would considered as a cheat. He always has a high opinion of himself, so how can he bear the slander of Meng Yu.

Looking at the old man’s angry expression, Meng Yu woke up. He knew, this old man would not cheat him of his money.

:”I’m so sorry grandfather, I was so wrong. I’m so sorry for blaming you. Please forgive me.” Meng Yu sincerely said.

Ten minutes later, the old man took out the acupuncture needle from Aunt Mei’s body, and doing so, her complexion became much more healthy.

Without speaking a word, Meng Yu followed the old man to the Tian He Hospital to obtain one week worth of Aunt Mei’s medicine. Just when he was about to pay, his mind suddenly blank out in urgency, only a bit more than a hundred gold coins was left, meaning he has only two weeks to raise money.

In a small courtyard.

“Big brother Meng Yu, do not worry, our Li Family is considered a modest family in Jiangxia City. When I go home, I will be sure to borrow a lot of money.”

Sitting In the small courtyard, Li Hai was frowning in worry and concern of Aunt Mei. He did not wait for Meng Yu to speak, he then departed out of the small courtyard.

Looking at the leaving back of Li Hai, Meng Yu’s lips moved. But in the end, he did not say anything.

Even if he opens his mouth, what will he say?

After Li Hai left, Meng Yu went to see Aunt Mei. Seeing her peacefully sleeping, he did not bother her and returned to the small courtyard.

Meng Yu took out his sword and began to cultivate his Swordsmanship Method. He was expecting to live quietly for awhile, but he never imagined that peace would just be a luxury, a mere dream.

And this was all because he was not strong enough!!!

If he was strong enough, whether it is here or in earth, he would not be so helpless, he would not be so full of spite and hatred towards himself.

A raging desire to become stronger burst in his heart. That voice kept crying in his soul. Unknowingly, his sword moves has long ago been thrown into disorder, just like his heart.

Time passed on when Ment Yu’s whole drenched body stopped, he slumped onto the ground paralyzed. He did not waste time, he began to cultivate his Dou Qi Method. As Aunt Mei said, it is usually the best time to practice the Dou Qi cultivation method when the whole body is exhausted,

In any case, he was not able to delve into the right state of meditation. Forcing himself would only make him look like a fool possessed by the devil.

At this time, the moonlight was shining brightly. Without knowing, the day had already turned dark, even the moon hang high in the sky. All of a sudden, a white shadow came slowly walking.

In addition to Li Hai, Meng Yu can not think of anyone else.

“Li Hai, what are doing here? Go and …” Power suddenly gushed out from Meng Yu’s tired body as he flew up from the ground. He then quickly stepped forward, and hopefully asked.

But when he saw Li Hai’s face, words were stuck on his throat..

“I’m so sorry, Elder brother Meng Yu, I am just a collateral relative of the Li Family. My mother is already dead and my father simply looked at me like a trash, I went back and wanted to borrow money but they ignored me altogether. I’ve begged from all the people I knew, and I only got these.”

Li Hai spread open his palms, and several coins appeared. He stretched out and handed them to Meng Yu.

And then he silently left the small courtyard. The strange thing is, with Li Hai’s character, he never cried during the whole moment. No emotion showed on his eyes, Meng Yu feel that somehow, something was wrong

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