The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 17

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TAA, Chapter 17:  City Carriage Line

After Meng Yu explained to Aunt Mei, he once again entered the Domain of Time.

He did not say anything regarding the little stone to Aunt Mei, it’s not that he doesn’t trust Aunt Mei, yet the more people who knew about it, the more it will bring disaster for everyone.

Meng Yu became somewhat excited, within the Domain of TIme, time became a few days longer. Although the time for recharging became longer, the time inside the Domain of time also correspondingly increased.

For Meng Yu, it was definitely a huge, good news.

When Meng Yu emerged into his room, his face was full of smiles, perhaps smiles full of confidence

Through cultivating in the Domain of Time, Meng Yu succeeded in becoming a Swordsman Apprentice and pushed his cultivation by leaps and bounds. He felt that after a few months, his Dou Qi cultivation will be able to surpass his Magic Cultivation. Thus his first step is to breakthrough into the realm of the Junior Swordsman.


Since there were no strict requirements for studying at the Academy Of Magic, no one can control Meng Yu’s absence.

“Meng Yu elder brother, why didn’t you come to class yesterday? Is it because…….” Li Hai was somewhat worried.

“Don’t think about it, I had to do something yesterday, do not matter about it.” Meng Yu smiled and said.

“Well, I will go ahead, see you tomorrow.” Meng Yu said and excitedly walked towards the City Carriage Line

Meng Yu thought of many things to do for their living conditions during the next months or even for the next years, thus he can not help but be a little nervous and excited.

“Hello, is there anything I can do for you?”

Just as Meng Yu entered into the City Carriage Line, a beautiful woman wearing a blue and white dress greeted him.

Meng Yu who was somewhat self-blinded, even thought that this is the same gorgeous woman on the City Housing Agency. It seemed this Carriage City Line is a subsidiary company of the City Housing Agency.

“Hello, is there anything I can do to help?”

The beauty asked once again seeing that Meng Yu did not respond,

“Hello, may I meet your boss please?” Meng Yu reacted, thinking of his own purpose, he answered with a smile.

“Have you made an appointment in advance?”

Meng Yu was momentarily surprised, “There is also this kind of planning in advance?” Meng Yu was somewhat compelled to be stupid, are they really not the people of earth? Is it possible to meet fellow countrymen? Thinking about it, Meng Yu was somewhat a bit excited.

“The boss is very busy, if you do not have an appointment, I’m afraid the boss does not have the time to meet with you. “ The beauty explained.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter, tell your boss, I have a way to improve the carriage, I think your boss will definitely be interested in this. “

Meng Yu with a lively expression, smiled and replied back.

“All right, please go and wait at the lobby first.” After that, the beautiful woman led Meng Yu to a small room beside the hall and then left.

Meng Yu looked at the small room, although there was not much space, but the arrangement was very exquisite, yet at the same time, it somewhat appeared to be of a different kind of exquisite sense.

From this simple room, you can see that this City Carriage Line strength was not normal.

After about ten minutes later, a big – bellied, fatty person walked in and politely said after he met Meng Yu.

“Hello little brother, I am Du Feng, I am the head of Jiangxia City’s City Carriage Line.”

Meng was somewhat speechless, “Are all businessmen this fat?” Meng Yu coughed up in ridicule in his heart.

“I am Meng Yu, “ Meng Yu had no experience in dealing with businessmen, but he knew he who talks too much errs too much on the truth, thus it is better to simply talk less.

“The little brother said that he has a way to improve the carriage,….I do not know…”  Du Feng looked at Meng Yu and asked full of expectations.

“Does the Boss Du ever heard of a car?”Meng Yu wanted to verify his previous guesses, if this person in front of him was really of earth, he would have certainly meet with fellow outsiders, this would be a very exciting matter.

“Car? What is  car? What about a carriage?” Du Feng slightly frowned, with a facial expression full of thought.

Looking at Du Feng’s expression, Meng Yu concluded his deductions. How can be there such a coincidence?

More or less, a carriage is more comfortable than a horse in a city.” Meng Yu had already long thought what to reply.

Not waiting for Du Feng to reply, Meng Yu began to say.

“Some time ago, I took a ride in your carriage but it’s not very comfortable, the problem is of not the horses and the driver, the problem is that of the carriage.”

Meng Yu paused, and then continued.

“During the course of a carriage moving, it was too bumpy and is only good for short distances, if it is used for a long journey, I think, it must not be a pleasant thing to ride right?”

Hearing Meng Yu words, Du Feng’s face revealed an interested expression.

“Yes, In fact, this problem has long been thought of and someone has found a solution.”

Hearing this, Meng Yu was momentarily surprised and yelled “Bad Luck” in his heart, is his plan gonna be wasted just like this? He had other preparations, hoping all is still not lost.

“In order to solve it, you just need to engrave the Wind Magic System in the carriage, and yet such a price is just too expensive, and we have only one branch here in Jianxia City. I do not say that we don’t have the money for such an upgrade, but even so, ordinary people now can not be able to afford and rent the carriage.”

Du Feng did not know what Meng Yu was thinking, but continued to say.

“But I will listen to what Meng brother will say, is there any other good methods to achieve this?” Du Feng looked expectantly at Meng Yu.

After listening, he knew that he just frightened himself uselessly just a moment ago, he  confidently smiled, and took out a picture drawing from his bosom and passed it to Du Feng.

“Boss Du, please take a look first at this gadget on the blueprint.”

Du Feng opened the folded blueprint and looked at the spiral shaped cylindrical stuff at the blueprint, he could not understand what Meng Yu means.

“This thing is called a spring, it is made of metal and possessed a cushioning effect. If you apply pressure on both sides, it will only contract inward, once the pressure is released, it will return to its original state. If the spring is compressed at the same time, because there are small gaps in  between the spirals, it provides a very good cushioning effect. As long as this will be installed on the carriage’s bearing shaft, it can be able to greatly reduce the bumps and jolts within the carriage.”  

Meng Yu explained.

However, such as Meng Yu finished, Du Feng still stupidly gazed at Meng Yu, he did not understand what Meng Yu said at all.

Meng Yu slapped his head, okay, explaining these things to an outsider really seemed to be so troublesome. If he did not love these things. I’m afraid he himself will not be able to understand it.

But fortunately, he was ready.

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