The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 18

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TAA, Chapter 18: Knowledge is Gold Coins

He took out a spring he made himself, and Meng Yu demonstrated it at the spot.

After all, this kind of metal wiring was very common. With Meng Yu possessing the strength of an Apprentice Swordsman, making the metallic wire into spring was like anti aircraft guns hitting against mosquitos.

In the wake of Meng Yu’s demonstration, Du Feng’s eyes lighted up for a bit, he is the head of a branch, and he is not an idiot. After Meng Yu gave interpretation and demonstration, he instantly understood the effects of this spring. He then secretly lamented in his heart, he did not expect that it was just a mere a simple thing, yet it was so amazing, it was so magical, so wonderful.

“If I sell this blueprint to you, what price will your company give?” After revealing a card up his sleeves, Meng Yu, with a face of confidence, looked at Du Feng.

Du Feng looked at Meng Yu, and then his eyes turned around.

“Since Meng little brother has already given me the drawing, give me the sample, are you not afraid of my face, do you not recognize me?”

Meng Yu smiled.

“First of all, I believe in the City Carriage Line strength. For this trivial matter, is it worthy losing your reputation? And even without my help, even if you have succeeded in making a spring, you still could not achieve the best of results.”

“The most important things is, does the Boss Du not want to know if I have better technology? If I give this to your competing rivals, I think the Du boss doesn’t want that, that is a situation Du boss does not want to see.”

Meng Yu added.

When Du Feng heard this, he laughed.

“Haha, Meng Yu little brother really jokes, I am just having a joke with little brother, it’s only a joke. For our City Carriage Line reputation, that would be such a disdainful kind of thing to do.”

“Ah, I really do not know what Meng Yu little brother’s other technologies are.” Although Du Feng had seen the spring, but he was more interested in the other technologies Meng Yu mentioned.

“Hehe, Du boss does not need to be in a hurry, let’s first talk about this Meng spring blueprint, So how much money will the boss Du give for it?”

Meng Yu didn’t really dare take everything all out. No treachery, no business. He does not know for the purpose of greed what Du boss was gonna do, With his cards near his body, he can be at ease.

“With pleasure, you are too humble, how about one hundred gold coins?” Du Feng probed out in temptation. The old fox was within his mall where Meng Yu can not anticipate the way he does business.

Meng Yu was somewhat overjoyed at the turn of events, this Du Feng was really an extraordinary shot, one hundred gold coins, haha, this will be enough for him and Aunt Mei to live for several years, ah, sure enough, knowledge is money.

“Okay, then I would ask for Du boss to pay the one hundred gold coins first for the spring.” Meng Yu forced down the ecstasy at his heart and took out his ID card indicating for Du Feng to transfer the money.

If he had a little bit common sense of buying things, he will know that in fact, this amount can be bargained even further and at least can be increased by more than half.

Identification Cards are not only used for identity purposes, it’s also equivalent to a bank card, which can be used to directly transfer money between two cards. When Meng Yu knew about this, he instantly felt that the bank cards on earth pathetically sucks. .

Du Feng was also somewhat surprised, he did not expect that this Meng Yu could be so agreeable. With that being the case, he also cheerfully transferred the money and was raring to say.

“So about the other technologies Meng little brother mentioned, I wonder if you can take out?”

This time, Meng Yu did not continue keeping him in suspense and once again pulled out a blueprint from his bosom.

There were two cylinders in this blueprint, one with a slightly larger diameter, and one with a slightly smaller diameter, with the slightly smaller cylinder inserted into the slightly larger cylinder.

“Eh, what is this?” When Du Feng saw it, it was as if he was already out of touch with his era, he can not understand it all.

“This is called a hydraulic buffer. Next to that drawing is a precise, magnified picture of what is within the large cylinder. Because this stuff is even more complex, I haven’t made a sample. But its effects on reducing the carriage’s bumps and jolts is way many times better than the spring and it also lasts longer.

“When you buy the spring,I will give this to you right now. If you can make it, you will know how good it is.”

In fact, this thing was even more complicated and complex, Meng Yu also can not make it with such a short amount of time and without the right tools. He might as well send it as a favor at a little cost

“Meng little brother is really generous, but I can not take advantage of Meng little brother. How about this, I will give Meng little brother fifty gold coins for this blueprint.”

Du Feng said while issuing out a forthright and straightforward look. After all, he was just after the technologies of Meng Yu and be done with it. If he was a good intentioned businessman, I’m afraid he could not have achieved the position to the extent he held today.

If someone offers him money, Meng Yu naturally will not refuse.

After the gold coins were handed, Meng Yu took out a wheel and handed it to Du Feng.

If people earth saw this, they would be able to recognize at a single glance, this was a pulley.

“Is this a carriage wheel?” Du Feng somewhat doubtingly asked.

Meng Yu took the pulley, took out a wooden rod, and inserted it into the pulley’s inner metal ring. He then signaled Du Feng to try rolling it out in the table.

Meng Yu was fully prepared for this occasion.

In fact, when Du Feng saw Meng Yu’s movements, he roughly got an idea and understood what is going on, but he still did began to test it out according to what Meng Yu said.

“The wheels are made round, not is because the wheel’s center are equal length to the edges, so that the carriage can move forward in parallel. More importantly, the circular structure reduces friction. Yes, the circular structure reduces friction, but the total fraction does not necessarily decrease because the friction from the combination of the wheel and the bearing shaft still exists. So why do we not once again use the circular structure to reduce friction? That is purpose of the pulley I designed. With it, the carriage’s speed will be twice as fast at the very least. “

Meng Yu somewhat proudly said, haha, seizing earth’s advance technologies to cheat out these outsiders. He still felt a very great sense of superiority.

“Meng little brother is really a god, to have the capability to think of exquisite attentions.” After he finished testing out the effects of the pulley, listened to Meng Yu’s explanation, his heart uttered praises one after another.

To tell the truth, the shock that Meng Yu brought to him today I am afraid will catch up to him for a full year. But being a businessman, he achieved his undeserving position through many years cultivating out of the subtlety. H should have not reveal out his shock and excitement, but should have talked business calmly with Meng Yu.

He knew, within these kind of situation, the more calm you are, the more advantage you get.

Meng Yu pulled out a blueprint, “This is the blueprint design of the pulley, how much money does the Du boss intend to spend to buy this?”

Du Feng bit his teeth,” How about 150 gold coins?”

Meng Yu’s heart had long ago blossomed in happiness like a flower. Who would not want such an amount, and he directly pulled out his identity card.

“Well, for the time being, I have only thought of these things. I’ll say goodbye first.” Meng Yu said as he prepared to leave.

“Meng little brother, please stay.” Du Feng immediately stopped Meng Yu.

Meng Yu’s face changed, what does the other side want…..

“What does the Du boss mean of this and what does he want?” Meng Yu’s appearance turned ugly and asked. On the other side of his mind, he was already thinking ways on how to escape.

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  1. Just read all the chapters of this novel, enjoying what I’m seeing thus far 🙂 thanks for the translation!

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