The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 16

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TAA, Chapter 16: Weak Chicken Li

“Hello, I am Meng Yu, thanks for helping me just now.” After the class was over, Meng Yu said to the white youth that helped him before.

The white youth was obviously not adapted to such a scene, thus he was somewhat at a loss, and then whispered.

“You are welcome, we are classmates, we are supposed to help each other.”

“Oh, my name is Li Hai.”

The white youth began to lower his head again.

Meng Yu was somewhat helpless, this youth, what to say, he was just too timid.

But then on a thought, when he was thirteen years old, he also seemed to be like this. Because of their poverty at that time, he was never able to live in a big city, everything was strange to him, and that strange feeling made him feel frightened of everything making him felt insecure.

It was somewhat similar to the youth in front of him, it can’t help but let Meng Yu gave birth to an empathetic feeling to his fellow sufferer, giving an urge to help him, but he does not want to act that rashly and blindly.

“Come on, let’s go outside together.” Meng Yu did not ask more, and instead invited the white youth to walk together with him.

The two people walked all the way without talking, Meng Yu was thinking about making money, while the white youth seemed to be timid.

The combination of the two attracted a lot of attention, everyone looked over, and then pointed fingers of criticisms at them accompanied with somewhat jeers of laughters.

In the afternoon, the Academy of Magic had all kinds of extracurricular activities, it was also an important activity for which the young people can make friends. Many people do not go back home, but in groups or teams occupied a corner of the academy and then began discussing what to enjoy in the afternoon.

Meng Yu and the Li Hai’s group became the focus of discussion and that striked Meng Yu as somewhat unexpected.

“Don’t you know a sixteen year old Apprentice Magus came here, was hit by teacher Ka Lu with a water sphere, and was beaten like a drowned chicken, that’s really funny.”

“Hey, hey, hey, look, it is weak chicken Li at the side of that person.”

“Haha, trash walking together with trash, the two wastes even become friends, look at them, what a damn match. “

By the time Meng Yu and the two walked through, minding their own business, several little girls harshly said, not putting Meng Yu and Li Hai in their eyes, and then they burst into jeers of laughters. That way, they were unable to say the pride in themselves.

It seemed that ridiculing at the two waste brought them a sense of accomplishment, or perhaps, they find a sense of superiority when they compare themselves to these two waste.

Hearing this, Meng Yu did not mind it to heart, maybe he was beyond that age already. The height of their thinking was already different and he naturally looked at matters very differently. He was in any rate already a twenty year old man, and naturally would not care to argue with these little girls.

In his eyes, these girls were nothing else but boring not being too vicious at them.

On the side of Li Hai, when he also heard this words, he did not refute but just lowered his head.

What they now just said “Weak Chicken Li” should be the nickname they gave to Li Hai, seemingly Li Hai was often bullied at the Academy.

”Elder brother Meng Yu, teacher Ka Lu is actually a very nice person, do not blame him, he does not intend any malice.” Li Hai whispered to Meng Yu.

“I know teacher Ka Lu is good to me, do not worry, I am not a narrow minded person.” Meng Yu said as he smiled.

“Elder brother Meng Yu, thank you, but you don’t have to go with me or I’ll just cause harm to you.” After they walked through the crowds, Lin Hai said in a whisper.

Meng Yu was surprised.

“Cause me harm? What harm?”

“I was born in a poor, untalented family, so they call me Weak Chicken Li and never interacted with me. If elder brother Meng Yu walk with me, I’m afraid they probably won’t go near you.”

Li Hai whispered.

Meng Yu smiled, “I am also a waste, I’m sixteen years old and only became an Apprentice Magus. Even without you, they still wouldn’t go near with me, but I don’t care.”

Meng Yu patted Li Hai on the shoulder, and then continued.

“Don’t lose heart, you see, compared to me, your talent is so much better. If I did not give up, why do you want to give up? As long as you work hard, in the future, you will surely surpass those who laugh at you. See if they dare laugh at you again when you have surpassed them, you don’t have play interact them, just let them cool off in the side.”

Lin Hai lifted his head a little, and you can vaguely see a glimmer of hope in his smile, “I……can I really?”

“Yes, of course, as long as you don’t give up, there is hope.”

“Even if magic cultivation would be of no good, you can still try to cultivating your Dou Qi.” Meng Yu thought of his own situation as well,

“Even if your Dou Qi is of no good, you can still try something else, why not magic? The heavens endowed us something useful, I believe that everyone of us has things in which we excelled at, you just haven’t found it yet, so be confident, you are not worse than anyone else.”

“Thank you, Elder brother Meng.” Li Hai looked up at Meng Yu, and seriously said.

“I will go home first Meng Yu elder brother, nice to meet you.” Unconsciously, the two people already arrived at the entrance of the Academy.

“Ok and I’m glad to meet you too.” Meng Yu said as he also turned around and left.

Touching his nose, Meng Yu somewhat blamingly thought, “I did not expect being a mental teacher feels so good, yet I cannot see myself having a talent in such aspect.”

Even Meng Yu doesn’t know the changes his today’s words will bring to the life of Li Hai.

After he went out of the Academy, Meng Yu strolled around the city, there’s still some time to eat lunch, thus he took the advantage of this time to learn more about the city and casually buy the materials he required.

After thinking at class, his plan on making money had already taken shape, he just now needs to do some some preparations, if things go well, they may be able live peacefully in this city for a long while,
Stability is the best environment for development, just give himself time, Meng Yu believed, he will become strong enough to protect Aunt Mei and himself.


Finishing his meal, Meng Yu spread a huge piece of paper on the stone table of the small courtyard. Taking a pen in one hand and holding a piece of straight wood in the other, he drew these strange patterns on the paper.

As for the academy’s extracurricular activities, he was not a bit interested in attending

“Young master, what are you doing?” Tidying up the chopsticks and bowls, Aunt Mei somewhat curiously asked.

Meng Yu gave a mysterious smile.

“Haha, I won’t tell you, but our living expenses depends on it, so let’s hope everything goes well.”

Aunt Mei smiled too, ever since they arrived at Jiangxia City. Aunt Mei became more and more cheerful than before, he can often see a smile on Aunt Mei’s face.

“Good, I will believe the young master.”

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