The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 2

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TAA, Chapter 2: Meng Yu

Without knowing how long, Meng Yu finally woke up. He can feel himself currently lying on a cold hard ground.

He could not remember how long since he had such a peace of mind while sleeping. This sleep was really so comfortable.

Suddenly, he felt someone kick his foot but he did not open his eyes. He was too tired, not only was he physically exhausted but more so mentally fatigued. He just wants to sleep.

“Young Master Tian, he will not die right?

At this time, an ear-piercing sound rang out.

“No, I did not exert any force. He fell by himself. This trash cannot even take a single hit of mine?”

Another frivolous voice sounded out.

“Young Master Tian, look, his head is bleeding. Won’t he bleed to……”

Zhou Kai asked with pale face.

“Nevermind, quick, let’s go.” Tian Lin unnaturally pulled Zhou Kai and hurriedly left.

It is not because they were afraid to kill people and provoke trouble. Their Tian Family fully controlled the power of the town of Pan Xi, but killing such a waste was not even something worth mentioning.

They were still just youths and do not have the capability of murdering someone’s life..

“Can they not let the dead sleep for a bit?” Meng Yu somewhat furiously thought.

He can feel the touch of the cold ground. Meng Yu lay still. Right now, he does not want to do anything. On the contrary, he spread his arms wide open and slumped his body in the ground and comfortably continued to sleep.

But when he was about to fall asleep, a burst of urgent footsteps came running towards Meng Yu’s direction,

“Young master!!!”

“Young master are you alright? “ Seeing the blood on Meng Yu’s head, a woman suddenly exclaimed.

Meng Yu felt himself being gently held up and hurriedly carried onto a direction.

From the sense of touch in his arm, Meng Yu knew that the person should be a woman.

“Mother??? With her weak and frail body, how can she carry me? Why is she calling me young master? Why was that other guy also called young master?”

Meng Yu hesitated and slowly opened his eyes.

A woman clothed in ancient style linen clothes appeared before his eyes. Her face was full of worry and anxiety.

Meng Yu quivered and hurriedly jumped down from the woman’s seat of honor.


Meng Yu was preparing to ask ‘Who are you?’ when suddenly, numerous massive memory fragments bombarded his brain.

“Ahhhhhhhh…” Meng Yu could not help but clench his head as he groaned in agony and pain.

Seeing Meng Yu’s agonizing appearance coupled with the blood on his head, the woman suddenly became even more worried. Originally, there was not a hint of color on his face, now it became a bit more white.

Not healthy white, but a morbid state of paleness.

“Young master, are you alright?” The woman anxiously cried out. Imagine yourself mutually dependent on the young master for countless years. Seeing him being tortured like this, of course one can not help but feel sadness welling up.

“I’m all right.” Meng Yu suddenly recovered himself then somewhat absentmindedly said.

“Young master, let’s quickly go back, I will help you examine your wounds.” The woman worriedly said.

She did not wait for Meng Yu to resist, she tightened her hold on Meng Yu and trudged home.

On the way, Meng Yu was also clear what happened in the end. Just now he had a headache because the moment he saw that woman, countless images flashed in his mind.

Looking at the woman before his eyes, she was only around five feet tall, Meng Yu had to accept the fact that he had passed through another world.

Moreover, he possessed the body of this youth also named Meng Yu, and this woman in front of him that is in someway has her life totally dependent on him, was his Aunt Mei.

Meng Yu is sixteen years old and attends class in the only magic academy in town. Because he failed to become a Magus Apprentice at the age of sixteen years old, he became the whole academy’s object of ridicule.

The two people who had bullied him just now were called Tian Lin and Zhou Kai. Tian Lin was the second young master of Pan Xi Town’s largest family, the Tian family. Zhou Kai was his little attendant.

A Magus’ body is originally weak to begin with. Poor little Meng Yu was shoved by them and fell to the ground where a rock hit his head.

Back at home, Aunt Mei carefully washed the blood stains off Meng Yu’s head, and actually even found out that there was no wound at all.

Although surprised, Aunt Mei was also relieved; the young master was just fine.

Not a moment later, Aunt Mei brought a bowl of steaming hot rice to his side, there was also a small bowl of pickled vegetables placed in front of Meng Yu.

“Young master, quickly eat it, it’s been so long, young master must be so hungry.” Aunt Mei said happily. In her heart, there was nothing better nor was there anything worthy of her happiness other than the young master’s safety.

Meng Yu was still immersed in the series of events that just happened; he could not have gone to  heaven has he?

Seeing Meng Yu’s dazed look, Aunt Mei walked up and sat next to Meng Yu. She gently hugged  him then said, “Young master, quickly eat your meal, your rice will get cold.”

“I am not a good slave, I did not protect the young master and even let the young master be hurt,“ Aunt Mei said with some self-blame.

Meng Yu was awakened by Aunt Mei’s movements. This time, Meng Yu did not push Aunt Mei’s arms away, instead when he felt Aunt Mei’s feeble arms embracing him, it gave him an unprecedented feeling of safety.

Does this feeling belonged to little Meng Yu, or does it belong to his own feelings?

This feeling was really good, it makes people feel at ease.

Meng Yu raised the white rice and began to eat the pickled vegetables. Because he was a child of a poverty stricken family, this white rice and pickled vegetables were simply too delicious.

“Aunt Mei, why don’t you eat too?” While eating, Meng Yu did not forget to ask the question.

“I have already eaten, this meal is specially prepared for the young master.” Aunt Mei said with a smile.

Having not eaten for a long time, Meng Yu was indeed really hungry, and the bowl of rice was sent to his stomach in no time.

Holding the empty bowl, he looked at the smiling Aunt Mei at his side watching him eat.

Aunt Mei stared blankly at him for a moment, then there appeared a rare faint blush on her face.

“Young master, that….” Aunt Mei was somewhat embarrassed as she said in a self-blame manner.

Meng Yu suddenly remembered a story that he had heard a lot of times, then when he looked at Aunt Mei’s pale face, he felt his mind being hit by a heavy hammer..

He lowered the bowl of rice and heavily hugged Aunt Mei. Because of their height disparity, he looked like a brat that was spoiled by his mother.

“Aunt Mei, I am full.” Tears drip down Meng Yu’s eyes.

Looking at the thin woman that was like a mother, Meng Yu’s heart suddenly gave birth to endless pity. At this point he had completely converged himself to little Meng Yu’s memories, Unknowingly, he was also influenced by some of these, but he really did not mind.

He realized why he did not die. He realized the heavens let him live and give him another chance.

Tears filled his eyes, he was confused but there was a piece of clear, pure, bright light in his heart.

“Father and mother, in this life, I will do my utmost best and become your pride.” These words appeared in Meng Yu’s mind.

Then he looked at Aunt Mei’s eyes and firmly said, “Aunt Mei, in the future, let me protect you instead.”

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  1. Well at least c2 had some stuff in it, but I really suggest renaming c1… to c1-prologue or something like that!! nothing special about the story yet, I am really hoping it lives up to the name and the description!!

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