The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 21

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TAA, Chapter 21: Harder and Harder

Meng Yu wiped his tears dry and madly rushed away towards Jiangxia City. For the first time, he regretted renting their small cabin so far away from the city.

When he arrived at Jiangxia City, he was panting heavily. Then he realized that he basically does not know where the medical building is.

“Uncle, where is the nearest medical building?” Meng Yu can’t take it anymore. He casually stopped a passing grandfather and anxiously asked.

The old man was surprised, but seeing Meng Yu’s face sweating hard like that, it doesn’t look like he was joking..

“I am the morning doctor of the medical building. What is little brother’s problem that I can help with?”

Meng Yu somewhat can not believe it and stared at the old man before his eyes. He can not believe that the old man he randomly stopped and asked was a doctor.

“Grandfather, I am really in a hurry, please do not play with me.” When Meng Yu finished saying, he prepared to run away and ask other people.

The old man grabbed Meng Yu.

“Who told you that I am joking with you. Time is life brat. Hurry and tell me what the situation is. A person’s life merely dangles by a minute.” The old man’s face was even more anxious than Meng Yu.

“Give me the directions, I’ll go first. Go to Tian He Hospital and give my medical boy a message. Tell him to bring my medicine box and rush over.” The old man said without giving any explanations.

“Hurry up! What are you doing?” The old man snapped.

At this point, Meng Yu does not believe that the old man would  spend such a big effort just to deceive him.

“Okay, go to the cabin west of the city. Say that you are asked by Meng Yu to come over. I will immediately go to the TIan He Hospital and bring your assistant as soon as I can.

Meng Yu also knew that what the old man said was right, “Time is life,” in the current world, every second is very precious.

“Cabin west of the city? Which cabin is it?” The old man foolishly looked once again towards the  leaving back of Meng Yu and shouted loudly.

“It is the farthest one,.” Meng Yu’s voice came over from afar.


When Meng Yu arrived at the TIan He Hospital, he wasn’t obstructed in any way. The medical boy rapidly packed up things and immediately followed him.

When Meng Yu and Tian He Hospital’s medical boy returned to the small courtyard, the old man was frowning, contemplating about something while sitting at the stone table. Apparently he was not hopeful of Aunt Mei’s condition.

“Grandpa, how is my Aunt Mei?” Meng Yu rushed inside and immediately asked anxiously. At this time, he was once again sweating profusely. His whole body has been soaked, he does not know whether it was cold sweat or just simply tired.

Even with his Junior Swordsman Cultivation, such high intensity movements was still somewhat unbearable.

“Bring the medicine chest.” The old man did not answer Meng Yu’s question, but directly took the medicine chest from the medical boy’s hand, and went to to Aunt Mei’s room. It may be assumed that this time, he already got a rough idea on how to treat Aunt Mei.  .

Seeing the old man’s movements, Meng Yu’s heart loosened up. According to the virtues of these doctors, if it can not be guaranteed, they will certainly not rush their shot out.

He did not think much and Meng Yu followed him inside.

Li Hai was standing in front Aunt Mei’s bed. Aunt Mei was already asleep and from the looks of her face, she was not in too much pain anymore.

“It seems this old man has two brushes.” Seeing the state of Aunt Mei, Meng was greatly reassured. He could not help but now look highly at this old man with every glance.

The old man did not care about him too much, and opened the medicine box. He took out a cloth bag, and then opened  it. Wrapped in between the folds of the cloth were needles.

“Acupuncture?” Meng Yu somewhat doubtingly asked.

“Oh? Little brother knows this technique?” The old man who was about to apply the needle temporarily stopped, turned around and asked in surprise.

“I have seen it in a book before. Grandfather, please do treat Aunt Mei quickly and cure her, we will talk later.” Meng Yu reminded himself that he was not on earth anymore, he does not know how Aunt Mei’s current situation is. According to his common sense, the early the treatment is dealt, the better it is.

The old man did not say anything more, from the cloth bag, he time to time took out a golden acupuncture needle. After examining Aunt Mei for a long time, only then did he began to drop the golden acupuncture needles throughout Aunt Mei’s acupoint apertures throughout her body.

After a short time, the old man was already sweating profusely, Meng Yu’s sharp eyes instantly noticed the old man’s back drenched in sweat. It seemed this simple acupuncture is not an easy thing for the old man to do.

“All right, you remain here and carefully watch her, I will come back to remove the acupuncture needles in a short while.”  The old man said to Li Hai and then turned towards Meng Yu.

“Come outside with me.”


“Can you tell me what you know about acupuncture?” While the old man on one side was wiping his sweat with the cloth the medical boy handed to him, he somewhat impatiently asked Meng Yu.

“I just saw it in a book before, I am not too sure about its specifics either.” Meng Yu really want to give himself a slap to his face. Why did I speak aloud just a moment ago, do I want to show that I am learned? Stupid, I am really stupid.

If he really knows something about acupuncture, looking at this old man saving Aunt Mei’s life, Meng Yu will certainly tell the old man everything he knows. The problem is he does not know anything about acupuncture at all.

Does he mean to say to the old man ‘I am from another world, and that our acupuncture is a very common means of treatment’?

“Do not hide it little friend, I also accidentally learned acupuncture from an ancient book, but I always feel that what I learned came from an incomplete acupuncture method. Can little friend tell me the book where you read about acupuncture?”

The old man uncomfortably continued to speak and eagerly looked at Meng Yu,

“If I can obtain the complete acupuncture technique, I would be more effective when treating your loved one.”

Meng Yu felt helpless. If he really knew he would need it right now, he would have studied it the moment he saw back in earth. Perhaps, it would have lessen the hatred and regrets he currently felt..

“Grandfather, it’s not that I do not want to help you, it’s just that I do not know where I saw it.” Meng Yu said with a pitiful look on his face.

The old man stared at Meng Yu’s eyes, and after looking at him for a long time, he finally determined that Meng Yu was not lying.

“Let it pass. let it pass, it is destiny, it is destiny.”The old man sighed as if he aged a few more years  older.

This frightened Meng Yu, what happening to the old man? Especially now that the old man was his life saving straw.

“Grandfather, do not worry. Once I remembered what book it is, I will tell you immediately. Now, how is my Aunt Mei?” Meng Yu somewhat worriedly asked.

The old man looked at Meng Yu slightly smiled, Meng Yu’s heart began to count beans.

“Not to be optimistic with your Aunt Mei’s situation, originally, your Aunt Mei’s injury is not serious. It should have been in her for some years already, however, she used a secret method to forcefully suppress this injury.  It held on until only now when it exploded out.”

The old man paused, heaved a heavy sighed, and then continued to say.

“That is also the problem. The secret method she used, not only did it not improve her injury, but because it was suppressing the injury for a long time, now it was just like a burst of flood. A flood that simply can not be stopped.”

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