The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 15

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TAA, Chapter 15: School’s First Class

Using the positional navigation system, Meng Yu at this time, finally found the location of the Foundation Class.

Since he studied the Academy of Magic’s rules yesterday night, he slept late, coupled by he rented a cheap cabin too far away from the city, he was gloriously late.

Just like when playing games, only when you are good and familiar with the rules can you play well. Although Meng Yu don’t play games, but he very much well agreed with this principle.

When he swiped his card and entered the classroom, an old man of about sixty years old was dancing on the stage wihle explaining something. The moment Meng Yu entered the classroom, on the upper right corner of the platform, a light screen emerged:“Meng Yu, 16” and several other characters.

The old man was talking about something very fascinating, and when he was suddenly interrupted, he was naturally very upset. He looked at Meng Yu’s information, unexpectedly 16 years old, but still in the Foundation Class, this kind of student his talent is either very poor, or he is extremely lazy.

The old man naturally classified Meng Yu in the second group since he haven’t seen a person possessing such a terrible talent.

Meng Yu looked at the old man’s face and knew he had stirred up trouble once again, his heart secretly complained.

He knew that when his own named appeared on this light screen, this was a form of the academy’s punishment for students arriving late. He never imagined he would come across this situation in his first day of class, extremely unlucky.

“Student, why are you still standing at the door? Go and sit down quickly.” The old man snapped.

Meng Yu did not dare say anything, and directly went to the last row and sat down. It’s not that he does not love to argue, he mainly got no position yet.

“It seemed this old man’s class is very popular.” With this class being only an elective class, Meng Yu naturally understood what it means.

“Good, let’s go to the ending of the information we have studied a while ago. Speaking in terms of a Magus, let’s study the two most important things.”

The old man very uncomfortably said, the students were naturally even more uncomfortable. They were listening to an interesting piece of information, and Meng Yu just interrupted the teach dead blank. Their gazes were very uncomfortable to look at.

If they were not in the classroom, they would have rushed up and violently beat Meng Yu up.

“First, as a Magus, the most important thing is diligence. Only if we cultivate diligently can we make progress in pursuit to achieve the highest realm of magic in our limited life.”

The old man paused, and then continued.

“Do not be like some student that only became an Apprentice Magus when he was already 16 years old. He is a pig that took 16 years of cultivation before becoming an Apprentice Magus, so you remember, be diligent, hard work is our Magus’ greatest asset.”

When the old man finished, the students were all laughing, the old can not be so obscure and was obviously referring Meng Yu.

“Quiet, quiet.” The old man frowned.

“Secondly, the Ancients talked about standing on your morals, followed by doing meritorious service, followed by standing up to speak against what you feel is wrong. A Magus is also a person, as a person, the most important is precisely establishing virtue, only after having a good character can you only be qualified to become a Magus.

Meng Yu at this time did not know why he was purposely targeted by the old man, he originally wanted to learn more useful magic knowledge, he did not expect the old man to start with theoretical lessons.

The old man was still chattering endlessly on the stage, Meng Yu naturally had no interest in listening anymore but was instead planning out in his mind ways of making money. This was a matter he was already considering while they were still on the carriage.

In Jianxia City, his ten gold coins can not last for so long, as for the allowance of the Magus Association, it is but a cup of water poured into a burning cart of firewood, if they won’t earn anything, they will once again face the danger of starvation.

Then suddenly a Water Sphere flew straight towards Meng Yu’s direction. Meng Yu was in the middle of contemplation where he was thinking of his misfortune when he was hit motionless, the ice cold Water Sphere instantly made his whole body shiver.

Fortunately, the one who released the Water Sphere had mastered its intensity and just made Meng Yu’s entire body wet and did not cause any serious injuries.

Meng Yu’s appearance at this time was an embarrassment which you could not make anymore awkward.

At the same time, the entire class once again broke out in an earthquake of laughter.

An enraged Meng Yu suddenly stood up, looked forward, and saw the old man angrily glaring at him. When he greeted the old man’s eyes, Meng Yu suddenly calmed down again.

Just like a good student, Meng Yu never contradicted his teachers with any kind of matter and gave them a kind of respect. Even if he was here, it was still unchanged.

“You student, answer the question on the board.” The old man fiercely said as he stared at the soaking body of Meng Yu.

Meng Yu found that at this time that there were more lines of words on the light screen which read, “Why does magic spells require incantation to be chanted,” behind also were added three big question marks.

The moment he saw the problem, Meng Yu was embarrassed. Since he came to this world, he was busy cultivating, where did he have time to read?

The only book he had finished reading was Beginner’s Guide to Magic and this book gave no answer to this question.

Looking at Meng Yu’s gradually reddening cheeks, the old man with a face full of resent said, “Can you not solve a problem that a three year old can answer?”

“Forget about it, sloths do not listen seriously, and you are such a person, you are the one’s becoming the dregs of society in the future, you are simply a disgrace of being a Magus.”

When he heard this, Meng Yu was even more embarrassed, his knees were shaking, yet he can not bare to move.

“Because magic is a power bestowed by the gods to us, an incantation is like a prayer to the gods and only to the gods.”

Just then, a white youth in front of Meng Yu whispered to him in a low voice.

Hearing the answer, Meng Yu’s old blood splurted out, fuck it. For him being an atheist, he obviously do not believe this answer.

However, Meng Yu was also not a close minded person.

“Because magic is a power…..” Meng Yu repeated it again.

“Sit down and listen well, you have wasted more time than others, only with great effort can you can catch up the footsteps of others, don’t be distracted.”

The old man naturally saw someone else help Meng Yu, but he actually did not make it too hard on Meng Yu. Yes he was completely disappointed at Meng Yu, yet he also do not want to make Meng Yu too embarrassed. .

To the old man, Meng Yu was very agreeable, but he must work harder and this is what he must be doing.

But the problem just now suddenly gave him more ideas to think upon.

“Correct, now how is magic formed?”

He still does not believe that this power was really given by the gods, and when he was busy cultivating before, this basic foundation question did not hit his mind at all. .

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