The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 20

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TAA, Chapter 20: Panic Stricken


Hearing the dialogue of the two people, Aunt Mei can’t help but once again flip out a proud look.

“I used to be a powerful warrior, then I suffered a grave injury and lost all my power. Did you really think I did not have Dou Qi Cultivation Methods?”

Aunt Mei somewhat said proudly.

Li Hai now brightened up.

“Aunt Mei, my loving Aunt Mei, is it alright if you can teach me the Dou Qi Cultivation Method?” Li Hai stepped forward, seize Aunt Mei’s hands, and incessantly kept shaking her arms. These past days, he had gotten very familiar with Aunt Mei already.

When Meng Yu saw Li Hai’s appearance, he found it very amusing. Apparently, he need not help Li Hai out. This kid seemed like he was not muddled headed after all.

“Ok, ok, let me teach you too. But you need to kowtow me as your master.”

“Li Hai, would you pay respects to me as your master?” Aunt Mei said solemnly said.

Li Hai was stunned for a moment. Then just like a slow-witted, dunce goose, he directly nodded his head.

“I am willing, I am willing.”

Meng Yu, who was watching at the side, could not help but burst out laughing. Without a doubt, he was expecting a different scenario..


“Have you not eaten anything, strength, where is your strength? If you were a sword, even if you have the chance to stab the enemy with a piercing blow, you can’t even hurt him before his blade is already stuck in your throat, dragging you down with the souls of the dead.”

Aunt Mei loudly scolded LI Hai. Meng Yu who was watching at the side, was prostrated with fear, scared witless. Fortunately, Aunt Mei did not do so towards him, she was just too frightful.

After Li Hai kowtowed respects to Aunt Mei as his master, Meng Yu could not even remember how many times he had seen this scene, Li Hai began training a few days later. During mornings, he does not attend the Academy of Magic’s class anymore. For this, Meng Yu somewhat gave him a whole new level of admiration.

What somewhat puzzled Meng Yu was, Aunt Mei ‘s countenance as of late was getting better and better, or it can be said that it was getting more and more rosy. Yet at the same time, Aunt Mei was seemingly getting more and more anxious, the moment Li Hai rests, she instantly shared to him her past cultivation experience. Like all of a sudden, she wanted to implant all of her knowledge to Li Hai. Still, the big question is what is Aunt Mei so anxiously worried about?

For Meng Yu, Aunt Mei just handed over a Basic Swordsmanship Method to him. After that, she made him learn it out on his own and did not give too much of a guidance.

But Meng Yu did not show any resentment or discontent. He knew, his path and Li Hai’s path are not the same.

He now felt that each of his sword slash was brimming full of power. He also found out that other aspects of his skills were also evolving. As he expected, his Dou Qi Cultivation had already exceeded his Magic Cultivation, at this moment he had already become a Junior Swordsman. The Qi Mass in his Dantian within his abdomen had already grown to the size of a fist, with a bit more luck, he can constantly grow his Dou Qi and feel that kind of power gushing and filling down all over his body.

The sensation felt very, very nice.

“Why are you so stupid? Possessing the Stainless Absolute Meridians but cannot learn such a simple move, I told you so many times, pace, pace, in each style of a sword technique, the most important is the pacing. Why do you do so poorly every time?”

Meng Yu was thinking about it when Aunt Mei’s irritated voice passed over.

“Watch me closely, I’ll demonstrate it to you again.”

Although Aunt Mei did not use any Dou Qi, but from Aunt Mei’s sword slash, Meng Yu can feel a profound chill bearing down on the surroundings. The same deep, eerie sensation he felt that time when he confronted that middle aged intermediate level magician.

“Aunt Mei must have killed a lot of people before right?” Meng Yu thought.

“Aunt Mei, Aunt Mei, what happened, what is wrong with you?” Suddenly, Li Hai’s terror stricken voice interrupted Meng Yu’s pondering.

After Li Hai formally became her disciple, he did not call Aunt Mei ‘master’, she still is Aunt Mei after all. Instead, he still want to address her as Aunt Mei, and Aunt Mei was more than happy to let him do so.

“Aunt Mei, this disciple is not good, disciple is stupid, please don’t scare me, I just have to study hard afterwards, I must be more diligent, Aunt Mei……Aunt Mei….”

Aunt Mei at this time was lying the arms of Lin Hai, fresh blood was all over the ground and on Aunt Mei’s chest.

Seeing what happened, Meng Yu’s head bared the desire to crack open, he did not waste a second as he rushed over, shoved Li Hai away, clasped Aunt Mei, and went inside the room.

“Aunt Mei, what happened to you?”

Meng Yu murderously asked after he gently laid Aunt Mei on the bed. He completely did not see what had happened just a moment ago, thus he instantly assumed it was caused by Li Hai.

At this time, Meng Yu’s state immediately made Li Hai who came over became quiet out of fear. Looking at Aunt Mei’s frail, bloody countenance, even Li Hai cried out.

“Young master, do not blame Li Hai no matter what cough…..cough….”

“In fact, when we escaped from there carrying you in my arms, I was then already seriously wounded. If not for my desire to protect the young master, I am afraid I would have given up and died long ago.”  Aunt Mei weakly said.

“Aunt Mei, that’s not important right now. I will go get a doctor, there must be a way.” Meng Yu suddenly somewhat blurt out in between fluster, dismay, and confusion. He never came to think what happened to Aunt Mei before, and he never dared imagine.


“Aunt Mei, what is it?” Meng Yu’s heart ached as he once again turned around.

“I know my own illness, young master does not need to waste his strength. Take this opportunity……cough..cough…cough”

“While I still have strength, let me answer the questions young master wanted to know before……”

“I know that this day will eventually come, so I have written all of my life history out which I put on an envelope under my pillow,…..young master….”

Tears could not help but flow down from Meng Yu’s face.

“I do not want to know about my life, I only want for Aunt Mei to become better.” Meng Yu currently looked more like a child.

“Young master, perhaps this is long been destined, destined that I can only follow and be together with the young master till this day, and with that I am already satisfied.”

Aunt Mei said with a happy smile.

“Li Hai, come here.”

Li Hai who was crying, immediately came over and knelt before Aunt Mei’s bed.

Aunt Mei stretched out her trembling hands and touched Li Hai’s head, and then said.

“You are a good boy, your talent is also very good. The reason why Aunt Mei was so harsh to you the past days, is just because Aunt Mei knows that my time is already limited. I want you to grow as soon as possible.”

Aunt Mei was now breathing very heavily, and then forced herself to say.

“You remember, in the future you can not say to others that you possessed the Stainless Absolute Meridians in your body, or else it will bring you endless trouble. Also, if you diligently cultivate to the utmost of your abilities, you will certainly become a very strong person in the future.”

Aunt Mei happily smiled as if she had already seen the day when Li Hai sends shock waves throughout the continent.

“Li Hai, take good care of Aunt Mei, I’m going to get a doctor. Aunt Mei, hold on, trust me, there will be a way.” This time, Meng Yu did not wait for Aunt Mei to stop him and directly ran out.

In the room, Aunt Mei looked at Meng Yu’s leaving back and once again happily smiled.

“Li Hai, Aunt Mei got no wishes whatsoever and only hopes that the young master could spend his lifetime in peace. But the young master has already embarked on this road, a path destined to be chaotic and destructive. Aunt Mei only hopes that you would be their on the young master’s side later on.”

“However, if there is no way, then just forget it.”

“Aunt Mei, of course I will help Meng Yu big brother. If there is no Meng Yu big brother, there is no me, Meng Yu big brother would always be my brother.”

“Do not talk anymore, rest well, when Meng Yu big brother arrives with the doctor, you will be fine.” Li Hai tearily said loudly.

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