The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 19

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TAA, Chapter 19: Aunt Mei’s Apprenticeship

“Meng little brother, do not misunderstand me. I just want to say, if Meng little brother has any more ideas in the future, you can come anytime at the City Carriage Line to find me, and we will discuss good prices for it.”

When Du Feng saw Meng Yu’s ugly facial expression, he suddenly knew Meng Yu misunderstood his intentions.

“No problem, it’s a pleasure collaborating with Du boss. When I think of more ideas, I’ll be sure to come and find Du boss at once.” Meng Yu was also relieved.


On a small courtyard outside the city.

“Young master’s arm should be bent a bit downward. This way, the force released would be perfect. Do not underestimate this gap. In actual combat, this gap is precisely the gap between life and death.

Aunt Mei supported Meng Yu’s arm as she patiently instructed.

It’s already been a half month later. After last night’s business between Meng Yu and Du Feng, it can be considered they have made a small fortune. They do not have to worry about what to eat, they do not have to worry about what to drink. In the morning, he went to the Academy of Magic to study and gain more knowledge of magic.

Meng Yu received a long, double edged, curved blade which Aunt Mei spent ten gold coins to buy back. This had Meng Yu’s heart ache in happiness for a long time.

To Meng Yu’s surprise, Aunt Mei’s martial arts ability is very powerful. She looks like should not be like an ordinary people, yet why was an ordinary big gray wolf forced her into such a dire, fatal situation before?

When Meng Yu asked Aunt Mei, Aunt Mei just smiled and said that when he is strong enough, only then will she tell him.

After that, Meng Yu did not ask anymore. If there’s a person in the world whom he can fully trust, that person will undoubtedly be Aunt Mei.

After listening to the instructions of Aunt Mei, Meng Yu’s martial arts also advanced by leaps and bounds. Not only Dou Qi but even his swordsmanship which made him pleasantly surprised, Cultivating martial arts has the equal great benefits as with cultivating Dou Qi, this made him more diligent.

Although magic is powerful, but the feeling of brandishing this long sword still made Meng Yu feel more comfortable. He does not know whether he was born this way, or is it because of his mischievous subconscious dreaming of becoming hero?

It is worth mentioning that, after the last time Meng Yu entered the Domain of Time within the small stone, charging it became more and more difficult. Half month worth of recharging was not able to fully charge it up, Meng Yu estimated he still have to spend a few more days effort.

“Meng Yu elder brother, why do you live so far? Every time you arrive, aren’t you tired half dead?” Just then at this time, outside the small courtyard came a small white youth. The youth then walked on the side and wiped of the sweat of his forehead. He seemed really tired as his body looked very weak. A magician’s strength is indeed not really that strong.

The person was Li Hai. It’s already been half a month and he completely became a small attendant of Meng Yu. It is really not easy at the Academy of Magic to find a companion willing to help and accompany him.

As a matter of fact, because Meng Yu never participated in the afternoon activities of the Academy of Magic, Li Hai instead comes looking for Meng Yu every afternoon.

Meng Yu was also somewhat helpless. Right now, the most important to him was cultivating. With his current strength, it is not enough to grab a foothold in this world, not enough to protect Aunt Mei and himself.

Oddly enough, Aunt Mei was really happy about the arrival of Li Hai. Every time she looked at the two people, she was filled with happiness and lovingly smiled.

“You need to quickly cultivate magic as teacher Ka Lu said. You got to work harder to make up for your crude and lacking abilities, This point I agree with him, thus with the lack of talent you have to make up with utmost diligence.”

After Meng Yu listened to Aunt Mei’s instruction just now, he returned studying his Swordsmanship Method for he understood something.

Meng Yu hadn’t trained with any powerful martial art methods. For the past half month, he was fully training in the Basic Swordsmanship Methods. This was also Aunt Mei’s idea. Aunt Mei explained that every kind of martial arts methods actually evolved from some form of Basic Swordsmanship Methods. As long as he trains the Basic Swordsmanship Methods well, learning other martial skills will be a lot more easier.

Although Meng Yu got no notion regarding martial arts, but he wholeheartedly believed in Aunt Mei.

Along with the familiarity of the Basic Swordsmanship Methods, Meng Yu’s swordsmanship movements became more and more concise, it became more and more smooth.

However, these Fundamental Swordsmanship Methods, in the hands Meng Yu, unexpectedly produced a kind of indescribable sense of beauty. But then, a burst of a sharp, piercing air came roaring out. From that powerful burst of air, you clearly feel the power filled within each sword strike.

If this combination of beauty and power was recorded on earth, you will instantly be surrounded by a circle of gorgeously hot babes.

“Meng Yu elder brother, your Swordsmanship today is simply too handsome, wait, is this Dou Qi? Can you teach me?”

Li Hai seeing Meng Yu stopped down, immediately ran over and asked. He had seen Meng Yu’s sword dance before, but never the powerful feeling that he sensed from it today.

If you really want to use a word to describe this feeling, Li Hai will probably choose “Amazingly stunning.”

“Of course, I can teach you.” Meng Yu knew that within the Mo Lin Empire, they had always been proud for their magicians. So every parents all hoped for their children to become noble magicians.

In such an evolving generation, Swordsmen became more and more scarce in the Mo Lin Empire. In many places, there wasn’t any available knowledge of Swordsmanship Cultivation Methods.

“Young master, you must not.” Meng Yu was preparing to enter the house to take out the Ling Heavenly Battle Manual for Li Hai to cultivate when Aunt Mei came over and stopped him.

“DId you forget what I said to you? Outsiders cultivating Ling Heavenly Battle Manual is very dangerous, do you want to kill your friend?” Aunt Mei somewhat angrily said and blamed him. .

“Ah? So serious.” Before, Meng Yu was not concerned too much about the words Aunt Mei warned. He did not expect Aunt Me to be so serious about it.

“What reason did you think why I carried it on my body for more than ten years but didn’t cultivate it at all?”

Li Hai hearing this felt embarrassed.

“Forget about it, I just casually said that. It’s not really that I want to cultivate. Anyway, with my aptitude, even if it is cultivating Dou Qi, I reckon it will not have much of an effect.”

Meng Yu was somewhat helpless. This Li Hai felt himself really inferior, he does not know how much this thing will deal a great blow to him.

“Oh? Who says you are weak and not good enough?” Not waiting for Meng Yu to speak, Aunt Mei blurted out.

“You are just not suitable in cultivating magic, However, in terms of aptitude, I am afraid there are only a few people in this whole world that can match you.”

“You got the legendary Stainless Absolute Meridians. This physique can be said to one in a million. This kind of physique is just too overbearing that this is only suitable for cultivating Dou Qi Martial Arts. It will instinctively collide, contradict, and clash with your magic cultivation. This is what makes your magic cultivation so much difficult.”

“Stainless Absolute Meridians? What is that?” Meng Yu somewhat curiously asked. His knowledge about this world was severely not enough.

“Stainless means that are no impurities in the body. The Absolute Meridian refers to a rare and a special kind of meridians. The kind of physique of this person is suited to take up Martial Arts. I am afraid the young master Li Hai possess this.”

Aunt Mei somewhat said with praise. They do not understand whether she was praising Li Hai or the nature of the meridians specialty.

“Aunt Mei, are you really talking about me?” Li Hai had already followed Meng Yu in calling Aunt Mei. This time he can not control his reactions, he could not dare believe it.

“Of course, it is true. During the past days, I have been closely observing you, I have already confirmed it.”

“So, is this is why Ling Heavenly Battle Manual can not be passed to him?” Meng Yu somewhat happily said.

Aunt Mei flipped a supercilious look.

“His meridians is not the same as with your Ling Family. Your Ling Family’s meridian distribution is unlike ordinary people, it’s not the same.”

“Oh? Are there no ways?” Meng Yu can not help but feel disappointed for Li Hai.

“It does not matter. If it is really like what Aunt Mei, I can try to find other cultivation methods suitable for me. Until then, I can still be able to train Swordsmanship Methods. “

It seemed that Aunt Mei gave a lot of confidence to Li Hai, even if it was an optimistic one.

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  1. I don’t like main character learning from such teachers especially blood related ones.
    Protective and pathetic… truly I do not like such plot. Also hate when there’s a know it all character.
    Makes me feel if u know it all then just f**king become the main character instead.

    1. Hmmm…Who are you talking about? FYI, the Aunt mentioned is not blood related to him……If she is his relative, then she could have cultivated the f**ing Battle Manual!!! I believe He just uses the term “Aunt” to formalize respect to her as she is not purely his slave. Anyway…the plot moves slow, so I will be expecting action on the following chapters….thanks for the chapter

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